Great Reset: Big Business Rolls Out ‘Digital Passports’ With Vaccine History

Global power elites are using the fear of COVID-19 as an excuse to create a digital ID that will divide people into classes based on their medical history, in essence creating a new caste system of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

The new system will debut as nation and industry-specific, with airlines being the first to roll out the new phone-based apps. But over the next two to three years this system will likely become global and applied across all industries, to the point where non-vaccinated persons will be left to fend for themselves in a world ruled by technocrats who hate America and what it stands for – individual freedom and liberty for all.

At least half a dozen major airlines have already announced plans to launch the new “show your papers” system designed to make air travelers prove they have a current negative COVID test or have been vaccinated.

Restrictions will soon be in place limiting international travel to those who agree to download the International Air Transport Association‘s mobile app called ‘IATA Travel Pass’, “which will enable flyers to easily display their COVID credentials at airports,” according to the trade publication Travel Pulse.

Trade organizations that service airlines and cruise ships have been working for months on digital passports.

The International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, announced Nov. 17 it is working on an internationally recognized digital travel credential.

Another digital passport, called the “Travel Pass” app, will display a record of a person’s current test results, proof of vaccination and link to an electronic copy of the user’s passport for identity verification.

Before COVID, merging one’s personal health records with their passport identification would have been considered invasive and intrusive by privacy advocates the world over. Where are those privacy advocates now?

The fast-developing draconian rules are expected to extend to domestic flights soon.

United Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines, and JetBlue have all announced plans to roll out a digital certificate called CommonPass as proof of negative COVID-19 status.

London-based British Airways is working on a similar plan. In the U.K., citizens started lining up this week for their COVID injections after Prime Minister Boris Johnson “strongly urged” every citizen to get the vaccine. It will of course remain “voluntary,” Johnson promised, unless you wish to travel, visit a pub, or generally have a life.

Any air traveler who doesn’t have the digital travel pass on their phone proving they’ve been vaccinated or can’t prove on site that they’ve tested negative for COVID will have to submit to whatever quarantine rules are in place at their destination.

Planes, trains and automobiles?

If airlines are moving to implement this new system, the logical question is, what’s the difference between air travel and vehicle travel?

Will governors soon be installing checkpoints on interstate highways requiring each vehicle to stop and show their “COVID credentials” before being allowed to pass from one state into another? You can bet those discussions are already being had behind closed doors, the end result of which will be a two-tiered society where those rejecting these invasive programs have their freedom of movement severely curtailed.

The World Economic Forum is set to launch its global “Great Reset” starting in January 2021, using COVID as the pretext to transform the global economy and social structure into a more centrally managed system. Capitalism is considered “outdated” and unable to address modern global problems such as a pandemic and climate change, says WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab in his book, COVID-19 and The Great Reset.

Schwab says we need to “reimagine, rethink, reinvent, recreate and redesign” the way the world works.

Schwab and the politicians who support him – some of his biggest backers are PM Justin Trudeau of Canada, Prince Charles and PM Boris Johnson in Britain, and Joe Biden – think COVID offers the perfect opportunity to burn down what’s left of the post-World War II order and replace it with a hybrid form of communism and crony capitalism similar to what exists in China. They call it “stakeholder capitalism.”

Ever wonder why Biden is so pro-China? The Chinese have made it very profitable for him to deliver America to this new beast system in which the butchers of Beijing will leapfrog America in the global pecking order.

The phrase “build it back better” is a popular talking point with salesmen for the globalist Great Reset. Biden, Johnson and Trudeau all use this phrase repeatedly in their speeches and tweets.

For more on the Great Reset including who is behind it, how they want to change the world and even what it means to be human, watch the video below by Alex Newman:

Resetting the world for global governance

The digital COVID passports play directly into the plans of the World Economc Forum,  a Davos, Switzerland-based elitist club which is supported by a long list of multi-millionaires and billionaires including Joe Biden, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Warren Buffet and other gurus of a new “one world” order.

Interestingly, the WEF, which normally plays more of a behind-the-scenes role, is openly putting its cachet behind the digital passports.

“This is the kind of concrete, swift, cross-sector collaboration needed to enable a unified action to restore confidence in travel,” Christoph Wolff, head of mobility at the World Economic Forum, said in a news release. “Siloed efforts will only create more confusion and hinder the industry’s recovery.”

The WEF joins airline industry leaders in promoting the digital COVID passports, and is encouraging them to be required on cruises and at hotels as well.

“Today, borders are double-locked. Testing is the first key to enable international travel without quarantine measures. The second key is the global information infrastructure needed to securely manage, share and verify test data matched with traveler identities in compliance with border control requirements. That’s the job of IATA Travel Pass,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s director general and CEO.

The above quote seems to be telling us, in Orwellian Newspeak, that law-abiding citizens need to get used to tighter restrictions on their freedom of movement, but don’t forget these are the same elites who will spend billions lobbying politicians to open the borders for criminal aliens, sex traffickers and drug dealers.

According to Travel Pulse:

“Travel Pass will be free for travelers and governments to use, while airlines will pay a small fee for each passenger who uses the service in the course of their travel journey. Alan Murray Hayden, IATA’s head of passenger and security products, said during a briefing that IATA has already had positive talks with one government about using the software and expects that other nations will follow suit.”

