Government by Phony Narrative Blows Up In Their Face (Again)

By Chris Wright, 10/13/22

Wright’s Rule:  Live by the narrative, die by the narrative. 

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was told there was no evidence Border Patrol agents on horseback had whipped Haitians at the border before Mayorkas hyped the whipping allegations at a Biden press conference.  So he knew there was nothing to the story, but went out and told the story to the nation, anyway, and in the most inflammatory terms. These “horrifying” images “conjured up … what has occurred in the past,” Mayorkas said, referring to slavery.  But Mayorkas had been warned the photographer who took the pictures did not witness any whipping.  An internal investigation later cleared the agents, finding the agents were using long reins to control their horses and no Haitians were harmed in the process.

But now we have a government that never lets the facts get in the way of a good narrative.  The better to rule you with.  I don’t recall a time when the government has told us so many big fat lies.  All we get now is government by phony narrative.  Here’s what I mean.  We are told:

‘The Hunter Biden laptop is just Russian disinformation.’  What a joke.  Even the New York Times stopped telling that whopper.   

‘Domestic terrorism is a huge threat because January 6th,’ except we now we know the FBI has been cooking up phony domestic terrorism cases to make the numbers look bad.

‘Republicans are violent and will disrupt the November election,’ except there’s no evidence of that and it’s Democrats and their fellow travelers who like burning cities and firebombing pro-life centers.

‘Election integrity laws suppress the vote,’ except voter turnout has a funny way of going UP – not down – after election integrity laws are passed. 

‘Gun control laws work, we need more gun control laws,’ except mass shootings keep happening and gun control doesn’t stop them.

‘COVID vaccines are safe and effective,’ except they may have killed more than 30,000 people in the U.S. and many vaccinated people suffer breatkthrough cases.

‘Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan,’ until we found out they weren’t, the failures leading to Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

‘Women can be men and men can get pregnant,’ except for the fact those assertions are completely contrary to science and common sense.

‘Green energy is better and the entire nation has to transition to it,’ except that green energy is unreliable, more expensive, has toxic environmental consequences, and is deliberately meant to impoverish people, as is happening now in England and Germany. 

‘Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election,’ except we now know the FBI knew the Steele dossier was unverified, offered $1 million for corroboration, and proceeded with the Trump/Russia collusion hoax anyway, despite never getting any.

Live by the narrative, die by the narrative.  To our would-be masters, I say: You people are colossal liars, and don’t expect us to believe a word you say when you are the ones out there telling fish stories.  And you have the nerve to want to shut us up.  The sooner you are swept out of office, the better.  Government by phony narrative is hardly a sustainable theory of governance.  The truth always wins out and you are going down.

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