Justice for the Vaccine Victims

The government spent a billion dollars to get journalists to tell you the COVID vaccines saved a lot of lives and were a net benefit.  Here’s the rest of the story:

According to official government numbers, almost 35,000 deaths have occurred within two weeks of COVID vaccination and may be linked to the vaccines.  In addition, there have been more than 195,000 COVID vaccine reported hospitalizations and over 1.5 million COVID vaccine adverse event reports in all.  When you consider the swine flu vaccine was pulled from the market in 1976 after it was linked to just 25 deaths, you have to wonder why regulators acted so differently this time.

The Florida Surgeon General may have issued a warning about the staggering increase in adverse event reports following COVID vaccination, but he was the exception.  Others involved in the process did their best to cover it all up and follow the narrative, not the science.  Hospital executives fired a physician assistant in New York for reporting COVID vaccine injuries to the federal government.  It was more important to squelch the reports so people wouldn’t hesitate to get vaccinated, she was told.  She blew the whistle, knowing she would be fired, but said, “I could no longer be a part of a system that is lying to the American people…. This whole system is corrupt.”  Similarly, the chief medical officer at UC San Francisco instructed all staff not to associate COVID vaccines with any injuries and not to talk to patients about possible links.  UC San Francisco deliberately won’t file COVID vaccine injury reports with the government which they are legally required to do.  What accounts for such odd behavior? 

COVID vaccine manufacturer Pfizer stands accused of covering up adverse events at one of its clinical trial sites.  In one notable example, a test subject who had suffered severe adverse reactions to the vaccine was recorded as having COVID when multiple tests showed he did not.  Then they said he was just suffering from anxiety.   But manufacturers would never commit fraud just to get government approval for their products, would they?  Naahh.

Meanwhile, fresh reports continue to flood in associating COVID vaccines and boosters with a multitude of health problems:

In addition, questions continue to mount about vaccinated airline pilots collapsing in the cockpit and an astronomical increase in medical incidents in military pilots after the military COVID vaccine mandate was implemented. 

A lawsuit has been filed to stop the use of the Pfizer COVID vaccine in South Africa.  It alleges substantial data manipulation, data inaccuracies, and inaccurate statements of outcome in the approval process.  Commenting on the lawsuit, one expert challenged the conclusory statements of government authorities that COVID vaccines saved a lot of lives and were a net benefit.  “It is highly likely there would have been substantially less deaths and illness in the global population if the vaccine had never been approved in the first place,” the expert said.  More doctors around the world are calling for a halt to the shots. 

Fraud in the approval process.  Regulators sticking their head in the sand when obviously there were problems.  The medical profession conspiring with government to suppress adverse reaction reports and instill fear in hospital employees.  Government putting big money behind the phony narrative the vaccines were safe and effective.  The story may fade from the headlines, but I will continue to report to you on it until justice is achieved for the vaccine victims.

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2 thoughts on “Justice for the Vaccine Victims”

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    Patricia Lascelles

    since 1984 every person who got a vaccine by force is a vaccine victim, because since 1984 everbody has become unhealthy and developed disease who have been forced to get vaccines, i personally rejected several vaccines when possible, and tried to refuse the vaccines my children were forced to get. lets go back way back and start there!

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