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The UN announces “A New World Order. Behind Closed Doors”. They have established The League of “Democracies” to subvert the United States. Agents of chaos, like BLM and ANTIFA, try to expedite the collapse of America so that the oligarchs can bring in “order of out chaos”. Help us rally the troops by spreading the show, and join us every Tuesday night at 9:30PM LIVE by following the links below. We upload the episode to PodBean with your support everyday after our episode.

9/2/2020- This week on “Unraveling the Narrative with Alex Newman and Sean Jackson”, we break down:

-The UN openly announcing “a New World Order behind closed doors”

-Who is next after Donald Trump?

-What news sources you might find helpful.

-BLM casting actual spells to children and talking to “demons” caught on tape.

-How many people did the Weather Underground plan on killing if they were not willing to go along with communism?

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