Larry McDonald Hwy Honors American Hero

One of America’s greatest 20th century heroes, Congressman Larry McDonald (D-Ga.), has a highway named after him outside of Atlanta, Georgia. And I was fortunate enough not only to drive on it several times, but to drive on it with people who knew McDonald and worked with him and for him.

The picture above was taken after I gave a speech in McDonald’s old district, right across the street from the church where his memorial service was held. Dozens of lawmakers attended his memorial. Some of his old friends and even one of his staffers came to my talk–what an honor!

For those who may not know, McDonald was a patriot of the highest order. In addition to serving as a medical doctor, he became a constitutionalist U.S. congressman from Georgia, where he served faithfully until his KAL-007 flight to Korea was shot out of the sky by a Soviet fighter jet. McDonald was also the chairman of the John Birch Society, the only organization that has effectively resisted the Deep State for over 60 years.

McDonald founded the Western Goals Foundation to do the job that America’s intelligence and law-enforcement agencies were not doing (for various reasons). One of the people on his board of directors was New York attorney Roy Cohn, who served as Donald Trump’s mentor and lawyer for many years.

If you don’t know about McDonald, you need to get up to speed.

Thank you Georgia for memorializing this great hero!

Congressman Larry McDonald was one of America’s greatest 20th century heroes.

Read more about McDonald’s legacy: Larry McDonald — An American Hero Remembered

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