Opinion: January 6th Became an Excuse to Silence Dissent

1/9/21– January 6th, 2021 was supposed to be a day that showed unity among numerous groups of people. There was the MAGA crowd, people who wanted to end lockdowns, Constitutionalists, veterans, and even elected officials who showed up to “storm the Capital”. It looked like one of the largest pressure strategies ever put on a sitting government in modern America. Then, things devolved.

While a vast majority of the people in the enormous crowed were peacefully singing, reciting the Pledge, and showing unity, a small minority chose the optics of being violent and making elected-officials cower under their desks. It did not instill faith in Speaker Pelosi’s Capital Police force.

Immediately following the first objection to the electors sent from Arizona, there were reports of “shooting” in the chamber. Those accounts are still hard to find evidence of, but a young veteran with the protestors was shot by Capital police. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, and she was a combat veteran in the Air Force. While she was trying to break a window inside the Capital, she was not armed, nor a threat. Another man was pushed off the roof of the Capital building while scaling it to the top.

In all, DC police have been reporting that four individuals died in what mainstream media is calling a “siege” or “insurrection”. While details on all four victims are not readily available, it left a lot of questions unanswered, and it showed us a lot about how the federal government operates.

It does not seem that any of the grievances that American citizens had were addresses at all. In fact, this may be a pretext to never have to address them, ever. Mass mail-in voting is always a dubious way to conduct an election, and it should not ever become the norm in the US however, this issue of auditing our election process was immediately buried.

Lockdowns are no longer being spoken about in a serious way when it comes to the virus. Politicians only speak of curfews as a way to curtail violence in VA or DC. Those will remain in effect until the 20th.

There were no reports of “superspreader” crowds in the immediate news coverage, and this will add more fuel to those who believe that their government is using the virus to amass more power for a managed decline. They also believe that the new “emergency” will give the government sweeping power to medicate them at-will, keep them away from friends and family, and encourage neighbors snitching on each other. That debate has been squashed for now, and anyone pointing that out is considered “extreme”.

Another fear for many people is that America is changing. They can read the reports coming from Venezuela where they used the lockdowns to shift everything into a communist “digital economy”. They do not want this to become America, but this will not make headlines this week.

There are plenty more grievances to address for working class middle-America. While there was violence, and there was plenty of property destruction at the Capital, there are still major questions that need to be answered. Unfortunately, there is now the pre-text to never have to answer any of those questions. The people framing them are being lumped in as “extremists”. This should not be concerning to Republicans, conservatives, or any partisan. It should be concerning to people in general.

Sadly, the concerns of Americans may never be met with answers because of the “insurrection” narrative. We saw the state, American politicians on the Hill, come together after Ashli Babbitt was shot to scrap their plans and certify the election and call for people to just silently return to “business as usual”, which may not be a business at all anymore.

Now, without addressing anyone’s concerns, the politicians, establishment media, and activists are moving to silence anyone they disagree with. The pace is unprecedented, but it was all part of the plan. It is not new.

President Donald Trump was always a referendum on the political ruling class in America. Whether you believe he is the real deal or not does not matter. Other politicians know what he stood for in the minds of his voters. 2016 and 2020 saw engagement from people who are not normally political because they felt something was wrong in America. No matter what the issue is, large numbers of Americans believe that the political ruling-class are corrupt, inept, and do not serve their interests. This applies to both Republics and Democrats.

Until faith can be restored in the system, and people can have their questions answered in a meaningful way, this new political movement is just starting. The character assignation of Donald Trump will not be enough. There will be a backlash for the actions of the few that will include all citizens that voice opposition to status-quo government policies. This is not going to be a partisan issues, and it is why my hope for 2021 is that we remain optimistic, non-violent, and unified in principles. Unfortunately, many people are terrified to speak right now. They are waiting on the full wrath of the Federal government which will come in some form. However, we must keep questioning our elected officials, organize, and get meaningful answers to those questions. We cannot be violent. We must be persistent, and we cannot be ignorant of what is going on.

Life, liberty, and truth should be the only focus.

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