Pro-Hamas Protests on Campuses Linked to Cuban Regime

Key leaders of the pro-Hamas riots on college campuses across America are connected to the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving Cuba, an investigation by ADN America revealed. It is part of a broader strategy identified by key U.S. national security officials in which jihadists and communists work together — often hiding behind brainwashed students and useful idiots — to destroy liberty, America, and the West. 

The explosive news comes shortly after billionaire extremist George Soros and the Rockefeller oil dynasty — among the most powerful political interests in America — were exposed providing enormous amounts of funding to the groups behind the college uprisings. The pro-Hamas groups have been paying leaders and training them for “revolution,” training documents show.

A major organization at the tip of the spear of these increasingly violent protests, known as The People’s Forum (TPF), is closely linked to the Cuban regime. The organization is funded by a pro-Chinese Communist Party billionaire Neville Roy Singham and other subversives. And ironically, since its minions claim to be opposing a “genocide” of Arabs, it specializes in denying the actual genocide being perpetrated against Muslim Uyghurs in China.   

TPF, described by the Hispanic-focused news organization ADN America as a “cornerstone” of the anti-Israel protests, organized a demonstration on Times Square the day after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Jews. The protest included celebrations of the barbarism, anti-Semitic slogans, and more, according to news reports.

One year ago, the Cuban regime’s propaganda organs reported that hundreds of TPF activists had visited Cuba and even met with dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel. Pictures of the gathering showed flags of “Palestine.” Numerous other radical groups involved in the protests have also traveled to meet with the regime, which has been backing “pro-Palestine” terrorist movements for over 50 years.   

Co-executive director of TPF Manolo De Los Santos, a radical leftwing leader of the riots at Columbia, has extensive ties to the terrorist regime in Havana, too. Just one year ago, the Dominican-born De Los Santos posted a picture of himself on Twitter standing next to brutal Cuban dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel, heir to the throne of Fidel Castro, while condemning America and praising Cuba’s ruthless one-party state.  

“Leaving Cuba after 10 days learning with its people & President Miguel Diaz-Canel,” De Los Santos said on Twitter. “Young people in the U.S. have great tasks ahead of them. We have a responsibility to defeat, once & for all, this genocidal blockade for the survival of the Cuban people & the future of humanity!”

Communists often blame the horrific poverty plaguing Cuba on the U.S. embargo. But in reality, just like everywhere central planning reigns, the poverty is caused by communism, not the United States. The Cuban regime trades freely with countless other nations and is working with associates across Latin America such as Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to spread totalitarian governance.

Over the weekend, De Los Santos urged the anti-Israel student protestors to “give Joe Biden a hot summer,” reported AND America. He criticized Columbia’s “Zionist” administration for wanting to “resemble its masters in Israel,” the news organ reported. And he praised the rioters for “deciding that resistance is more important than negotiations.” Echoing Black Lives Matter and other Marxist outfits, De Los Santos also called on the demonstrators to “make business as usual in this country unsustainable.”

Another anti-Israel group involved in the riots on college campuses even sent a video from Columbia University to be played at a “Palestine solidarity” rally in Havana. Saluting the “comrades” and thanking them, the student vowed that “unity will bring us victory.” Representatives of the designated terror organization known as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also participated.  

This would not be the first time that the brutal regime enslaving Cuba, which according to U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Earl T. Smith was installed in power by the U.S. State Department, has funded leftist extremism and even terrorism in the United States. In fact, the terrorist Weather Underground, founded by key Obama ally Bill Ayers, was working closely with Cuban intelligence. They also had unimaginably evil plans for America.

After infiltrating the leadership of the Weather Underground, FBI operative Larry Grathwohl revealed that the group was planning a revolution in the United States and that numerous hostile foreign regimes were expected to help occupy the nation. The group was also planning to intern tens of millions of Americans in “re-education” camps, with the expectation that some 25 million would have to be executed, Grathwohl said.  

The mass-murdering dictatorship in Cuba is also a close ally of the South African regime, which consists of an alliance of the South African Communist Party and the SACP-controlled African National Congress. That regime has been leading the charge against Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court.

The alliance between radical Islamists and Communists is not new, either. Former Romanian KGB chief Ion Pacepa, who defected to the United States, exposed how the Soviet bloc sent thousands of agents to the Middle East to radicalize Muslims in the early 1970s. “As KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions,” Pacepa said.   

The vast majority of the tax-funded useful idiots protesting and rioting on college campuses have no idea what they are involved in. However, those behind the scenes — from Soros and the Rockefellers to the Cuban regime and the CCP — understand very well what they are doing. It is time for Congress and state law-enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of this. And it is time for lawmakers to seriously consider whether taxpayers ought to be funding this whole dumpster fire masquerading as “education.” 

Originally published at FreedomProject Media.

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