Is America Ready to Accept Democrat Terms of Surrender?

 Our Nation has now reached a dangerous and absurd precipice where massive proof of rampant leftist Democrat fraud, corruption and treason is dismissed as “unsubstantiated,” simply because the leftists brazenly deflect and deny it. Their total lack of shame is not recognized as the predictable byproduct of their ease with lies and distortion, but as “confirmation” that no crimes were committed. Meanwhile, their mere willingness to hurl baseless accusations with fervor and venom against Real America on a massive and coordinated scale is all too often accepted as unassailable “proof” that those on the right are indeed guilty of nefarious and illegal activity.

            The hysterically overblown “official” line on the events of January 6 of last year, and the cowardly, pathetically defensive response to it by those being accused of “insurrection,” make this case. For starters, the event was hardly an “insurrection.” Had it actually been so, things would have transpired quite differently.

            If the more than six-hundred thousand angry Americans gathered in Washington had truly intended to storm and take the U.S. Capitol, they would have been armed, and they would certainly not have vacated the premises the moment President Trump admonished them to do so. A massive military response would have been required to force them out of the building, had they determined to stay and been adequately prepared. Yet the leftist narrative of the episode is so vehemently and unanimously touted by the Democrats and their Fake News lackeys, even former Conservative stalwart Ted Cruz (R.-TX) has rolled over for them, and characterized the event as a “terrorist attack.”

            Last Thursday’s orgy of leftist grandstanding had one purpose, which was to tell Americans we have no right to question their total dominion over us, now that they’ve successfully stolen the 2020 Presidential Election. The quaint notion of “We the People” having an ability and a duty “to alter or abolish” government that has become an enemy to our heritage of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” is no more. The leftist hold on governmental power, corrupt and treasonous as it may be, is our inescapable fate going forward, so we are told. But in reality, the intensity and ferocity of this leftist spectacle is proof of just how inherently fragile it is, and how easily it can be toppled by a relentless advocacy of the truth.

            Last Thursday was intended to deal a final “death blow” to Real America and its efforts to turn back the leftist coup of 2020. But that strategy has failed. Kamala Harris’s disgraceful and embarrassing hyperbole, attempting to compare the event to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center, shows why it is imperative for leftist tinhorns to have total control of speech and the press. Public response to Harris has been appropriately derisive and condemning. Leftists can only brazenly grandstand in that manner when they are shielded from any rebuttal.

            Despite the intensity with which the leftist narrative is being pounded onto the American people, the facts remain widely known. The litany of lies, diligently constructed by the leftist Democrats and their Fake News lackeys as a firewall behind which they seek to despotically rule, is still mortally threatened by a mere mention of the facts.

            So here they are. No one really believes Biden won. Leftist response to the pandemic was 100% politically agenda driven. The treasonous and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, and the abandonment of American military assets, was fully intentional. The vaccine is not lessening the spread. Antifa/BLM riots were coordinated with governing officials, from municipalities to the federal level. As such, they constitute a full-fledged war on America. Big Tech censoring of free speech is willful participation in government suppression of its political opposition, making those corporations de facto militarized arms of the government. Media collaboration in all of this, with their universal Fake News narrative, is on a par with any dictatorial propaganda machine.

            Operating from such a weakened and indefensible position, it was imperative for the leftists who wormed their way into power to create phony “moral high ground,” as they always do. The massive January 6, 2020 protest in Washington provided the perfect setting to do just that. Four buses filled with Antifa monsters were escorted by police into D.C. to wreak havoc in the midst of the protest. Innumerable videos show Capitol Police assisting their entry. Pelosi‘s stand-down order to law enforcement facilitated the Democrat narrative of an “insurrection.” This wasn’t Trump’s planning, nor that of his supporters. And enough Americans are not only fully aware of it, but refusing to back down in the face of contrived leftist Democrat derision that the leftist script is in constant danger of imploding.

            Nevertheless, the real message of all the January 6 “moralizing” is not really about the Capitol, but about the stolen election. Now that leftist Democrats are feeling confident that they can accuse us of “insurrection,” they take the next step of asserting that we are not allowed to dispute the 2020 election in any manner! Even questioning its legitimacy amounts to “incitement,” and thus is an act of “terrorism,” contributing to all the emotional “suffering” and anxiety we incessantly hear from leftist Democrat drama queens.

            Yet this battle for the future of America is far from over. The 81 million (and likely more) who watched the coup being flagrantly perpetrated throughout those six “swing states” are remaining engaged, and flatly reject the official account of it. This has the left in a panic, and their massive January 6 disinformation blitz is proof! Leftist hysteria and hype over last year’s episode shows just how fragile their hold on power really is. They know that they could not have withstood a genuine effort to topple them, had the January 6 event actually been the case.

            It is imperative that Americans not grow weary of the battle or accept their “fate,” as dictated to them by the illicit powers claiming to be solidly in control over the Nation. Despite the entire DNC/media/Hollywood/Big Tech effort, the Biden Cabal is on the ropes with the American public. The crowds that show up to voice their disapproval, whenever the Biden motorcade drives through any American city, vastly outnumber the handful of muzzled and “socially distanced” minions who were brought to his staged campaign “rallies.” The willingness of the “Deep State” to lie through its seditious teeth, as it attempts to rewrite history and reality, changes nothing. This is no time to lose heart and throw in the towel.

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