GLOBALISM- Pennsylvania MASKS People in Their OWN Homes!

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You’ve made you’re ruling. Now lets see you enforce it.

11/17/2020– Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf (D), is known for violation the US Constitution. He was overruled earlier this year in Federal Court for his draconian lockdowns. By the time it made it to the Federal system, the damage was already done, and the order was already relaxed. Gov. Wolf (D) vowed to fight the Federal Court’s decision, and he stated that he absolutely had the power to bring on more lockdowns. Now, Pennsylvania legislators are trying a new method of controlling their population in the name of Covid-19.

According to the new “scientific” order, residents must get tested for Covid within 72 hours of entering the state. However, it does not stop there. Masks have been required in the state before, but now it is expanding into the homes of residents. It does not matter if you are inside or outside. You must wear a mask inside your own home when you are with any guests that do not live with you.

While mandatory mask orders are already controversial leading to mass protests around the world, this is a first for an American state. This is a landmark order that now firmly places the government in your private home.

It will be interesting to see how the government of Pennsylvania will enforce this order and if this is a world that police would like to live in; however, there is a growing market for “contact tracers” and rewards for neighbors who inform on each other in American cities.

If this sounds like communist China, it just might be based on their backwards system. The WHO has long advocated for China as the model for public health. They praised the response of the CCP when Covid-19 first broke out, despite people being barricaded in their homes, arrested, and persecuted for voicing any concern to their harsh mandates.

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