Marie Julie Jahenny: The Three Days Of Darkness

Guest post by Eric Gajewski of

First of all thank you to Alex Newman for his continual great work in regards to exposing all the various agendas of the New World Order. For those who are not aware he joins me monthly at to help break down all the latest current events which speaks “to the times we are living in”.

I am sure most who identify themselves as Christian clearly see that we are living in unprecedented times, dare I say, the endtimes. There was an almost unheard of holy woman in the Catholic Church who foresaw so many of the atrocities we are currently not going through and they only get worse as Our Lord indicated in the Gospel as well as it being recorded in the Apocalypse. In fact if I were to tell you the details of everything that was about to happen in the world you might not believe me at first.

Marie Julie Jahenny was a humble soul and native of France who received messages from heaven over the course of her life as DIRE WARNINGS for humanity. She lived into her early nineties and held the Stigmata the longest in Catholic Church history.

She foresaw Islamic immigration of Europe specifically in France, she foresaw the apostasy in the Catholic Church, the formation of the One World Government and the climatic event which shall crush the antichrist and the New World Order forever.

If you are a Christian, I would highly encourage you to check out my documentary that I have just released. Even if you are not Christian, I think you will find the movie highly inspirational and informative.

A two-and-half-hour documentary is not enough to cover all her saintly deeds and prophecies but at least it is a good starting point for those unaware of this virtually unheard-of woman for France. I have the grand daughter of the original biographer of Marie Julie on my program monthly and she tells me DROVES of people are now flocking to Brittany France where her house remains because they know the worst of the worst is about to happen.

But as good Christians we must know Light conquers darkness and that the new world order will only have their “fun” for a short season. I encourage you all to please check out the movie below and to come join us at, the one stop shop, for all, the latest church apostasy and endtimes news.

Marie Julie Jahenny: 3 Days Of Darkness from Eric Gajewski on Vimeo.

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