New Book Ties Chinese Spy Agencies to Biden Family Deals

Last week, I told you about a new book – Red-Handed – documenting how communist China has corrupted American elites.  The Chinese call their methods “elite capture”.  The book author, Peter Schweizer, is giving interviews now, showing you just how ugly elite capture can be.

Schweizer says the Biden family has received $31 million from dealings involving people high-up in China’s spy agencies.  A Chinese businessman in one of the deals had a business partner who was Vice Minister of State Security overseeing operations for targeting foreigners in North America.  Another businessman had ties to a former minister of state security involved in overseas intelligence work.  Hunter Biden was ‘anchor investor’ in another deal with a Chinese nuclear power company that was charged by our Justice Department with stealing nuclear secrets. 

The book builds on Schweizer’s revelations in a 2020 documentary called Riding the Dragon, which you can find on YouTube.  Then there are the allegations Joe Biden used family members to help him sell his office as Vice President – allegations about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart business deals in China and Ukraine, with big payments reserved for ‘the Big Guy’, Joe Biden.  The FBI found enough in some of these allegations to start an investigation.   We never heard any more about that, did we.  Funny how these things work. 

The Biden family’s China connections still turn up regularly in news stories. 

Hunter Biden was to be paid $10 million a year for at least 3 years to help expand a Chinese energy consortium’s business around the world.  Hunter simply had to do what he does in all these deals – make introductions to important people.  He received a 3-carat diamond as a gift to seal the deal.    Hunter also tried to help the same company buy liquid natural gas assets in Louisiana, but that deal didn’t go through.

Hunter Biden tried to assist a Chinese state oil company buy an oil field in Africa despite having been warned the company was connected to countries under U.S. sanctions. 

Late last year, Hunter helped a Chinese company buy a cobalt mine in DR Congo.  Cobalt is important in the production of electric car batteries. 

Some time ago, Senator Chuck Grassley issued a report on Hunter Biden’s dealings with individuals tied to the Chinese Communist Party.  Late last year, he provided more documentation and challenged Democrat Senate committee chairs to investigate the Biden family.

If all this was simple corruption like Hillary Clinton selling her office while she was Secretary of State, that would be one thing.  But what we have here is elite capture by a country that seeks world domination and considers itself at war with us.  For the family of the U.S. Vice President and now President to lay itself open to Chinese communists and spy agencies flirts with treason.  As Schweizer wrote in his book, “The hazard of a Chinese businessman with close ties to the top ranks of Beijing’s spy agency conducting financial transactions with the son of the U.S. vice president cannot be overstated. How this did not set off national security or ethics alarm bells in Washington is a wonder in itself.”

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