It’s About Time: Transgender Clinic Investigated for Child Abuse

Missouri’s Attorney General gave new details about his investigation into the St. Louis gender clinic where a trans whistleblower alleged medical providers are going way too far in pushing sex change drugs and surgery on kids. 

The investigation is quite wide-ranging.  It involves multiple state agencies and promises to leave no stone unturned.  Investigators are looking for consumer protection infractions, professional license violations, Medicaid fraud, parental consent fraud, and crimes.  The validity of parental consent is at issue because parents were falsely told their children would commit suicide unless they were allowed to transition.  Coercion is not consent.  Valid parental consent was also lacking because clinicians did not make full disclosure about the long-term adverse health consequences of sex change drugs and surgery.  As for the criminal aspects of the investigation, the clinicians involved could end up facing child abuse charges.  School officials, who have a legal duty to report child abuse, may be complicit, instead.  The investigation will determine whether they conspired with clinicians to form a school-to-clinic pipeline of steady business for the clinic.  I hope the Attorney General looks at whether bribe money changed hands in that corrupt transaction.

Several other aspects of Missouri’s investigation are worth noting.  Children are getting confusing information about gender from Chinese-owned TikTok, advice that is overriding their own life’s experience with their own bodies.  The clinic pushes sex change drugs and surgery as a first resort without any thought to psychological assessments in individual cases.  The clinic does not follow transitioners long-term to see what the adverse consequences of clinic-prescribed treatment might be.  Puberty blockers are addictive and the clinic moves children into cross-sex hormones virtually a hundred percent of the time.

Other countries have pulled back from the gender affirmation model now ascendant in the U.S. for children.  These countries have restricted or banned dangerous treatments and now employ psychological evaluation as the first resort for minors presenting gender dysphoria.

Missouri’s investigation is an indication the tide may be turning but, for the moment, the phony transgender narrative just keeps getting crazier.  Social workers in Pennsylvania must now report whether newborns within their purview self-identify as ‘nonbinary’.  Huh?  You heard that right: “I have to ask clients, ‘Is your 10-day-old male, female, or nonbinary?,'” one social worker said.   Another crazy parent pushing transitioning on their kids came to light in recent days.  A mother is transitioning her 4-year-old boy because he likes to dress up and doesn’t want to play tee ball.  The story revealed the child’s daycare center may have been planting confusing thoughts about gender in the child’s mind.  In any event, this parent is engaged in child abuse because most children grow out of such temporary phases. 

There are reasons to hope public sentiment on this issue will flip soon.  The New York Times finally had to admit gender transitioning is dangerous.  A long story cited other countries pulling back, doctors who won’t engage in the practice, increasing numbers of transitioners expressing regrets, and the pressure on government authorities coming from activists to approve sex change drugs and surgery for children before the ramifications were understood.  Another media outlet published a story on adverse consequences of vaginoplasty surgery including severe pain, difficulty urinating, and sexual dysfunction. 

South Dakota just banned sex change drugs and surgery for youth.  Other recent moves to challenge the status quo have come from conservative activist groups who are gathering information, mounting publicity campaigns, and supporting litigation against schools for secret transitioning, as well as against medical providers and the Biden administration’s expansive gender identity rules.  A schoolteacher in California got fired for refusing to lie to parents to keep their child’s professed gender identity secret from them.  This teacher courageously stood up for her personal beliefs at the cost of her job.   More like her, please.

This story illustrates how the Left spreads its bad ideas under the radar using coercion, scare tactics, and pressure to adopt policies before anyone takes a close look at them.  We can only hope that everyone roped into the Left’s enterprise of gender transitioning for children will have second thoughts now that legal jeopardy is starting to attach.  Nothing like lawsuits and criminal charges to focus the mind.

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