Open Letter to US Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Defending RINOs

Dear Representative Crenshaw,

            I recently reviewed your speech at the Texas Liberty Alliance event, and to say I found it appalling and disgusting is a gross understatement. Clearly, by the manner in which you have attempted to frame this situation, you now see yourself as one of those “enlightened” insiders from the GOP “Establishment,” who has grown righteously indignant that the lowly peasantry (that’s the rest of us) would dare question your wisdom. In that, you reflect the RINO mindset that has always held real conservatism in contempt.

            The list of affronts to decency and real conservatism exhibited in your commentary is long, but I will attempt to address a few key defining points here.

            Your mention of Adam Kinzinger was noteworthy, albeit on account of its total lack of sincerity or relevance. So you claim Kinzinger voted “100% with President Trump” early on. Does that somehow give him a pass to vote 100% in league with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats ever since? Even Benedict Arnold was deemed a Revolutionary “War Hero” at the start of the conflict. But that certainly did nothing to mitigate his treason, once he no longer considered it expedient to remain a “Patriot.”

            As to Kinzinger’s “conservative” voting record, an actual tabulation shows it to be significantly below that of Wyoming RINO Liz Cheney. Do you also laud her as the “genuine article” among conservatives?

            Even if you had selectively chosen issues on which Kinzinger’s votes may initially look good, the overall actions of the Republican “Business as Usual” crowd reveal just how duplicitous and ultimately self-serving such a voting record can be. The Republican caucus held innumerable, nearly unanimous votes, ostensibly to “repeal” Obamacare, while Obama was in the White House. Of course they all knew such measures would go nowhere, but the theater looked good in fund raising letters. However, the moment Obama was gone, and such votes held any potential to actually reverse the harm done by his foray into the nightmare of socialized medicine, the GOP suddenly found every excuse in the world to back-pedal and obfuscate.

            Your whole “performance artists vs. legislators” diatribe reeks of the Beltway Swamp, or more precisely these days, the sewer! When politicians start throwing around such terms, it quickly becomes evident that the real goal is to have the politician’s name attached to something… anything, so he can grandstand as a “doer” back home. We’ve seen the worst of legislation being passed, with “Republican” collaboration, when the alternative is to be accused of “obstruction” and “partisanship.”

            Another thing we ignorant hayseeds out here in Flyover country know: Democrats never engage in “bipartisanship” on any terms but their own. So “bipartisanship” equals complicity with Democrats in their consistently anti-Constitutional lurch towards despotic control and suppression of liberty. Their socialist end-game cannot be achieved in any other manner.

            We may not have all of your keen insights, but we do understand basic realities, such as the fact that a Democrat medical “database” like the one you and eighty other “legislator” Republicans helped enact will not have the ultimate effect of protecting the privacy and autonomy of Americans. Democrats don’t work that way. It is really no more complicated than that.

            And, since you like mocking and disparaging “We the People” across this land for our gullibility and paranoia, here’s another one for you. The 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. We all watched in total horror as it happened, and no amount of denigration or dismissal by Beltway insiders will erase what we saw. Any effort to trivialize that atrocity against the Constitution ultimately reflects complicity in it.

            In my book, “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” I explain that RINOs fall into several categories. Some lack a moral rudder to guide them in a basic determination of right and wrong, according to the Constitution and the founding principles of our Nation. Others are actually liberal Democrats at heart, who know that claiming to be “Republican” has a greater appeal to the voting base back home. In either case, they constitute the single biggest obstacle to halting the leftist onslaught and advancing a conservative agenda. And those who seek to defend RINOs ultimately prove themselves to be RINOs as well.

            Does this sound a little too “Us versus Them” to suit the tastes of the ruling class within the D.C. Swamp? Well we Americans, who are forced to live under, and suffer the consequences of the laws dubiously enacted there, have come to realize that we are in fact in a battle for the future of America, and the leftist Democrats are not on our side. But for too long, “Republicans” have gotten away with presenting one face towards their ignorant constituents, while embracing a “business as usual” mindset on Captiol Hill that always redounds to the benefit of the Democrats. The single greatest achievement of President Trump, towering over any of his other accomplishments, was to remove that mask of deceit from the GOP. And it is for that reason above all others that the RINOs hate him every bit as much as do the leftist Democrats.

            In this time, it is a “given” that genuine Patriots in Washington will not accomplish anything other than to possibly generate enough public outcry to forestall the latest “nail” being enthusiastically hammered into the coffin lid of America by the left. “Reaching across the aisle” to work with Democrats for the “common good” is a myth. And a party that attempts to embrace both high and low standards, as does the current day GOP “Establishment,” is a party that ultimately only upholds the low standards. Real America is done with that!

            So, in your world, the willingness of the Freedom Caucus to face leftist castigation and marginalization, by standing firm on principle, renders them “grifters”? Actually, it is the people who go into public office claiming to be one thing, but doing another for personal gain, who are the real grifters. They are comfortable in a GOP that always promises to eventually lower spending, fight for individual rights and uphold the institutions and ideology that made America great, but somehow never find an occasion to actually do so.

            On that basis, it is you who have proven to be the quintessential “performance artist.” The evidence of your double-minded nature has been mounting, and it is now obvious that you have become a creature of the GOP “Establishment.” Perhaps you always were.


                                    Christopher G. Adamo, Conservative American

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