Leftist Roe Tantrums Reveal Their Vulnerabilities, And Ours!

            The moment word was leaked to the public that the Supreme Court would be overturning the abhorrent “Roe versus Wade” decision of 1973, it became obvious that the left had a meticulously coordinated plan in place to make as much political hay out of the situation as possible. While the right responded by travailing over who might have been responsible for the leak and how it was a breach of propriety, leftists went into overdrive, threatening and raging against the prospect that they can’t continue to wantonly kill babies.

            The coordinated criminal rampages were immediate and widespread, including physical threats at the homes of pro-Constitution/pro-life justices, assaults on pro-life supporters, and even the firebombing of a pro-life “Family Action Center” in Madison Wisconsin.

            Amid all the contrived hysteria, laws have been broken and the guilty need to be tracked down and prosecuted, including those leftist Democrats on Capitol Hill who fanned the flames of incitement with their grandstanding and lies. Nothing that the impending decision might possibly do to change America’s abortion laws would pose an actual health risk to women. But that is not the narrative of the left. Instead, they have concocted the image that women will be gravely endangered. That makes for better theater on the nightly Fake News.

            Consider, for a moment, how this deliberate provocation of the leftist mob, with its proven track record of real violence and destruction of private property, has played out. The very people who incessantly squall about the ostensible right wing “violence” of January 6, 2021 now do their utmost to fan flames of wrath and vengeance from those who have the real track record of lawless attacks. The hypocrisy is flagrant and unfettered. But of course, that is who leftists are. And not surprisingly, real harm has come to people and property targeted by them.

            Still, throughout all this, something very noteworthy became evident, though it receives little attention. The actual numbers of pro-aborts engaging in such despicable behavior is nevertheless tiny, when compared to the massive, albeit much more orderly gatherings in protest of the stolen 2020 election. This pattern is reflective of the campaign rallies of Donald Trump, as opposed to the Biden cabal, that same year. While President Trump could easily fill a pro-sports stadium with enthusiastic supporters, the Biden cabal had to round up a handful of its minions as “props,” to be spaced and positioned for the best possible visual effect. More people consistently showed up to protest the Democrats than to cheer them on during the campaign, a time when “enthusiasm” should have been at its highest.

            Also in 2020 in Texas, the Kamala Harris caravan found itself surrounded by a far larger number of Trump supporters in their cars and pickup trucks, loudly blaring anti-Biden/Harris messages. The Harris entourage recognized its unpopularity and left the state. On cue, its Fake News cheerleaders condemned the response of those Texans, as if nobody has a right to voice opposition to the leftist order.

            The real focus in all of this needs to be the “bigger picture.” Of course leftists are lawless, and of course their overlords in Washington, from the Biden Cabal to Pelosi and Schumer on Capitol Hill, are brazen hypocrites who are guilty of criminal incitement, and should be prosecuted on that basis. But when leftist Democrats engage in their fear mongering over January 6, and attempt on every occasion to characterize Conservative America as a “dangerous fringe” of “domestic terrorists,” it is solely on account of the massive number of Americans whom they recognize to be resolutely opposed to them. The real fear factor from January 6 was not the actions of the crowd, which were extremely subdued and orderly, except of course those antifa monsters who had worked in coordination with the FBI to infiltrate the event. Rather, it was the massive size of the gathering that President Trump was able to muster, that continues to instill so much dread and paranoia on the left.

            They know they are without standing or legitimacy, and have no “consent of the governed” by which to advance their despicable agenda. That is their inherent weakness. And they know that if the Conservative base ever becomes united and committed in its opposition to them, their scam of a “government” faces grave danger. So their only hope is to convince Real America of the futile and dishonorable nature of opposition to them, and on that basis, to silence it.

            Sadly, this is the weakness of the Right that has been played against it with far greater success. It is not a disadvantage of numbers or principle, but of strategic gullibility. It is wholly frustrating that those in so many leadership positions on the right can be so easily manipulated by their ideological opposition. Yet that is the primary means by which the left prevails. A war is not fought to total destruction of the foe, but only to the point of convincing him that opposition is futile. And that’s where the left triumphs, far too often, over the vastly larger force of Conservative America.

            Given the stark disparity in the paltry size of the recent leftist protests, despite an enormous amount of funding, coordination, and incitement from the political establishment, in contrast to the enormity of the pro-Constitution, pro-America grassroots, it is a crying shame that the left ever prevails. It does so only on a fraudulent basis. It is the actual power we possess to change the course of America’s future that they never want us to realize we have at our disposal. If the right ever figures out it has the numbers and the righteous cause to win this battle, the leftist agenda will quickly be relegated to the “ash heap of history” where it belongs.

            Regardless of any accusations or other sanctimony from leftist leaders, or any cowardly calls for acquiescence and compliance from supposed conservatives, those are the real battle lines of the day.

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