Marxist Tactics Exposed: Beware of BLAFIWHIMPs!

Americans like to use nicknames for various groups of people.  A common one used mostly by liberals is “Karen,” which supposedly is a demanding middle-class white woman. Conservatives often use the term “RINO,” conceived by a friend of mine in the 1990s, which stands for “Republican In Name Only.” This refers to liberal Republicans, who tend to be interested only in power and could care less about the issues. You know, like most of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate.

There is a new nickname I hope will catch on: BLAFIWHIMP. This stands for “BLAack Females Indoctrinated by WHIte Male Professors.” What is a BLAFIWHIMP?  Well, you need to know, because they are everywhere today, influencing our culture, our politics, and our judicial system in ways that pervert the rule of law, undermine our constitutional rights, and turn our cities into living nightmares. These black females tend to be angry, bitter, and race-obsessed people who have obtained powerful positions in our society by virtue of their skin color and gender. 

BLAFIWHIMPS possess a racist ideology that believes America is “systemically” racist, so in their bizarre worldview, everything associated with America must be attacked. That would be Republicans, conservatives, whites, the free market system, the constitution, Christianity, the rule of law, the traditional family unit, and virtually any idea, institution, or tradition that has made America the greatest country on earth.  They are not normal people but tend to be humorless and pathologically obsessed with transforming America in ways that will affect our country forever.

Their hateful ideology is essentially Marxism repackaged as “progressivism.”  But the irony here is that these BLAFIWHIMPs owe their ideological training to Marxist professors, who are predominantly white males and who today are quite dominant at our colleges and law schools.  Of course, they refer to themselves as “progressives,” but when one researches them, it is difficult to find a crack of light between this ideology and cultural Marxism.   Indeed, many law schools today publicly denounce the constitution because it fundamentally conflicts with Marxism, which opposes basic human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and so forth.  

The dominance of Marxist professors at America’s colleges is why so many young people today hold far-left views, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of college students who attended the recent rallies in support of HAMAS and other self-avowed terrorist groups.  People were shocked at the support for Islamic terrorists in our institutes of higher education, but they shouldn’t be since the far left has supported radical Islam ever since the KGB financed Islamic terror movements in the 1960s. Indeed, some law schools today even encouraged students to work for terrorist organizations.

This is why ANTIFA and BLM are dominated by self-proclaimed Marxists educated at our universities.  This is why virtually every major media personality today holds views far to the left of the average American.  This is the ideology that drives the anti-family agenda, such as the transgender cult.  Ditto with the anti-police agenda.  But people just don’t absorb Marxist political theory by accident. They are being methodically indoctrinated by a cadre of committed Marxist ideologues at America’s colleges and law schools. 

But what most people don’t seem to realize is that Marxist professors are targeting blacks, in particular black females.  These professors have come to learn that black females can be converted into passionate advocates of the Marxist worldview and that, once indoctrinated, they are more motivated to achieve influential positions than are males.   Sure, there are many Marxist whites and black males, but for some reason, black females are the most obsessed with attacking American mores and traditions.  Which is why they are targeted by the Marxist academic community.   

Indeed, I have spent much of my life working on education policy and have many sources in the higher education community, and while none of them will go public for obvious reasons, they all tell me the same story: These black females are not only singled out but are often passed on without doing the normal required work.  Instead of mastering the class subject, activist professors brainwash them with Marxist ideology and prepare them to become combatants willing to war on American institutions and values.   

This explains why, when one reads articles or legal briefs by BLAFIWHIMPs, they are not based on sound legal reasoning.  Indeed, the legal briefs by BLAFIWHIMPs who have indicting Trump are so bereft of logic that one could conclude they were written by a high school kid.   But again, this is because it is NOT the goal of these professors to educate black females to be productive citizens.  Their purpose is to create warriors in the battle to destroy America.  Training these black females to use logic or write a coherent paragraph is secondary.  If the professor is able to transform them into cultural revolutionaries, then his job is done, and he passes them onto the next class. 

This is a version of affirmative action, but rather than helping black students, it demeans them.  They are being exploited by radical white ideologues who really have no interest in creating productive citizens.  It’s time for Americans to realize that college is fast becoming a place no longer committed to producing productive citizens but to creating cultural warriors in an effort to transform America into a socialist “paradise,” similar to impoverished Third World countries, which, of course, have little freedom and no basic human rights but are still admired by the left.  

