#JESUSMATTERS: How One Person Can Make a Difference


10/6/2020- Hundreds of Millions of dollars are being spent to normalize the violent communist overthrow of America. We have seen news organizations proudly pour gasoline on that fire. CNN asks questions like, “since when does a protest have to be peaceful”. We have been told that the burning cities we see on the nightly news are “peaceful protests”, and if you opposed the organization “Black Lives Matter” you must be a racist, xenophobe, or worse.

Very few people have been willing to stand in the way of BLM’s power. At one point, pollsters had BLM with 70 percent approval in the United States. However, if asked, who would oppose them knowing the repercussions? With impunity, they have been able to use violence as a tool in their arsenal. Police have been fired from their jobs over Facebook posts opposing them. Political candidates have been harassed, and they are allowed to make veiled threats on the nightly news. Several weeks ago, you may have lost your job, or been attacked as a private citizen, if you DARED to say you did not want their mural painted on city property.

They also have a fundraising structure like we have never seen in politics. Megadonors like The Open Society foundation, Think Blue, and other private foundations see BLM as a way to bring Marxism to America. Groups like the Transition Integrity Project, who deserve a large spotlight, have already laid out the destruction of America. It seems like a hopeless, uphill battle to preserve our Constitution, Faith, and morality as a nation; however Bevelyn Beatty has proven that it only takes one person telling the truth to destroy a narrative. No violence was needed.

The mainstream news is reluctant to cover Bevelyn Beatty. She does not fit the mainstream, communist narrative. Thankfully, new outlets will shine a light on her work She is a strong black woman, Christian, supports police, and she understands BLM. She threw a wrench in the BLM narrative that is NEVER coming out.

First, with just a camera and her convictions, she went to “CHAZ”, aka the autonomous zone, to educate people on the lies of BLM. There may be large funding for revolution right now, but there are people who can still be reached. Millions of people cannot “unsee” this video about the KKK, Democrats, and BLM.


Next, Bevelyn became famous for her art in front of Trump Tower, Harlem, and Brooklyn. The optics of her being arrested for defacing several BLM murals was HUGE. Before this, no one was willing to take on the challenge. It was important for the public to see that no one was arrested for protests that led to fires, looting, and theft; however, Bevelyn Beatty was arrested for disagreeing with paint, not violence.


While the public grows tired of the political violence, and a media that is fanning the flames of division in America, Bevelyn Beatty has one message. #JESUSMATTERS. We are all one human-kind. We will all be worse-off under communism. We all must work together to fix these issues and spread truth. Evil does exist, and we must do our best to dispose of destructive narratives quickly.

Bevelyn Beatty was willing to stand up to this false, dangerous BLM narrative at a time when other people were just hoping it would just go away. While we have all sworn to uphold the Constitution, and fight for religious freedom, she actually risked her life to win the war of optics. Her fundraising sites were immediately removed for her activism, and she has undoubtedly been persecuted, but she is a reminder to the rest of us. One person can make a difference, and it does not take millions of dollars to expose evil.

Stay vigilant of tyrants. We hope you join us for the interview. Click the link below, and subscribe live. We will provide the downloadable versions after the exclusive interview.


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