Leftist Coup Attempt Prompts Response By Governors

            The flailing efforts of those controlling the Biden cabal to convince other nations that it is a “functional” entity are not working. The recent embarrassment of a “summit” with Russian President Vladimir Putin was only the latest example. The rest of the world is increasingly contemptuous towards a faux American “administration” that is clueless and hamstrung by the blinding arrogance and moral/intellectual rot of the leftist counterculture.

            More significantly, Real America isn’t buying any of it either. After the four great years of prosperity and victory under President Trump, the people voted overwhelmingly last November for a continuation of his efforts to “Make America Great.” But what they received in response was flagrant election theft, with tampered voting machines, massive numbers of illegitimate ballots, and every conceivable form of chicanery.

            Nevertheless, leftists presumed themselves to be fully in control. So they pressed forward at break-neck speed, crippling America’s energy industry and dealing a nearly fatal blow to the triumph of energy independence that had been achieved under President Trump. Meanwhile, leftist Democrat open borders policy, the quickest and surest path to uncontested Democrat dominance in future elections, has been implemented via “executive” order. Predictably, the results have been devastating for Americans at the border and increasingly, all across the land.

            The facade of coherence and competence is increasingly difficult to maintain. In response, the current propaganda effort is to remain doggedly fixated on the January 6 event at the US Capitol which, we are told, was the single most violent and seditious action to ever occur within the boundaries of our nation. Invoking that brief incident on every possible occasion, leftist Democrats (with the backing of the usual RINO sycophants) are demanding virtual oaths of unquestioned “allegiance” to the leftist state from everyone, and on a scale never before seen outside of third world dictatorships.

            Still, existential threats to the nation do exist. But those are of no consequence to the left. It is fully preoccupied with maintaining and solidifying its stranglehold on power at the highest levels. The harm suffered by people on “Main Street” is mere “collateral damage.” And its malignant anti-American allegiances mean the nation can only expect more of the same.

            Thankfully, the American Spirit is still alive and kicking out in the Heartland. Several recent events reflect a growing disconnect with the Washington Swamp. And while this has the leftists inside the Beltway both outraged and fearful, it is only the beginning of the “push back” from a Nation that was born of freedom and the rule of law, and has no intention of ceding those things to a morally bankrupt leftist monster.

            On Monday June 14, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich warned the US Department of “Justice” to stay out of Arizona, and not attempt any interference with the ongoing Arizona election audit. Leftist Democrats and RINOs have been working overtime to discredit and disrupt the audit, fearing its likely outcome will reveal massive fraud during the 2020 presidential election. Merrick Garland, appointed by Biden to head the DOJ, expressed hostility towards the audit, and threatened to intervene. Arizona AG Brnovich warned that Arizona would not “sit back and let the Biden Administration abuse its authority, refuse to uphold laws, or attempt to commandeer our State’s sovereignty.”

            In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced on June 11 that his state will fund the continuation of the American/Mexican border wall, which was begun by President Trump, but halted by the Biden cabal at its earliest opportunity. Governor Abbott stated that he has “had enough” of Biden’s “willful disregard for the rule of law, and the well-being of Texans and Americans.” So despite federal government assertions that it alone has jurisdiction over the border, Governor Abbott is defiantly upholding his oath to the people of his State by pressing forward with the completion of the wall.

            Things get better still. In a brazen move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on June 17 that he is sending Florida law enforcement to both Texas and Arizona to help them cope with the illegal immigration crisis created at the border as a result of Biden policy. Operating under the “Emergency Management Assistance Compact,” DeSantis, Abbott, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey are completely bypassing federal management of the situation, and dealing with matters on their own. DeSantis rightly explains that Florida has a vested interest in a secure border, as does every American State.

            The combined significance of these events cannot be understated. According to the Declaration of Independence, legitimate government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed.” In a stolen election of rampant cheating and lawlessness, the “consent of the governed” is the ultimate casualty. The “will of the people” is a mere distraction, and of no real consequence. The glaring incompetence of those claiming to be in power is actually a secondary concern, when compared to the dangers of unaccountability.

            State governors who put the safety, security and Constitutional rights of their citizens as top priority are, at this juncture, courageously joining forces to do the job the corrupt federal government refuses to do. They are the best hope for a bright American future.

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