How Socialists Turned U.S. Into a Globalist Empire

World War 2 was beginning, and for patriotic and conservative reasons Republicans did not want any involvement of their nation with foreign problems, but President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Democratic Party were desperate to involve the United States in this bloody war.

Republicans thought that the United States should mind its own national problems and let other nations mind their own problems. And there are authors who think that the Pearl Harbor attack was allowed by Roosevelt to “force” the U.S. to enter the war. It worked. Republican conservatives did exactly what socialist Roosevelt wanted.

Yet, Roosevelt was looking not only at the war, but also at ways to use it to advance his personal project of a global organization ruling the world — the United Nations.

Roosevelt was a socialist very different from the socialists in the modern Democratic Party. His neocon speeches had plenty of words of patriotism, God, prayer, etc. He seemed much more conservative than modern Republican conservatives, even though his conservatism was purely strategic. But his dream of a United Nations was fulfilled — with bloody dictatorships like the Soviet Union and China getting permanent seats, by the courtesy of the United States.

In his book “New World Order The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies,” author William T. Still said,

“Support for both secret societies and Marxism has run in FDR’s family. His ancestor, Clinton B. Roosevelt, a New York assemblyman, was a noted American Socialist, He authored The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law where he outlined his plan for setting up a world government.”

Still showed that in his book, Clinton B. Roosevelt said,

“There is no God of justice to order things aright on earth; if there be a God, he is a malicious and revengeful being, who created us for misery.”

Still said that “Roosevelt’s Lend Lease policy of the early 1940s” to help Soviets face Nazis “rebuilt the Soviet war machine into the dominant force.”

So the first significant intervention of the U.S. neocon empire in the great world war helped the communist empire — the Soviet Union. And whenever the U.S. neocon empire makes its military interventions, it strengthens socialism and Islam.

As a socialist project from Roosevelt’s neocon mind, the United Nations has also been fundamental for the expansion of socialism and Islam.

Even though modern conservatives have no difficulty to see the United Nations as socialist, many of them, perhaps influenced by neocons, have a very hard time to see that the role of an empire that the United States plays today was consecrated and “patriotized” by Roosevelt in World War 2.

The socialist dream of Roosevelt created the United Nations and gave the United States his calling of an empire. Today, the United States has over 800 military bases around the world. Not to call it an empire is to deny reality itself.

It is a contradiction and shame that a nation with thousands of soldiers in other nations is unable to protect its own borders, which are open to drug and human traffickers.

So Roosevelt forced the U.S. to enter a bloody war that Republican and patriotic conservatives did not want to enter.

He created a global organization to defend human rights granting permanent seats to bloody dictatorships that systematically violated these rights.

And he took the U.S. from its patriotic and national realm to put it into the orbit of an empire.

Today, forgetting their past patriotic feelings, many Republicans have joined the neocon camps and if a modern Roosevelt wanted to enter any war, Republicans would enthusiastically help him without any need of a Pearl Harbor. Patriotism was defeated by neoconservatism.

The socialist United Nations owes gratitude to socialist Roosevelt.

The neocon America owes gratitude to socialist Roosevelt.

If America is today an empire with over 800 military bases around the world, she owes gratitude to U.S. socialists.

It is not only conservatives who get confused by the socialist and conservative nature of modern America. Socialists around the world usually accuse the United States of being a capitalist empire without noticing that America’s role of an empire is a tragedy created by socialists themselves.

So when Republican conservatives embellish their speeches with plenty of words of patriotism, God and prayer to excuse military interventionism and wars in other nations they are not doing anything that a shrewd Democratic could not do. Roosevelt is just an example.

America fulfilling a neocon and imperialistic mission of military interventions and endless wars just shows that Roosevelt and socialism put the ideological nature of America in an utter state of moral and spiritual confusion.

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