The Marxist strategy to exploit blacks is not new. Indeed, the U.S. Communist Party has a long history of attempting to use blacks to foment revolution. Propaganda booklets published by the Communist Party targeting blacks were widespread in the 1920s – 1940s. Since we now know that the U.S. Communist Party secretly took subsidies from the USSR, these tracts show  that the Soviets desired to use American blacks to lead a communist revolution within the USA. 

One Communist Party booklet, titled American Negro Problems, opens with this pronouncement: “The Negro question in America must be treated in its relation to the liberation struggle of the proletariat against American imperialism.  The struggle against white oppression of the Negro masses is a part of the proletarian revolution in America against capitalism…what Marx said about the United States is still true:  ‘labor cannot emancipate itself in the white skin where in the black it is branded’….the next and most important task of the party in this respect is the selection and education of a cadre of Negro communist workers.” 

However, by the 1940s, it became clear to the Soviets that American blacks were not going to lead an armed revolution in order to create, as the Party called it, a “Soviet America.”  By the 1960s the Communist Party had shifted to trying to exploit the Civil Rights movement by targeting civil rights leaders such as W.E.B. Du Bois and Martin Luther King. They were successful with Du Bois, but not as successful with King.  Du Bois became an actual party member, but the party had hoped he would lead an entire generation of blacks into the Communist Party, according the L. B. Holmes, a black informant within the Communist Party who testified in hearings held by the California State Senate in 1969.   

In regards to King, staff members Stanley Levison and Hunter Pitts O’Dell were full Communist Party members, and Baynard Rustin, Lawrence Reddick, Cordy Vivian, and Randolph Blackwell were former party members but still urged King to push the communist narrative.  This is why President Kennedy ordered the FBI to wiretap King, as reflected in King’s FBI file.  King’s communist associates certainly had some impact on him, such as when he made a speech that parroted the communist Viet Cong propaganda line regarding the Vietnam war.  But it does not appear that this influence was lasting, and, unlike Du Bois, he certainly had the good sense to never join the party.

It was a brilliant strategy by the communists since Democrat-created segregation laws and other discriminatory practices, particularly in the south, made blacks ripe for recruitment, but to their credit, the vast majority of American blacks knew, deep down, that the communists did not have their best interests at heart and that a communist America meant the stripping away of ALL rights for people of all races and that at least, in America, there was a political and legal process by which they could achieve full equality, which they did by the late 1960’s. 

After a black-led revolution failed to materialize and the attempted exploitation of the civil rights movement did not go as planned, Marxist strategists then shifted to transforming our higher education institutions into indoctrination centers.  Indeed, they adopted a long-term strategy, knowing that if they could influence a few generations of college students, they would be able to transform America into their beloved socialist “paradise.”   While the USSR is obviously no more, the seeds planted by Karl Marx continued to grow within academia, and today almost every public college has departments dominated by Marxist professors. 

As a result, there are now hundreds of BLAFIWHIMPs serving in state legislatures, in Congress, and as judges and prosecutors throughout the country, doing great damage to our constitutional rights and freedoms.  Here are a few of the more prominent ones: 

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Supreme Court Justice.  Appointed to the Supreme Court by Biden specifically for being black and female, Jackson may be the most prominent BLAFIWHIMP, and like most BLAFIWHIMPs, she hails from a privileged and wealthy family who was educated at the Marxist-dominated Harvard Law School.  During her confirmation hearing, she refused to say what a woman is, despite this being a defined legal and biological term.  This signals her future intent to rule in favor of new “rights” for man-made sexual “minorities,” a concept utterly without constitutional basis.

Moreover, her dissent to the Supreme Court’s ruling that bans racist college admission practices is not only wildly inconsistent with constitutional principles but infantile in its reasoning and dominated by bizarre, illogical arguments. Clearly, Jackson was an affirmative action student who somehow missed the lecture on the meaning of equal opportunity before the law.  Prior to becoming a SCOTUS Justice, her legal opinions regarding race, illegal aliens, terrorism, the COVID lockdowns, etc. were right out of the Marxist playbook. 

During her SCOTUS confirmation hearings, when Senator Ted Cruz questioned her involvement with a private school in Georgetown that assigned outrageous Critical Race Theory books that, for example, demanded that babies confess to being racists, Jackson tried to ignore his question, but as a board member of this school, she was fully responsible for its lunatic curriculum.   Clearly, this unqualified Justice has spent much of her career promoting bizarre racial conspiracy theories—like babies are racists—and she will use this propaganda to undermine our constitutional rights.

