Politics of Coronavirus & Conspiracy

Like so many in our nation, I’m sick because of this stay-in-place order meant to protect us. For over six weeks all news has been focused around COVID-19 and nothing else. Yes, it is reported to be a deadly virus, but this is not the first deadly virus we’ve had in our nation.  

Not wanting to be labeled a conspiracy theorist, I looked up the word conspire. According to Merriam-Webster conspire is defined as: to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement.  

Let’s look at what is being reported in the news. Do we the people really believe everything they hear and read from individuals who still have a job and are not struggling financially? Let’s ponder the following. 

The virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. This laboratory specializes in experiments and tests conducted to determine the impact of viruses on humans. Depending on the focus of the experiments, results will be determined as either negative or positive. Was this novel coronavirus a positive outcome meant to test humans in how they would react to a bioterrorist incident? 

It’s reported the Chinese economy is sluggish and experiencing a downturn in part due to tariffs and trade negotiations with the United States. Talk of bringing manufacturing back to our country doesn’t build confidence in markets either. As with most leaders of most countries, there is concern with ensuring their economy is vibrant, thriving and growing. Could it be that China wants to remove President Trump because they deem him a threat to their world domination plans? 

Even in our country people are publically stating they want to remove our President. I believe the Russian, FISA Court, Ukrainian investigations and impeachment proceedings are evidence of this. In addition, in 2018 a celebrity stated he welcomes a recession in order to get rid of President Trump. This is not only sad, it is sick. The impact of a recession on the hard working people of our nation, who keep our economy vibrant, would be much more devastating than removing one man from an elected office. 

I admit I’m a skeptic of science. Over my lifetime science has told me butter is bad, eggs are bad, too much red meat is bad and so much more. Later, they turn around and state these are not bad for you and in moderation they provide nutritional value for our health and wellbeing. So forgive me if I don’t buy-in to what the scientists and so-called experts are stating in our current situation. 

To no surprise, too many of our elected officials are playing politics with our lives and taxpayer money. They are over controlling, over estimating, over regulating and instilling fear rather than providing reasonable and common sense solutions. The media ramp up the noise and perpetuate the confusion by continuing to fear monger. Here’s a unique concept – let them report facts and be accurate with quotes. Though I don’t buy-in to everything the news is reporting or what the scientists are saying, I do believe there is some truth in what they are sharing. New information is provided daily and we are in an ever-changing environment. We are standing on shifting sand. 

Looking at the information provided and understanding the definition of conspire I would emphatically state I do believe in conspiracies. There are too many players involved, known and unknown, that have too much to lose. It may be political power and control or millions in personal wealth, but there are too many connections to be ignored. 

We the people need to wake up, participate in elections, because elections do have consequences. Shutting down our economy over a virus is historic in many ways. We will be reaping unintended consequences for many months and years to come due to actions taken, which were meant to protect us. 

8 thoughts on “Politics of Coronavirus & Conspiracy”

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    Roxanne Gettle

    Spot on!! KAREN. We know there are intelligent Americans out there, we just wonder where are the ones with both intelligence and common sense? Keep up the intelligent comments and articles!

    1. Thank you and appreciate the feedback. I remember Larry stating “common sense isn’t common” and that has never been more true.

  2. Coronavirus is a fraud it not real. If this were real they wouldn’t have to lie about the numbers, and it would be a tremendous coincidence with things like Event 201 and all the plan they have had in place for years to implement global vaccination.

    Thanks for the article. People need to wake up!

    This is the dystopia we’re are headed for: Alien Thoughts From A Plandemic Journal https://therulingclassobserver.com/2020/05/03/the-alien-thoughts-from-a-plandemic-journal/

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