Medals of Honor, Badges of Shame

Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last World War II Medal of Honor recipient, will lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol later this month.  He died at the age of 98.  The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military award for bravery, awarded by the President in the name of Congress.  Williams went out alone to try to take out machine-gun positions on Iwo Jima so tanks could open a lane for U.S. infantry troops to advance. 

He deserves our thanks for defending freedom.  Other people in the news recently deserve our condemnation for undermining it.  Shame on them.

The National Archives put a ‘harmful language alert’ on the cornerstone of freedom, the U.S. Constitution, warning readers the document supposedly contains biased or offensive language.  The National Archives’ outrage is selective because no such warnings appear on a document containing the N-word or a document using the K-word to refer to Jews.  But the Constitution?  Beyond the pale, apparently. 

The Democrat Party in Pima County, Arizona posted “F*ck the 4th” on social media sites, referring to Independence Day.  I don’t care what led them to it.  They are ingrates taking this magnificent country for granted, and that’s the issue as I see it in this situation. 

The City of Orlando insulted the country in the course of inviting people to the City’s 4th of July fireworks display.  “A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them…. When there is so much division, hate, and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?”  The City apologized later, but a Democrat state lawmaker said it shouldn’t have.  A Democrat – it figures.  One time, my Tea Party was marching in a parade handing out pocket Constitutions.  I’ll never forget – one lady held up her hands to refuse:  “Oh no, I’m a Democrat.  We don’t NEED the Constitution.”

Another Democrat, a congressman from Rhode Island, said, ““Spare me the [blanket-blank] Constitutional rights,” in reference to the gun debate.  Congressman Cicilline, in case you don’t know it, the Second Amendment exists to [David%20Cicilline]protect us from wannabe tyrants like you. 

A Major League Baseball manager in San Francisco said he would boycott the National Anthem at games until he ‘feels better’ about the direction of the country.  Feels better?  Gabe Kapler, thank your lucky stars you have a country to play baseball in. 

With adults like these, is it any wonder more than 30 percent of school kids don’t know the 50 stars on the American flag represent the 50 states?   Honestly, how long do you expect the country to last if we keep going like this? 

But there are some bright spots amidst the decay. 

In honor of Independence Day, a group of pro-America businesses donated a portion of their revenue to ‘Folds of Honor’ which provides scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members.

Another military-related charity, Wreaths Across America, donated land for a patriotic park in Maine that will have the world’s tallest flagpole plus remembrances of all 24 million veterans who have served our country since the Revolutionary War.  That would include the forgotten black patriots who fought alongside the colonists in that War of Independence. 

Scott Walker, the former Governor of Wisconsin, wrote an op-ed praising a high school student who petitioned her school to restore the Pledge of Allegiance.  Good idea, I hope it catches on. 

Florida is putting money behind its initiative to teach civics in school so students know what is required to maintain our Republic.  The money will go for implementing the project and teacher bonuses. 

Before you leave the 4th of July 2022 entirely behind, I encourage you to watch my Tea Party’s short Independence Day video on mooring ourselves in public and private virtue, preserving the proper balance of our Constitutional order, and emphasizing what brings us together in national unity and purpose,  I also encourage you to remember the sacrifice “Woody” Williams and so many others made on Iwo Jima and other battlefields to defend our freedom.  Those who scoff at our flag and the notion of patriotism dishonor their memory and sow chaos.

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