How Were These Evil Floodgates Opened On America?

By Christopher Adamo, 8/8/22

In a recent message, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel
Chino Hills made a chilling observation regarding the condition of our
Country. He explained that no nation has ever descended to the point of
raging depravity where we currently find ourselves and recovered from
it. Living and preaching the Truth from the “Belly of the Beast” in the
moral abyss of Southern California, he speaks from a position of
personal understanding.

His grave admonition begs the question, “How did things get
this bad?” And while Pastor Hibbs certainly didn’t make such a
declaration to tell us to give up hope, it is inarguable that if we are
to have any chance of turning our circumstances around, we must first
determine just how we got to this awful place. Only then can we
formulate an effective plan of action to change course.

Societies have certainly fallen into moral degradation and
turmoil throughout history, and that includes even some dark eras in
America’s past. But something is very different this time. A major
threshold has been crossed, possibly representing a point of no return.
And if we haven’t already passed that horrific precipice, we are clearly
extremely close to it, and daily getting closer. So if our situation is
at all redeemable, the correction must happen soon.

In an effort to understand this, sociologists and other
“experts” proffer new theories of modern culture on almost a daily
basis. But they overwhelmingly miss the point. The counterculture
revolutionary Saul Alinsky wrote his game-changing “Rules for Radicals”
back in 1971 as the quintessential guidebook for modern leftists to
supplant traditional morality with their depravity. Of primary
importance to the Alinsky strategy is that with every challenge they
mount against society, they always claw their way onto a phony “moral
high ground.” And they’ve become very adept at it. The examples are endless.

So how do they accomplish this neat trick in the face of
the glaring and seemingly indefensible atrocities which they embrace and
advocate? To understand the forces that are really in play, one must
revert to the admonitions of a much older writing, that of the Old
Testament Prophet Isaiah, who issued this stern warning “Woe unto them
that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and
light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
(Isaiah 5:20)

Isaiah perfectly characterized the behavior and motivations
of all subversives, including the modern leftist counterculture. In
order for them to claim to be doing “good,” it is essential to first
castigate and denigrate the decent and worthy aspects of our society,
thus deeming those things to be “evil.” Only then can they present their
sick/twisted alternatives as the “better way.”

Pick your issue! In every case you’ll see the time honored
and invaluable wisdom of traditional America, and in particular its
Judeo-Christian foundations, mocked and attacked as having caused harm
and suffering to the innocent. Once they’ve sufficiently made their
case, countercultural leftists are then ready to offer their “improved”
version of how society should operate. And all too often, the
“mainstream” of America is too gullible and guilt ridden to offer any
proper resistance.

Consequently we’ve seen the American family dismantled with
surgical precision, as leftists first intruded with their claims that
proper parental discipline was “child abuse.” As parents lost control of
their children, subsequent generations lacked the proper upbringing to
be responsible in gainful employment or keeping their own homes, at
which point the same leftist counterculture was there to make sure this
malignant trend continued to metastasize. The welfare state and “family
services” were ready and waiting to supplant traditional parental roles
with their morally bankrupt handouts, along with morality and discipline
free “education”/indoctrination.

On every front, right and wrong have been reversed, to the
point that now, only the anti-American, anti-Christian ideology of the
left is present in virtually every official position, from the local
daycare center to corporate executive suites, to the highest offices in
the land. High government departments have become veritable freak shows
of overweight, middle aged males parading as “female” field grade
military officers, while raging deviants are given the highest of
security clearances, with which they can compromise our National
security when they so choose.

Law enforcement has now been fully weaponized against the
American people, to the point that actual criminals who engage in
robbery, assaults, and even murder are given a pass. Meanwhile prominent
Americans who only pose a political threat to the established order have
their homes razed and their Constitutional rights thoroughly trashed in
“Swat” team attacks by the FBI.

In schools, children are being subjected to the vilest and
most perverse material, which until recently would have resulted in
those presenting it being rightly imprisoned for indecent exposure and
overt criminal acts of child molestation. But let any parent or teacher
try to sing “Silent Night” in that same classroom, or tell the kids to
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and an army of ACLU
lawyers will swarm like gnats to financially break them with lawsuits.

In every case, the single factor that enables all of this,
far and away more decisive than any other, is that those who were
ostensibly on “Our side” have capitulated, and accepted the twisted
premises against which Isaiah warned. Too often, parent groups are
colluding with “teaching” staffs in re-characterizing such perversity in
the classroom as “inclusion.” Worst of all, supposed “spiritual leaders”
from too many pulpits across our land have been drifting only a few
steps behind the counterculture revolutionaries, to the point that a
huge portion of the populace has lost any semblance of moral grounding
and now blindly accepts the lunacy.

When the initial debate is engaged under the premise that
right is wrong, good is “intolerance,” truth is hate, and lies are
compassion, the door is closed for reason or decency to prevail. And
that is where the leftist counterculture has brought us. Worst of all,
it happens in our midst with little or no resistance, which amounts to
our “consent.”

Still, the good news is that the very thing by which the
leftist counterculture has gained so much ground also presents its
greatest vulnerability. The moment Americans muster the spine to stop
attempting to find “common ground” with this depraved movement, it loses
all sway over them. Yes, the outrage from it will be shrill and
venomous. But that is never a reason to give in to it. Simply calling it
out in bluntly honest terms and -this is key- never allowing any phony
leftist “moral” grandstanding to effect even a slight deviation from the
truth, will do the utmost to spotlight the real moral/spiritual element
of the battle we are in. And that awareness provides the best protection
against it by far.

Again from the Old Testament, we read II Chronicles 7:14
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and
pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I
hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
For most Americans, our “wicked ways” have not been those of murder or
robbery, but of apathy and even outright indifference. These attacks
from the left were initially moral and spiritual, but are now
increasingly physical.  We should long ago have stood firm, in righteous
anger, against the onslaught. It is not too late to do so!

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