Most Americans Reject ‘Climate’ Scam, Stunning Poll Reveals

Despite never-ending propaganda from the fake media and indoctrination in government schools, a new poll shows most American adults reject the man-made global-warming hypothesis peddled by the United Nations and Joe Biden to justify restrictions on freedom.

Just 38 percent of the adults surveyed would be okay with paying $1 per month on their energy bill to fight alleged man-made global warming, the AP-NORC poll revealed.

The stunning poll results, which probably overestimate the number of people who believe the climate alarmism, come as the U.S. government continues to unleash massive regulatory assaults on the American middle class.

Meanwhile, in the latest UN climate, governments including the Biden administration pledged to squander trillions of dollars and restructure the global economy to fight “climate change.”

Thankfully, Americans are no longer buying it!

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