By Diane L. Gruber, 3/30/23

The Biden Administration is one step closer to outlawing cash and mandating Americas use only digital currency which our DC overlords will completely control.

Three months ahead of their scheduled launch date of July 1, 2023, the Federal Reserve is launching the “FedNow Service” on a limited basis.  This will be the infrastructure for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), thus putting America one step closer to totalitarianism.

Testing the FedNow system begins the first week of April.  At this point, it is voluntary.  Several banks & credit unions have chosen to be test subjects and will offer to their customers the chance to be in the vanguard of destroying our Bill of Rights.  First Republic Bank, Tri Counties Bank, Silicon Valley Bank,  Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bank and First Foundation Bank will be the banks testing the program, while CUs participating are Excite Credit Union, Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union and Star One Credit Union, according to a government report.^

Biden’s handlers have said CBDC will be awash with woke requirements such as equity* and climate change, and will be driven by the needs of the Ruling Elite (AKA “stakeholders”) who can and will continuously change the rules to suit themselves. 


“We couldn’t be more excited about the forthcoming FedNow launch, which will enable every participating financial institution, the smallest to the largest and from all corners of the country, to offer a modern instant payment solution,” said Ken Montgomery, first vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and FedNow program executive. “With the launch drawing near, we urge financial institutions and their industry partners to move full steam ahead with preparations to join the FedNow Service.” 

From the bank account holder’s point of view, FedNow is very similar to what happens now when you use your debit card to buy groceries or gas.  Within minutes the withdrawal shows up in your bank account; however, depending upon which system the merchant’s bank uses, it takes a day or two for the funds to arrive in the merchant’s bank account.

With FedNow, the transfer of funds to the merchant will be instantaneous.  Banks and businesses will get their money faster, BUT the average American will see little or no benefit from FedNow.


Before turning cash into binary codes floating in cyberspace, the totalitarians need to change the definition of “money.”  This needs to be done, state by state, by amending the Uniform Commerce Code.  This process started this year in at least 20 states across the nation.^ 

When cash is outlawed, not only will Americans lose almost all of our privacy, the Federal Government will, via a HUGE central bank, be in complete control of how/when/where you spend YOUR hard-earned money.  Indeed, the very words “money” and “dollar” will become terms that the next generation won’t fully comprehend. 

FedNow Service will go nationwide when it is connected to all our banks and has sucked up all OUR money. Americans have the power to stop or greatly slow down this Marxist takeover of our economy if we act NOW.  SEE BELOW^ 


“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

Below is an article, written in 2016, that is on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website. I have not edited it. Word for word this tells you what the Globalists have in mind for YOU. It was written by Ida Auken, a member of Denmark’s Parliament…

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^If you have an account with the banks that are testing FedNow, move your money!  If you can’t move your accounts to another bank or credit union, do NOT sign up for FedNow.

STOP using your debit card for purchases!  Stop NOW!  Get into the habit, like I did a year ago, of regularly going to an ATM or your bank branch and withdrawing cash.  If someone gives you cash DO NOT DEPOSIT IT INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. If you receive a check take it to your bank and convert it into cash instead of depositing it.  And stop using your credit card!  Use cash for as many of your purchases as you can. 

Get all your money out of Big Banks.  Do ALL your banking with small, local banks and credit unions.  It will be harder for our overlords to develop a nationwide, centralized system if significant numbers of Americans keep their money in local, INDEPENDENT banks.

Find out if your legislature is trying to change the definition of money.  If they are, contact you legislators IMMEDIATELY. 

*”Equity” is whatever the Ruling Elite says it is.  People will be treated differently than others under the FedNow system depending upon whether they are members of a favored group.  Right now “equity” is based upon skin color.  But that could change “on a dime.”  Pun intended! Some will be given higher allowances than others.  Some will be allowed to live in comfort while others will be forced to live in slumsNo doubt illegal aliens will be treated better than Americans so long as Democrats are programming FedNow. 

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