Klaus Schwab is the founder and leader of the all-powerful World Economic Forum. Sean Jackson and Alex Newman are in studio to break down the real agenda of Klaus Scwab and his GREAT RESET for humanity. In his talks, Klaus has likened Covid-19 to WWII, stating that he believes this is an opportune time to change the world system. While Scwab has laid out the overall blueprint for Global Government, there are many other people happy to help out. We cover Bill Gates, who the media lies about daily. While they present any evidence about Gates as a “conspiracy theory”, we show the proof, clips, and facts. You make up your own mind. We have been growing the largest LIBERTY MOVEMENT in America at www.libertysentinel.org with ALL FREE content so that we can resist this totalitarian plan. With neighbors now snitching on each other, contact tracers by the millions, apps that spy on you, and government imposing FACE MASKS IN YOUR OWN HOME, this agenda is moving very quickly. Join a completely independent, viewer-funded movement of people who do not want a technocratic future. Your voice matters. From www.youtube.com/c/ActionFitnessCT we must organize and keep spreading TRUTH to save the REPUBLIC. 

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11/18/2020– While we have created a full series on the Great Reset, most people have never heard the term. During this time of censorship, “new normals”, and persecution we need to work together.

For the record, we have openly encouraged people to take clips from our shows, share them, and bring in people who need to see it. We do not just speculate on what is coming, we show you exactly what the oligarchs are saying.

We only survive as a show, and a movement, if you keep hand-sharing the articles, shows, and talking to your friends and neighbors about the information. We do not have competition in this digital space. Anyone who is talking about this issue is immediately an ally.

With new nRNA vaccines coming out daily, and the military saying they will distribute it, this is the most pressing issue we face. Governors are imposing new lockdowns, managed collapses, of their cities. People are losing their jobs. Mental health problems are skyrocketing, and no one is pointing to the corrupt banking institutions who are directing this entire managed collapse.


*We aim to gather all patriots to resist this “reset” of our global financial markets. We also are looking to find distribution and sponsors to spread our message to the American people. Please help us by spreading this in email chains and leaving your comments below. We want to be a part of your daily information on this planned “shakeup” of economies.

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*Celeste Solum is a former government contractor and whistleblower.

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