The Pilgrim’s Progress: An AWESOME Movie for All Ages

We almost never go to the movies anymore, mostly because the filth Hollyweird puts out is nauseating and revolting. But The Pilgrim’s Progress by Revelation Media, which just hit theaters this weekend for a brief opening, was incredible.

Whether you have children or not, you absolutely must go see it.

The movie is based on John Bunyan’s classic 1678 allegory, The Pilgrim’s Progress. He wrote it while in prison for Christ’s sake. Said to be the second most influential book in history, it tells the story of a man on the road to Heaven who flees the city of Destruction after recognizing Jesus as his King. Along the way, he gets caught up in legality, desperation, and more. But eventually, with God’s help, he reaches his goal. It is beautiful. And it is so simple, even children can understand it.

Inspiring Christians

“More than any other story, The Pilgrim’s Progress has been used to inspire and challenge Christians to set their eyes on God,” Executive Producer Steve Cleary explained. “It has been translated into 200 languages and is known around the world. In 340 years it has never been out of print.”

The story is priceless, and it would be hard to mess that up. It has been inspiring Christians around the world for centuries. But now, you can watch it, too. And the production quality, graphics, dialogue, imagery, animation, and more are extremely well done.

Highly Recommended ?????

All in all, I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Take a friend! Or ten!

Learn more on the movie’s official site:

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