Maxine Waters, Congresswoman [D-CA]. While Jackson may be the most powerful BLAFIWHIMP, Waters is the original BLAFIWHIMP. For decades, this hateful woman has screamed racist conspiracy theories to anyone who listens and calls everyone and everything “racist.”   She is also a cheerleader for Black Lives Matter, even urging them to continue rioting despite police being killed at its riots and thousands of minority jobs lost due to the destruction of inner city areas.   She insists that the crack epidemic was created by the CIA because she actually believes that it was a racist plot to force blacks to use drugs.  Ironically, however, the biggest racist of all is her for racializing events that have nothing to do with race and for admiring the Hitler-loving racist, Louis Farrakhan.    But she also loves communist dictators and has even apologized for opposing Fidel Castro, who has turned Cuba into an Orwellian police state. This delusional woman believes that God sent her to stop Trump and called for people to harass any Trump White House officials seen in public. 

But aside from her racist and Marxist agenda, she has been named by a government ethics group as one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Indeed, she owns a $4.5 million Los Angeles mansion and two other homes to boot – all on a $174,000 House of Representatives salary.  While she likes to claim that Trump lies about his taxes, her income is not sufficient to afford the mortgage on her Los Angeles mansion, let alone her other two homes. What is she hiding?  One financial reporter from Bloomberg analyzed her tax filings and was unable to figure out how she could afford her lifestyle.  And the Los Angeles Times notes that the Waters family has made at least a million off of government contracts.

Barbara Lee, Congresswoman [D-CA].  This graduate of U.C. Berkeley is one of the most radical congressional representatives to ever serve in Congress. Lee has been involved with communist leaders and causes for decades. For example, in 1982, Lee and the congressman she was then working for, Ron Dellums [D-CA], went on a “fact-finding” trip to communist-controlled Grenada.  At the time, U.S. intelligence had picked up intelligence that the Grenadians were inviting the Soviets to build an airstrip for Soviet bombers on Grenada, which is located in the nearby Caribbean.   

Captured documents reveal that Dellums and Lee were welcomed in Grenada as fellow communists, and they promptly worked together to prepare a false report for Congress that discounted the idea that a Soviet airstrip was being constructed.  The only reason this airstrip was never completed was because one year later, Reagan sent in the Marines to remove the communists from power while also rescuing stranded American medical students enrolled at a Grenadian medical school.  

If the GOP had any guts, they would have demanded that Lee be charged with treason, but to this day, she continues to unapologetically promote communist narratives. To realize how radical Lee is, when the U.S. Communist Party broke into two factions in 1991, Lee served on the board of the more radical faction, the Committees of Correspondence, which considered the Communist Party too mild. Based on her actions in Grenada alone, Lee is a security risk and should be stripped of all access to top-secret documents. 

Aside from Comrade Lee’s communist activities, this BLAFIWHIMP is bereft of any common sense or logic whatsoever and was clearly the puppet of radical white professors that dominate U.C. Berkeley.   She once stated that climate change causes women to become prostitutes and more recently claimed that if white people organized a protest, that was evidence they were “white supremacists.”   

Tanya Chutkan, District Judge, District of Columbia.  This graduate of U. of Pennsylvania Law School has been in the news of late for her outrageous decision to gag Donald Trump to prevent him from speaking out about her illegitimate indictment of Trump for “trying to overturn the 2020 election,” as if speaking out against election fraud is somehow criminal only when Republicans do it but not when Democrats question elections.   

It is also clear that this BLAFIWHIMP should have recused herself from the case due to being a partner of a law firm that represented Hunter Biden.  An Obama appointee, she played a role in promoting the Russian collusion hoax and in sentencing Jan. 6th participants to jail times far longer than even what Biden’s DOJ recommended.  Obviously, her objective is to put fear into Americans so that they will never again protest Democratic election fraud, which will undoubtedly occur in 2024.  Since Trump is the leading Republican candidate for the presidency, she is actively participating in an unprecedented conspiracy to prevent the American people from having a free and fair election.  

When another judge criticized her for the harsh Jan. 6 sentences by mentioning the 2020 BLM riots that led to at least 20 deaths and property damage at least 20 times higher than the Jan. 6 protest, she responded by saying, “To compare the actions of people protesting, mostly peaceful, for civil rights, to those of a violent mob seeking to overthrow the lawfully elected government is a false equivalency…”  In other words, protesting the theft of an election is not legitimate, but protests that result in the destruction of cities and the murder of police officers are just fine.  This ignorant statement is a classic BLAFIWHIMP narrative.  None of this should be surprising since she is the granddaughter of Jamaican communist revolutionary Frank Hill.  