The app will be based upon IATA’s existing Timatic platform, a system used by airlines and travel agents to verify passengers’ travel document requirements.

The app will use block-chain technology and reportedly “won’t store personal data.”

How many times have we heard that mantra, only to learn later of massive breaches of personal data?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technocrats are masters at incrementalism. They entice consumers into their fancy new apps with promises of greater convenience and security, while stealing their personal data.

Once they get the traveling public used to showing their digital travel credentials on their phone, they will inevitably make the argument that the only way to make such a system 100 percent secure is to put this information on a chip inserted into the body.

In fact, Schwab has already started to make that argument, admitting that the globalists’ ultimate goal is to merge man with machine in something they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“At the end, what the 4 Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities,” Schwab said in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

In his book, Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab writes:

“Allowing government to intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior… Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us – they will become part of us.”

The argument will go something like this: While our systems are very secure, there are still way too many cases of people using digital forgeries and fraudulent medical data on phones, and so we are launching this fabulous new program to place this data directly on the person’s body, preferably a place where it can be easily scanned, like the hand or forehead [we already see people getting used to having their temperatures taken in public places and on job sites by having their foreheads scanned with digital thermometers].

British Airways will launch the first international cross-border IATA Travel Pass pilot program later this year. The product’s launch is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

 “Our main priority is to get people traveling again safely. In the immediate term, that means giving governments confidence that systematic COVID-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s senior vice president for airport, passenger, cargo and security, said in a statement.

That’s right. It’s all about instilling confidence in the safety of public transport in the age of COVID and please don’t take note of the fact that we’re making a quantum leap into a Brave New World where everything, including your bodily functions, will be displayed in real time at digital checkpoints set up at every venue offering a retail service available to the public. The future is here. The Beast is rising. Are you ready?

Just as the deep state is pushing the lie that Joe Biden is “president elect,” their operatives in the media are also starting to plant seeds to prepare people to accept the COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement for employment, travel, government assistance and the “privilege” of entering a chain store, subway or bus, sports arena, convention or concert hall.

And don’t forget, this vaccine is not a one and done scenario.

Just as Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corp. requires your Windows operating system to be regularly updated for protection against viruses, the creation of humanity 2.0 transhumanism will require an annual COVID update.

Just as you blindly trust the download of Gates’ update to your laptop without really knowing what new software he is introducing into your computer, he wants you to unquestioningly accept the introduction of foreign substances into your body as part of his annual vaccine update.

I warned back in April that the COVID vaccine, when it is ready, would be mandated not through the government but through back-door channels – mostly through private corporations you do business with.

That’s exactly the scenario that appears to be taking shape in the airline industry. Watch for other industries to fall like dominoes into the WEF’s horrific global reset for a new type of technocratic totalitarianism such as the world has never before seen.

Remember, the Great Reset is just a rebranding of the old “new world order,” which presented itself in 2015 as United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and before that as Agenda 21. The goal was to measure, monitor, inventory and control all things, including every human being on the planet.

The drive to vaccinate every person on earth is a huge step toward accomplishing those goals.

“Technocrats at the top of the vaccine steam roller lust for health data on every citizen,” says Patrick Wood in his article on the privacy concerns surrounding the COVID vaccine. “It is the ‘final frontier’ in the sense that they see control over humans as originating within their own bodies. Herd management requires incessant monitoring and data collection.”

Now that the process is coming into view it should take none of’s readers by surprise. We started in April advising readers to prepare to be forced into the black market if they don’t want to accept the COVID injection.

This is all part of a strategy — their words not mine — to “seize the opportunity” that came with the COVID crisis to launch the Great Reset and is nothing more than a monumental power grab by global oligarchs seeking to impose their will on the human psyche and crush the human spirit, all in the name of protecting your health and safety.

The envoy for the U.N. World Health Organization said the global COVID-19 response will not change just because a new vaccine is about to become available. No, he says masks and social distancing must continue as part of the new normal until the end of 2020 “at the earliest… None of us will be safe until the whole world is safe. Big patches of normality are coming up soon, but not everyone will be vaccinated for at least a couple of years,” Summit News reports [WHO Envoy: Life Won’t Return to Normal for at Least 2 Years, Dec. 7, 2020].

When you’re talking about a new vaccine that skipped several steps of the normal testing process, the goal of the vaccine starts to come into focus.

As reported Dec. 2 by LifeSite News, 70-year-old Fr. John Fields, a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest in Philadelphia who volunteered to participate in Moderna’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial [this vaccine will change your DNA], died suddenly of a heart attack two months after receiving his second dose of the vaccine. He was chosen for the trial specifically because of his age. Will there be a full autopsy and full transparency on the cause of death?

As the number of vaccine-related deaths and serious illnesses rise, the mainstream media will ignore the story, and when it becomes too big to ignore they will simply label any journalist who reports the truth about the vaccines as a “conspiracy theorist” and move on. Just like they are doing now with regard to the massive election fraud that overturned the landslide re-election of Donald Trump, handing the presidency to the illegitimate Chinese stooge Joe Biden.

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