Mao’s Cultural Revolution Comes to America

By Chris Wright, 9/14/22

The war on parents is escalating.  Here’s what’s happening on the battlefield:

A series of undercover videos exposed what school personnel are really up to, in their own words.

A private school director in New York City was caught on video admitting she misuses her position to sneak her left-wing political agenda into classrooms.  “I just keep trying to disrupt wherever I can,” she said. “And now that I’m in this position, I have so many opportunities to do that.”  She said she won’t allow Republican views to be expressed and trashed white boys as being horrible, awful people who are protected by capitalism.  Wow.

Also in New York City, a middle school teacher was recorded encouraging students to engage in political violence and throw bricks at people who hold opposite views.  She changed the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, so her class recites the idea America does not stand for liberty and justice for all, because black and brown people are excluded, they don’t get justice.  If that’s true, why did Breonna Taylor’s family get a $12 million settlement from Louisville?  The claim doesn’t make any sense.  It’s garbage. 

An assistant principal of an elementary school in Greenwich, Connecticut won’t hire Catholic teachers or anybody over 30 because they’re too conservative.  He admitted to illegal age discrimination on video.  He said he has progressive teachers who are adept at delivering left-wing messages to students without being obvious about it.  “It’s subtle…. That’s how you get away with it,” he said.  

Back in New York City, an assistant principal won’t hire teachers who believe in equality or a color-blind society.  They have to give the correct Woke responses to diversity, equity, and inclusion questions and toe the party line on anti-racism or they won’t be hired.  He would have fired a teacher who did not want to indoctrinate students with Black Lives Matter ideology, but the teacher quit first.  Kindergartners at the school celebrate gay pride month by reading stories about a boy who wants to be a mermaid and encouraging children to be anything they want to be, genderwise.  Transgender ideology becomes more explicit as the kids get older. 

This is all in their own words and on tape, folks, there’s no denying it.  They’re coming for your kids, and it’s not just the east coast.

Indoctrination also starts in kindergarten in Portland, Oregon schools.  Kids are being taught the male-female gender binary is just a white colonizer construct and the ‘infinite gender spectrum’ is where it’s at.  Forget the 57 genders, the number of gender choices is now ‘infinite’.  Isn’t progress wonderful?  According to the curriculum, some girls can have penises and some boys can have vulvas.  This is not just the schools taking over the job of identity formation from parents, the agenda goes deeper than that.  After six years of identity indoctrination, fifth-graders are asked to make Chinese youth league-style promises to carry on the revolution.  They are asked to pledge to learn more about the ideology and the history of black trans women.  They pledge to use correct pronouns.  They pledge to watch films and shows with LGBTQ characters and, most importantly, they pledge to become leaders in their school on these issues.  As we’ve seen in other contexts, the Left is hell-bent on turning students into 24/7 left-wing activists.  Mao’s Cultural Revolution lives, and anyone who gets in the way will be sent to the countryside, figuratively speaking, to learn from the peasants and be reeducated. 

L.A. is in pretty much the same boat with “trans justice” now the linchpin of instruction.  But field reports are pouring in from everywhere:

A high school teacher in California keeps a ‘queer library’ in her classroom with books about orgies, kinks, fetishes, and bondage. 

Schools in one Florida county are expelling students if their parents object to having them fill out a gender identity questionnaire.

Schools in one Pennsylvania county are encouraging boys to wear dresses.

There are more reports from all over the country about mandatory drag shows, Woke math classes that destroy competency, indoctrination starting at age 3, snitching on family and friends for microaggressions, expelling students for misgendering classmates, and more.  There are so many reports, I can’t keep up, anymore. 

The war is on.  They’re coming for your kids.  Get active or get steamrolled.  Get involved before your kids become unrecognizable to you and turn on you, like the good little commies they are being trained to be.  Do nothing and you’ll just have to hope they don’t come after you with a machine gun, like in Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, because that’s what communists eventually do.

I only discussed teachers and administrators today.  The War on Parents is coming from several directions.  Tomorrow, I will tell you about some of those.

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