Karen Bass, Los Angeles Mayor.  This BLAFIWHIMP follows the same pattern: racist, hateful, ignorant, and a supporter of communist dictators. Bass has turned Los Angeles into a living nightmare.  The productive are fleeing, and the non-productive—illegal aliens, drug addicts, homeless, etc.—are flocking to Bass’s “paradise.”   Incredibly, despite a history of being involved in a militant communist group, the Venceremos Brigade, and idolizing Cuba’s hardline communist dictator Fidel Castro, she was on Biden’s short list to be VP.  She also eulogized a U.S. Communist Party leader as her “mentor” in 2017.

A former member of Congress, Bass has also been supportive of racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who described Hitler as a “very great man,” blamed Jews for the Holocaust, and called white people “blue-eyed devils.”  If a white politician had similar associations with racists, every media outlet in the country would have attacked him, but BLAFIWHIMPs get passes from the press.  Bass also has a long history of denigrating the police, supporting BLM, and even suppressing an FBI report that exposed the killing of police officers by black extremists.  

Lori Wilson, California Assemblywoman.  This woman had to be added to the list for the danger she poses to society, if nothing else. Like most BLAFIWHIMPs, she detests parental rights and the traditional family unit, even though anthropological research and common sense testify that the survival of civilization depends on traditional gender roles and not upon fabricated “sexual identities.“  Nonetheless, Wilson introduced AB 957, which is written in such a way that children can be removed by Child Protective Services if the parents do not affirm whatever gender the child claims to be. 

So first, the left inundates our children with false, non-scientific propaganda in the form of social media, handouts, speakers, etc., about how they can change their gender.  Then the schools coerce them to use dangerous hormone blockers and other procedures, often without parental knowledge or consent. And now Wilson wants the law to force parents to approve whatever Frankenstein experiments our school “leaders” have brainwashed our children into accepting.

There is a reason why transsexuals have a suicide rate that is higher than all other segments of society; it’s because this is NOT normal behavior.  This dangerous experimentation on children is reminiscent of the Nazi experiments on children in the camps, and in a normal country, sick people like Wilson would be arrested for facilitating child endangerment.   Even far-left Governor Gavin Newson vetoed the bill in September, but the question must still be asked. How did a lunatic like Wilson get elected?

Fanni Willis, District Attorney, Fulton County.  This BLAFIWHIMP is completely out of control.  She is prosecuting Trump for challenging the 2020 election, but this is NOT a crime and never has been.  The idea that we no longer have the right to challenge a fraudulent election is police state territory.  Willis is basing her indictment on a phone conversation Trump had with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger but the transcript of the conversation was altered.  Willis knows this but apparently doesn’t care. But this is par for the course, as her legal reasoning has been infantile throughout her filings.  How did she get through law school? Well, you know how.   Challenging elections is a right inherent in any democracy, and, indeed, the Democrats have spent considerable time challenging elections, as seen here. The logic of this case defies comprehension, and it’s clear Willis is abusing the law simply to prevent Trum from campaigning for the presidency.  The real election interferer is Willis, not Trump.   

Letitia James, New York Attorney General.  James is yet another pathological BLAFIWHIMP who has weaponized the law to try to prevent Americans from voting for Donald Trump. She claims that Trump committed fraud by overvaluing his Mar-a-Lago hotel. Apparently, she knows more about real estate appraisal than does Trump and the insurance companies and banks that financed his Mar-a-Lago deal.  But her legal brief makes little sense as it not only acknowledges that no party sustained a loss but also states that the valuation in question was Trump’s own estimate, not an independent appraisal, and that it was not used by the lender in consummating this deal.  In other words, James’s own legal brief undermines her allegation that Trump committed fraud.  This woman should never have been allowed to graduate from law school.       

Shiela Jackson Lee, Congresswoman [D-TX]. Lee is perhaps one of the most ignorant BLAFIWHIMPs and she should never have been allowed to graduate from the University of Virginia law school since she doesn’t even know the age of our constitution, the legal source for our rights.  She actually gave a speech claiming the Constitution was 400 years old.  In a 2021 speech on the floor, she “pronounced that the border was sovereign and secure.”  

