Google Censors Alex Newman and The Liberty Sentinel After Being on Glenn Beck’s Podcast

Just after Alex Newman, international journalist and CEO of The Liberty Sentinel, went on Glenn Beck’s hit podcast for an explosive hour-long interview exposing the globalist conspiracy to enslave humanity, Google suppressed decades worth of interviews, articles, and podcasts from Newman and The Liberty Sentinel at large.

Searching “Alex Newman” on Yahoo!, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and other alternative browsers offer The Liberty Sentinel as the number one result, as documented below.

Yahoo! search for “Alex Newman”
Microsoft Bing search for “Alex Newman”
Duck Duck Go search for “Alex Newman”

Google, on the other hand, offers The Liberty Sentinel as search result number 87 when Googling “Alex Newman,” burying it under a mountain of mostly irrelevant links, websites, and videos, barring users from finding Newman’s news entity.

Google search for “Alex Newman”

In an effort to combat the mass censorship of Big Tech tyrants like Google, The Liberty Sentinel staff implemented measures to counteract the discriminatory algorithm by purchasing ad slots, hoping to reach decent Americans who still use the mega-browser. The result, however, yielded an unsatisfactory result. Now, when searching “Alex Newman,” Google will show the sponsored ad as the 11th listing—much better than the previous 87th slot, but a far cry from virtually every other browser placing The Liberty Sentinel at number one organically.

Google displaying The Liberty Sentinel as a sponsored result.

It is obvious that The Liberty Sentinel’s reporting is contrary to the establishment narrative and therefore over the target. If you want to make sure you never miss any of our content, please consider becoming a subscriber to The Liberty Sentinel Substack and joining the fallout mailing list

We will never stop being sentinels for our families, liberties, and country. Sorry, Google.

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