Leftist Democrat Hysterics Reveal Their Greatest Fear

            At the peak of the Cold War, roughly ten thousand American nuclear warheads were on standby, aimed at the Soviet Union. American and European military prowess was vastly superior to the Soviets. The paranoia of the Kremlin was palpable, as it sought to thwart any opposition from the West to its goal of global Communism.

            Yet the “Evil Empire” feared something far more than all the armaments NATO could muster against it. And that was the prospect of printing presses in the hands of its own citizenry. Soviet Russia demanded total control of “news” media, with such state run outlets as Tass and Pravda ensuring that the Communist party line was universally force fed to the masses. Still, this iron fisted control of information was acutely vulnerable to any presence of truth. This is inherently the case with every litany of lies.

            To the amazement of some, this same scenario is being played out once again. This time however, it is not occurring behind the Iron Curtain but inside the D.C. Swamp and its echo chamber of Fake News lackeys across America. No longer the land of the free, the malignancy of leftist despotism is spreading through our once great Nation with disastrous effects. From trashing the Constitution with all of the “pandemic” lockdown lunacy, to the deliberately stoked riots of 2020, to the flagrant theft of the Presidential Election, the left now presumes an authoritarian control over us.

            The primary method of preserving such control is, no less than it was during the Cold War, by only allowing “approved” information. With our National security in shambles, our energy sector crippled, and the economy devastated, all completely intentional, it is imperative that a narrative of inevitability be maintained, lest the rabble on Main Street organize and rise up to hold the perpetrators of this treason accountable.

            Every leftist minion on the nightly Fake News is doing his/her part to deny and deflect. The moment leftists believed they had secured the 2020 coup, their Big-Tech foot soldiers also swung into action, shredding as much of the grassroots network of defiant Patriots as possible. However, an awareness of the abysmal realities of the day lingers. So the mortal threat of a public that once again effectively networks against the propaganda onslaught still poses great risk. And in its looming shadow, the paranoia of the illegitimate leftist power structure grows with each passing day.

            Leftist grandstanding over the January 6 event at the US Capitol was merely the fig-leaf placed over their sedition. From Google, to Youtube, to Amazon, to Facebook and Twitter, every effort was made to shut down any information that might run counter to the official leftist Democrat party line. In this world, the 2020 “pandemic” lockdowns were necessary. The riots were the real voice of America, demanding that the Nation turn hard left and lurch towards socialism. Finally, the “most secure election in American history” was trumpeted as unassailable validation.

            Of course the fragile facade of such insanity can only be retained if no genuine questions are asked. So President Trump had to be separated from his vast audience on Twitter. “Parler,” an alternative social media platform, was criminally silenced by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. And in the face of one calamity after another from the anti-American Biden Cabal, any attempts of genuine Patriots to confront the evil befalling the Nation were severely curtailed. The leftist lies, weak and transparent as they are, have barely faced appropriate rebuttals from the right.

            Suddenly, the prospect arises that things may drastically change. With the mid-term elections only six months away, Elon Musk appeared on the scene and invoked his colossal wealth in the cause of free speech. In an amazing move that will not soon be outdone, Musk purchased Twitter, the single largest social media platform. Unlike leftists, Musk merely wants to give all Americans an equal footing to voice their beliefs and concerns. Nobody who appreciates the truth could possibly find fault with such a move. But of course leftists absolutely abhor truth, and with each hysterical rant against Musk, they prove it.

            Some of their attacks are less direct, though no nearly so clever as they believe themselves to be. Lately, they have taken to castigating Musk for “squandering” the more than $40 billion he used to buy Twitter. With monotonously predictable sanctimony, they dutifully parrot the talking point that he could have used all that money to “feed the hungry” blah blah. This attack is textbook Alinsky. Claim a phony “moral high ground” in hopes that nobody notices their real motives and hypocrisy.

            The trillions already dumped into government give aways haven’t alleviated the “hunger” problem. But that’s of no concern to the left. Moreover, they stubbornly ignore the fact that Musk’s billions did not “disappear,” but merely changed hands. So why don’t leftist lackeys confront all those sellers with their newly acquired billions, demanding they hand it over to the welfare state? The answer is inescapably obvious.

            Meanwhile, from Hollywood to Capitol Hill, leftist panic also reflects their real horror at the prospect of being held accountable for their crimes and treason. Decrying an open, uncensored information platform as a “threat to democracy,” they come very close to confessing their actual concern, which is of truth itself as the greatest danger facing every corrupt oppressor. Day by day, it is becoming more difficult for the ugliness of their lawlessness and their vile ideology to remain in the shadows.

            On Wednesday, the illegitimate Biden Cabal made its most outrageous move yet, revealing that it has established a “Disinformation Governance Board” for the ostensible purpose of “curtailing disinformation,” Right! The people who have brazenly and consistently lied to America about every topic from human gender to the real devastation of socialism to the criminality of Hillary Clinton, now claim to want to “protect” us from disinformation? Can the arrogant absurdity of these people possibly get any worse?

            Better described as a “Ministry of Propaganda,” this new monster is not the work of a government duly elected with the “Consent of the governed.” It is the stuff of third-world tinhorns. In an America of the Constitution and the “Rule of Law,” such an effort would result in impeachment. Are those days completely behind us?

            It is profoundly noteworthy that neither Elon Musk, nor any conservative voice, has expressed a desire to silence leftists. Rather, it is widely understood that giving leftists opportunities to air the actualities of their agenda is the best means of exposing their lunacy and toxic arrogance. In contrast, leftists have long sought not to openly debate the voices of the right, but to totally suppress and ultimately destroy them. Intellectually honest Americans don’t operate this way. They don’t fear lies. They know how to counter fraud and deceit. But leftist liars are deathly afraid of truth. It is the greatest weapon we can wield against them.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” is the “Go To” guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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