She spends most of her time promoting race-based narratives and conspiracies, as when she publicly blamed the killing of a black girl on whites, when, in fact, even the media had already identified the killers as blacks, as most killers of blacks are, according to studies based on FBI stats.  In response to the rampant street crime in her Houston district, she said we should not “condemn the gangbangers,” because “they’ve got guns that are trafficked….because we don’t have sensible gun laws.”  This comports precisely with the Marxist view of criminality that insists  that criminals are not responsible for their actions because “society” made them do it. 

She is the leading advocate in Congress for forcing Americans to pay reparations to blacks, even though such a bill is clearly unconstitutional because it would penalize taxpayers who had nothing to do with slavery and reward others who were never slaves, but that doesn’t stop her from pushing such a racially divisive bill year after year.    

Kim Foxx, District Attorney, Cook County, Ill. One of the nuttiest Marxist district attorneys in the country, Foxx, was elected with the help of $2 million from George Soros and has the honor of presiding over the largest spike of homicides in Chicago in more than 30 years. A contributing factor, of course, was Foxx’s obsession with dropping charges against 30 percent of felony defendants in 2020.  She is also the same DA who dropped all charges against Jussie Smollet for his hate crime hoax, something she undoubtedly would not have done if he were white. She applies race to everything, but the people who have suffered the most from her Marxist crime policies have been the thousands of black crime victims in Chicago. 

Ayanna Pressley, Congresswoman [D-MA]

A member of the notorious “Squad” of four anti-American congresswomen, Pressley is also a member of the Marxist “Justice Democrats” and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  Pressley spouts all the usual Marxist conspiracies about America, including the nutty assertion that a quarter of all Americans are in prison.    When the COVID virus devastated the country, her main concern was that it would increase “discrimination” against Chinese due to its creation in Wuhan, but she showed no concern over the impact this virus had on America due to China’s reckless laboratory safety protocols.  Indeed, the only class of Americans she was concerned about being affected by COVID were prisoners, so she advocated letting them all go free.

Like most BLAFIWHIMPS, she is associated with the racist and anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan and refuses to condemn ANTIFA for all the destruction they caused to American cities and the murder of at least 20 people.    

Honorable Mentions

There are many other BLAFIWHIMPs in Congress, such as Cori Bush [D-MO], Frederica Wilson [D-FL], Summer Lee [D-PA], and others, who completely ignore the real problems facing ordinary Americans: high taxes, anti-parent policies, inflation, stifling regulations, rising crime rates, the fentanyl epidemic, millions of illegal aliens overburdening our communities, and an election system no one can trust anymore. Instead, they focus on irrelevant and bogus issues surrounding race and gender.  

California Gov. Gavin Newson recently appointed a BLAFIWHIMP to fill the U.S. Senate seat left open by the late Dianne Feinstein, Laphonza Butler, who is not from California and doesn’t live there, but hey, who cares?  She’s a black lesbian female who hates America. Perfect. 

Aside from Kim Foxx profiled above, there are other BLAFWHIMP District Attorneys funded by white billionaire socialist George Soros.  Since 2016, Soros has pumped $35 million into DA races to elect radical anti-American ideologues all over the country, many of them BLAFIWHIMPs such as Pamela Price (Alameda County, CA), Diana Becton (Contra Costa County, CA), Shalena Cook Jones (Chatham County, GA), Stephanie Morales (Portsmouth County, VA), Kim Gardner (St. Louis, MO), and Monique Worrell (Orange & Osceola Counties, FL). 

There is no doubt these BLAFIWHIMP DAs have transformed their communities into living hells.  As prodigies of white Marxist law school professors, they have declared war on the police,
“reformed” bail, released dangerous criminals early, and refused to charge entire categories of crime, like shoplifting.  The result has been predictable, with skyrocketing homicides, out-of-control “smash and grab” retail robberies, and daily shootings.

These cities have been so destroyed by BLAFIWHIMPs that they should be avoided by all Americans, and the moment a BLAFIWHIMP is elected as a DA, a wise businessperson should sell their business and move out of town.  Ironically, the main victims of BLAFIWHIMPs are blacks.  They are the ones most likely to be shot by the thugs; they refuse to charge or release them early from jail, and they are the ones most likely to lose their jobs due to businesses fleeing these cities. 

If African-Americans really want to save their cities, then they will need to organize and expose these pretenders as ideologues trained by white Marxist professors and often funded by white Marxists who could care less about normal working-class blacks and who pose a threat to the freedoms and liberties of all Americans, regardless of race. 

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