Mainstream Media DECLARES “New Normal” During Pandemic

The “New Normal” According to Mainstream News

Do you accept the terms and conditions to live in this New World?

Everything about COVID-19 seems like a bad dream, but it is now a harsh reality for most Americans. Advised by the globalist, China-funded WHO, the American government declared war on an “invisible enemy” in January.

This has cost millions of Americans their jobs, civil liberties, and, like any other war, a mountain of debt. People have been confined to their homes since January, with entertainment and cable news being their only window to the outside world. They have been sitting by their TV’s or smartphones to catch the media drama play out by the minute. They just hope that there will be a return to “normal” any minute now.

BUT What does “normal” mean?

“Normal”, for too long, has meant an obedient consumer class that does not ask hard questions. We are taught what to think, not how to think. We look to “experts” in the media to solve all of our problems, and we defer to Silicon Valley or government for convenience. Our every movement is tracked, analyzed, and then sold in the age of “surveillance capitalism”. Our oligarchs spend trillions of US dollars in “bailout” funds that never seem to be accounted for, but we continuously allow the system to carry on.

We are told that if we follow the rules and do not cause any problems, there is room for upward mobility. In reality, for decades, we have traded our American values, freedom, and Christian morality for cheap, “made in China” stickers, while leaving our vital infrastructure, like water and electricity, open to hostile foreign autocrats.

We no longer value entrepreneurship if it is not co-signed by oligarchs. The average American no longer seeks to solve hard problems, and if they go too far outside the box, they will be mocked by the establishment press in unison until they “get back in line”. We will cover the victims of censorship in another article, but it is clear the mainstream media is not acting in good faith. They are openly lobbying for communist-style censorship and encouraging citizens to snitch on their neighbors. These are not American values, but it is the world that is being presented to us as “the new normal” IF restrictions ease.

What is this “new normal”?

For the first time in most of our lives, we have had the time to reflect and ask hard questions. We finally have a chance to see things how fragile things really are, which is not how they were sold to us. In our quarantines, we have an actual chance to pay attention to our community, elites, large corporations, and government while asking serious moral questions. We have the power to decide what happens in the future, and the illusion of authority that regulates our every move is growing thinner by the day.

To stop anyone who may accidentally have an original thought, the media is more than happy to attack private citizens, ruin careers, and maintain their script as “mouthpieces of power”. In the clip below, you will all see the agenda very clearly. These news reports demand a “new normal”, deferring to “experts” like eugenicist Bill Gates, championing forced medication, and hustling fear to keep you compliant.

After watching the clip, ask yourself, do you want to continue with the old normal? Are you happy with a creeping communist, Chinese Communist Party ruled global economy? Is that good for you and your family? Are you willing to make the fools trade of freedom for just a little bit of false-security? Leave a comment a let us know.

God Bless. Stay vigilant.

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  1. Thanks for your attempt to get people to actually see what’s going on. Hopefully you’ll reach some.

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