How do you Manage America’s Decline?

Messaging has always been a favorite tool of the Globalists. The problem is they concentrate so much on the message, there is usually nothing behind the message. Most Globalist programs are thrown out for the public to use without testing, or control groups, sampling and feasibility studies. The modeling is done by computer using the Precautionary Principal aka Worst Case Scenario (WCS).  The Worst Case Scenario /WCS creates the most fear and requires the most drastic measures to solve the problem. Obviously it is the preferred choice by the Globalists who like to create chaos.

Their solution is to focus on the item or issue that has the least influence over the problem guaranteeing failure and longevity of the project. i.e.: Transgender Appreciation Day… Only 2million persons identify as Transgender. That is about .03% of the population. Yet 99.97% of the population must endure a new lifestyle. If we live in a democracy as they continue to say, how does the minority get do make rules for the majority. Does anyone really care what a person does behind closed doors? I am not interested. I am interested in whether or not you are qualified for the job.   As a small business owner I was only interested if you could add value to my corporation with first rate products, quality workmanship, merit, values, morality.  I had my candidates read to me, write paragraphs, follow directions and do math.  These should be the qualifications not skin color. Choosing by color creates a mediocre atmosphere with mediocre products. Our government and media are perfect examples of this guaranteed failure. The SEC was just directed to lend money on the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)score – not excellence, or worse yet, can they repay the loan aka exit plan.  

Destroying the fossil fuel industry is another example of the lies spread by Globalist criminals who benefit from its failure. Thousands of products are made with fossil fuel. The industry now burns clean. This industry touches everything we consume. What will happen to those much needed products? Glass, phones, computers, transportation clothing food, air conditioning, appliances, plastics will all be eliminated in order to “save the planet.”  How come no one ever mentions that?

Removing CO2 the gas NEEDED FOR FOOD and buying land to remain fallow, guarantees food shortages plus a vast number of products and services no longer available. These criminals have dumbed and scared the population to think they can control Mother Nature.  By their concept people should Just go outside and tell GAIA (the planet) to stop the tornados if we give up plastic straws. Why are they determined to eliminate fossil fuel – because they don’t own the companies that produce coal and gas. Energy companies in communist countries are owned by the government and that is the goal of the Globalists. They must own everything, all forms of production, distribution, consumption of all goods and services. So they must bankrupt these companies and have them beg for money. Then the globalists will give money with lots of strings.   Once completed, this agenda will tell all (except the globalists) how to live, what to eat, wear, drive, monitor, work and distribute healthcare, amount of energy, and allowable food. Right now Europe is freezing because of policies the Globalist lies have created. Renewables are not ready for prime time.  When renewables are used to fly a jet, I will listen.

The major Globalist goal is to depopulate the planet. So the manufactured crisis is food shortages. We don’t have enough food they cry. Of course not as they buy farmland to keep fallow. Listen to the speeches of these “World Globalists”.  Those who control the energy, control the country. Those who control the food and health can control the people. This crowd of Globalists aim to control everything.  Listen as they tell you exactly how the Western economy will be destroyed.

But…there is always a but…

It seems more and more that the Putin vs Ukraine has put a dent in the global operation. The more people understand what globalism will bring them: Training for lifelong labor, doing more for less, mandates, lockdowns, being able to choose only what the government allows.  There is HOPE.  We see rallies and elections bringing more nationalist candidates to the forefront.   Although Trump and Putin are very different they both believe in their respective country. Putin wants Russia to expand back to the days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). Trump wants America first and doesn’t care about expansion, But…they both want their country to succeed. The citizens want their country to come first as well. This message is being seen in each election as nationalist candidates in America are on the winning ticket.  This is being seen in other countries as well as Marine LaPen is giving globalist Macron a run for his life in the coming election.  Viktor Orban (Nationalist – Hungry) just won a major victory.

Globalists don’t care if the program and solution actually work. Their success comes from the loss of your success, the destruction of another industry, loss of morality, value, comfort, luxury.  They are constantly telling others to sacrifice while they lose nothing. Globalists force meaningless regulations on the opposition to insure failure. Then they use government regulations to prop up their choice of endeavor, invest and make millions.  They are happier when things don’t work. Then they can ask for more money, more time, another committee, more hearings,,, The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution aka transformation. So win or lose on the program, who cares. They will just create chaos so the people will be upset, frightened and need more government. Everything is connected. Nothing is random. There are no coincidences. Everything has a plan. All plans are based on lies. the next time you hear a globalist tell you to sacrifice, say ‘After you.”

The Globalist/Communist/Fascist/Democrat/Rinos are the enemy. All they do is regurgitate the same old policies and talking points with new names. Money, Power, Control is all they care about.  We must be able to name the enemy. Don’t view them as Americans they are not. Don’t try to make sense of anything they do or say. They are only trying to confuse you. Look to see what they are doing like passing bills late at night to take away our rights.  We have allowed them to think they are the global elite.  We thought they cared about America instead they want to destroy the middle class and America. They hate Americans. They hate the US Constitution.  They will not be happy until they have everything you own and you work for them.  How do you control 330Million people?  You lie.

We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.

Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation

No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment

Is America worth saving? Are you an American or a Globalist? You can’t be both.

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