Nationwide Bus Tour Collecting Stories from People Injured by Vaccines and Covid Shots

A 42-foot-long bus is driving across the United States gathering stories from everyday Americans about vaccine-related injuries and deaths. The non-profit organization behind the tour, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is providing a platform through the “Vax-Unvax” bus tour for Americans to contribute to a project they dub “The People’s Study.”

A representative for CHD told The New American, “Our mission is to give the people a voice so we can learn directly from them what happened when they were vaccinated or allowed their children to be vaccinated, and what happened when they didn’t. This includes all vaccinations — those on the recommended childhood schedule and those not there yet, like COVID shots.”

When asked if there was a common thread in the accounts collected, the CHD representative answered, “After four months on the road, we have discovered a disturbing trend involving people who didn’t take the COVID shot being, in the words of their loved ones, ‘killed by hospital COVID protocols.’ We’ve heard that same story at nearly every stop we’ve made.”

“We also hear from many parents who vaccinated their children following the CDC schedule with devastating results,” the spokesman continued. “In these situations, the second child is often put on a slower, spread-out schedule, but those outcomes can be just as troubling as going full throttle with the shots. Families that go on to have more children who they do not allow to be vaccinated at all or to take vitamin K at birth tell us that the results are amazing and that their unvaccinated children are strong and in excellent health.”

“Another common theme among the parents we talk to involves HPV vaccines like Gardasil, which have taken a horrible toll on so many children. Many of these young people have suffered tremendous injuries and even death,” Children’s Health Defense revealed to The New American.

The CDC currently recommends infants go on an immunization schedule consisting of 41 doses of 10 different vaccines — flu shot not included — from birth to 18 months old:

The result of parents following this advice, says CHD, can be catastrophic: “And then there are the countless stories regarding deaths of infants and toddlers from the shots on the CDC’s recommended list given routinely at ‘well-baby’ visits. These parents would give anything to have kept their babies at home rather than to have blindly trusted what government health agencies continue to claim are ‘safe and effective’ when in actuality, for many children, they are neither.”

The stories being collected by CHD run against the mainstream narrative pushed by Big Pharma and government regulatory agencies. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asked when he founded CHD in 2018, “Why are our federal agencies not asking the essential question, ‘What is debilitating America’s children?’ We need to know that answer, and we need to stop these exposures to our children today.”

While the public is slowly waking up to the reality of the medical establishment’s corrupt merger with government regulatory agencies, the Children’s Health Defense “Vax-Unvax” bus is hoping to drive home the message.

Originally published at The New American.

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