Government That Increasingly Barricades Itself Is Increasingly Dangerous

To the surprise of no one, the FBI has finally, reluctantly been forced to concede that no weapons were present in the January 6 event at the US Capitol. In other words, all the shameless grandstanding and melodramatics of leftist Democrats, the collusion of their fully weaponized Department of “Justice,” and the twenty-four/seven leftist Fake News alarmist “reporting” has all been a lie. Its sole purpose was to advance a political agenda, just like everything else leftists do.

             America should never forget the theatrics, including the contrived tears of such notable phonies as California Congressman Adam Schiff, the bogus squalling of the perennial adolescent narcissist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who hysterically claimed that her life was in danger (though it was later proven that she wasn’t even on site when the event occurred), and the ceaseless leftist Democrat proclamations that the protest was a mortal threat to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The real attack on liberty, justice, and our Nation itself was that which occurred within official circles on January 6, when a sham election, overflowing with cheating and corruption, was “certified” by the Deep State.

            Now that the facts are out, the most “egregious” accusation to be made against the protesters (aside from the known antifa infiltrators who attempted to break windows and engage in other random acts of vandalism), was that they were guilty of the shocking crime of “trespassing” on federal property. And even that embellished allegation carries with it an element of leftist arrogance and elitism, presuming that the US Capitol is somehow the domain of the “ruling class,” and not the legislative seat of “We the People.” Consider the scale of contrived, overwrought and wholly transparent grandstanding over the actualities of event from leftists, in contrast to their “justifications” and cover up of actual insurrection, when they riot, loot, assault the innocent, invade and occupy state capitols, and even the Supreme Court, to prevent the lawful execution of Constitution business. In all those cases, the anarchy is lauded as “democracy.”

            This isn’t just hypocrisy for it’s own sake, which would be reasonable to assume, given the overriding moral and intellectual bankruptcy of leftist ideology. It is something far more widespread and menacing. It is a coordinated political strategy, intended to isolate the corrupt, leftist government at the Federal, state, and even local levels, from that unworthy “peasantry” that has the nerve to presume the right to speak out against the “Establishment.”

            If left unchecked, the despicable actions of those within the circles of power are only going to become ever more outrageous and oppressive. That’s how corrupt and unaccountable regimes operate. Their behavior could never survive even the slightest oversight, so they simply use whatever means they have to continually distance themselves from that oversight, while simultaneously expanding their ability to wield the fearsome wrath of the “state” against any who dare to interfere with their agenda. Two recent developments from the illicit Biden Cabal give clear and ominous proof of where this is all going.

            The federal government has revealed that it intends to employ the IRS to monitor any monetary transactions of more than $600 among private citizens. This is a flagrant breach of the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which prohibits “unreasonable search” without a search warrant, signed by a judge, who has been presented with “probable cause” of criminal activity. The notion of “possible” wrongdoing, offered as a lame blanket “justification” for this latest assault on the American people, is itself a direct violation of the overriding presumption of Constitutional law that free people are deemed “innocent until proven guilty.”

            Clearly, leftist Democrats and the Biden Cabal in particular have no more regard for the Constitution or any of the principles it enshrines than they do for any tenet of liberty, justice, and American greatness. The sole intent of leftists is to swat away those who might impede their despotic obsessive pursuit, which is to amass uncontested power.

            It is dangerously naive for Americans to remain passive and hope the situation will somehow rectify itself on its own. Like any cancer, unless it is recognized for the malignancy that it is and dealt with as such, it will only continue to grow and spread. The notion of preventing the lowly rabble on Main Street from interfering with leftist plans to promote their sick/twisted ideology is rapidly filtering down to state and local governments, which leftists have thoroughly infested over the years, even in “Red” states.

            Government schools have been hotbeds of leftist abominations for quite some time. But the outrages perpetrated there are now in the public eye as never before, owing to several factors, including the “pandemic” lock-downs that forced school closures and online classes, and the growing awareness among parents of how their children are being assaulted with every perversion on a daily basis, under the guise of “education.” Consequently, parents are finally becoming properly engaged in the process of educational oversight, by attending school board meetings and confronting the sewer of leftist “academia.” Of course, this has the leftist counterculture in a rage.

            This past week, the National Organization of Public School Boards petitioned the Biden Cabal to declare parental involvement in school board meetings a “terrorist act.” Claims of threats and abuse, totally concocted and overblown in typical leftist manner, are being invoked to mischaracterize the worthy anger of parents who do not intend to allow an unaccountable leftist school system to destroy their children’s’ lives with its perversion and venom of anti-Christian, anti-American, racist ideology. To nobody’s surprise the wholly politicized and corrupted leftist DOJ agrees.

            A tyrannical state does not suddenly declare itself as such. Rather, it continually seizes on every possible excuse to assert its “right” to wield ever greater power over the non-compliant population. Leftists can only prevail when they “weaponize” the law to their ultimate advantage. Otherwise, they have to make a proper case with the public in order to advance their agenda. And when “We the People” can rebut them with the truth, this task becomes an impossibility. So they must silence us and isolate themselves from accountability if they are to prevail. America now finds itself in the midst of just such an epic battle that, one way or another, will define us as nation from here forward.

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