Leftist Lies Cannot Withstand O’Keefe and Carlson

By Christopher Adamo, 5/3/23

It was barely three months ago that Project Veritas, the organization founded by super investigator James O’Keefe, staged a coup to oust him. And of course, the Conservative world was abuzz last week when Fox News fired Tucker Carlson. The outrage of those who are watching the leftist Globalists daily ripping at the fabric of America is fully warranted and understandable. But should anyone really be surprised?

Many on the right are still apparently unable to grasp the true nature of the enemy we face, and how it is compelled to operate. To this day, we hear laments that leftists never seek to engage Conservatives in any worthwhile discussion of issues, but instead resort to name calling, and whenever possible, outright suppression of Conservative voices. Of course they do! Their strategy is perfectly understandable, given the real nature of their ideology and its resulting agenda.

A cursory history lesson of leftists and how they routinely seize power, reveals everything we need to know of the futility of attempting to engage them for the purpose of “finding common ground,” “rising above the rancor,” or some other such pablum. These goals, while seemingly worthy, are simply out of the realm of reality. Worst of all, efforts to pursue such a course ultimately aid and enable the agenda of the left.

Leftist ideology has its roots in the detestable teachings of Karl Marx, an embittered soul who was as filthy and depraved in mind as in person. Attempting to give a mantle of legitimacy to his envy and hatred for those around him who had endeavored to achieve and succeed, he concocted his theories of collectivism, claiming them to be the keys to universal happiness and societal well-being. His famous work “Das Kapital,”  was the summation of his twisted thinking.

Sadly, an ideology of frustrated jealousy and hatred, presenting itself as the epitome of compassion and virtue, could find plenty of fertile soil in other similarly darkened minds. So Marx’s work spread, and eventually give birth to such nightmarish monsters as the Soviet Union and Communist China. But from the start, it has had a major Achilles Heel. Since it was founded on lies, it could only be advanced through lies.

The strategy, from Karl Marx to Saul Alinsky to the modern Democrat Party, is to promise bliss and abundance, in exchange for freedom and achievement. Those who can be manipulated into believing such empty promises are too often willing to sacrifice liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in the misbegotten expectation that they, and the needy around them, will reap a worthy existence from the beneficent state. So they sell out their heritage, and that of future generations, while deeming themselves “virtuous.”

Invariably, a day of reckoning arrives, at which point support for the movement collapses. This is an inescapable pattern. So it is absolutely crucial that the ascending powers keep a lid on any scrutiny until they are beyond accountability; a condition better known as tyranny. And this is where individuals such as James O’Keefe and Tucker Carlson become extremely problematic.

Were leftists seeking to hone their plans for America, to actually determine the best course for “We the People,” they would indeed be discussing and debating the pros and cons of the policies they seek to implement. But that is neither their method nor their end game. So any bold, prominent voices of truth, O’Keefe and Carlson being prime examples, are a mortal threat to the left, and must be silenced. It is no more complicated than that.

Thankfully, the dirty tricks of leftists do not constitute “Game, Set, and Match.” Much to the contrary, the all too regular efforts to marginalize and silence the right are stalling out, or even backfiring. This fight isn’t over yet, and our side can still win it, but only if we have the wits to recognize the truly vile nature of the enemy we face, and muster the spine to reject its sanctimony and manipulations.

Both O’Keefe and Carlson are already showing encouraging signs that this is precisely what they intend. Project Veritas has virtually dried up and blown away, once it became clear that traitors had infiltrated and overtaken it. But the important work that it had accomplished under O’Keefe’s headship barely skipped a beat. In the brief time since the mutiny, James O’Keefe has formed a new organization, the “O’Keefe Media Group.” And it is already back to the invaluable work of uncovering leftist lies and corruption.

Tucker Carlson has received several generous offers from other Conservative media venues, including News Max and One America News. Despite transparent efforts by Fox to totally silence him, claiming he is “still under contract” to them and therefore has no First Amendment right of free speech, he can certainly contest their lawless and unconstitutional “gag order.” He will beat that scam and be back in business shortly. His work is too valuable and his audience too loyal. Or he may just create his own media group from the Daily Caller, which he founded. Meanwhile Fox News is on the road to the same oblivion facing Project Veritas. Maybe it can redeem itself by landing a big advertising contract with Anheuser Busch.

The moral of these tales is that Americans are still able to speak and communicate the truth, despite vast leftist efforts to shut us down. But it is up to us whether we will fight to keep the light shining, or kowtow to leftist threats and intimidation. The only darkness that can prevail over us is that which we allow. This is no time to put down the torch of Liberty and Truth!

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