It’s Independence Day- What Does Freedom Mean in 2020?

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How does July 4th stack up with the Bill of Rights?

July 4, 2020- It is the 4th of July, the day we celebrate our independence from tyrants, oligarchs, monarchs, and communism. It is a day to recognize that we should strive for independence, equality under the law, and freedom for all. While we do not always live up to those ideals, we recognize that we must always strive to learn from our history to create a better Union. So, how are we doing?


While this story is being written, our history is being systematically erased. Our monuments are being desecrated, our founding principles are under attack, and our children are being hit with vicious propaganda. This is no mistake. As George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Those who seek to destroy America know this one simple fact; whoever controls history, textbooks, education, and narrative will also control the future of America.

American universities have partnered with CCP funded Confucius Institutes to promote communism and misinformation to our college graduates. The National Pulse just released a shock video of small children being targeted with communist propaganda under the guise of tolerance and multiculturalism. Those same children will not be taught the horrors of the “re-education camps” in Xinjang. They will not hear about the Cultural Revolution in China that killed millions of working-class Chinese people 50 years ago. They will not hear of the horrors of the “one child policy” that put actual state quotas on what babies should live and die. They will not learn how the average Chinese person lives under a totalitarian regime that seeks to expand their toxic ideology across the world.

Outside of China’s influence, “woke” American history is being taught to our children at every level. We have traded educators for activists. We have forced obedience instead of encouraging questions. We have failed to teach our children how our government works and how they can affect change. Instead, our schools teach that America is illegitimate, and our children should pay the price for the sins of people with their same skin color, which is the definition of racism; but it has become our “new normal”.

The sad part is that we pay to propagandize our own children. Every year, we demand more money for public schools, but the literacy and math rate continue to decline rapidly. This is by design, and it is not new. The rulers seem to want our children to be just smart enough to do their bidding without being smart enough to ask the most basic questions about our American freedoms.


Every year, we seem to lose more of our freedoms, but this year it is accelerating quickly. Can you go to your local fireworks celebration tonight? Can you celebrate your freedoms without the fear of violence and ostracism? Can you even support the President without the possibility of losing your job?

America has lost all of these basic freedoms while losing much more. Your right to peacefully protest is gone while looters run wild. Mothers are being arrested for taking their children to public parks, but violent criminals and pedophiles are being released from jail daily. Meanwhile, politicians want to destroy your police force and second amendment, so you have no means of protecting yourself.

Secret courts determine whether you have a right to privacy, and you will not be present to defend yourself. You can lose your right to own a firearm without even being convicted of a crime. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty, which is the basis of our judicial system. The media, tech firms, and social media companies suddenly have enough power to determine your right to provide for your family.


Freedom of speech is the basis of our American society. It is the glue that holds us together. It is what prevents violence from occurring and populations from being marginalized. We have allowed companies like Alphabet to hold a monopoly on communication. Google and YouTube can simply terminate words they do not like. Amazon can ban books they do not want you to read. Twitter can hide your tweets, so you can never form a community. Facebook now dictates what is real and what is false. Liberty Sentinel, The New American, Culture Wars, Stefan Molyneux, and many others have been affected by this sweeping censorship.

While alternatives are present, a Republican majority has done nothing to breakup these monopolies and allow competition. It is easy to figure out why. Lobbyists keep Washington moving, and Silicon Valley has the money to prevent any meaningful movement that threatens their power. They also have a terrifying agenda of censorship, tracking, and control. Their business model is data collection, then they sell it to the highest bidder. The purpose of the buyer does not matter. This has become a technocracy where your every move is watched and controlled. If nothing changes, it will only get worse.


We used to believe in freedom of religion in America. While we allow liquor stores and weed shops to remain open, millions of Christians are still not allowed to worship. It has been 6 months in some places, and no one seems to notice that this may not be temporary. Religion has been deemed “non-essential”, and if you oppose this, the media will claim that you want people to be hurt. They have even celebrated the pastors who got sick after protesting. Spirituality has been a part of American life from our foundation, and America has always accepted refugees from political persecution until recently.

We need to wake up. Our Bill of Rights have been suspended. If you do not comply with the new speech norms, masks, and indoctrination, you could face severe consequences. It has been 6 months, and the narrative changes by the minute. Our founders were not perfect. No one is, but they were visionaries that saw a future where every man could be free and equal under the law. We still strive for that high ideal, and it may take some time to reach it, but we need to deal with this elephant in the room first. There is a threat to all of our freedoms if we do not take action. If we do not regain our liberty and freedoms, we may never have another chance to save America for our children.

God Bless

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