Putin Is Impressed by the American Gestapo

CNN reports that the Biden administration is preparing to impose additional sanctions on Russia over the poisoning of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Who will impose sanctions on the Biden Administration for letting the killer of Ashli Babbitt go free?

In Russia, poison is the preferred method of assassination. In America, an unarmed Trump supporter by the name of Ashli Babbitt can be shot and killed inside the Capitol, and the assassin’s identity is covered-up and he goes free. Which is worse?

Navalny is alive; Babbitt is dead.

The Capitol Police let Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol on January 6 and then one of its members killed her, as other members of the Capitol Police were in close proximity to her. In most cases, however, assassination is not the preferred option, Instead, the FBI has been deployed to harass and arrest Trump supporters who take seriously the right to petition government for redress of grievances.

A publication called the Progressive Review is ecstatic, carrying an article under the headline, “Biden unveils plan to step up fight against domestic terrorism.” It proclaims that the plan “seeks $100 million to add key personnel in the departments of justice and homeland security,” in order to monitor dissidents, and also “calls for monitoring federal employees who could pose an inside threat.”

If you can’t defeat them through a legitimate election, the subject of the January 6 protests, the federal modus operandi seems to be to harass and crush them by developing a secretive intelligence operation that targets and uses lethal force against them.

All of this is an outgrowth of the events of January 6, when pro-Trump activists protested the installation of China Joe, whose administration has proven to be a series of disasters at home and abroad.  

The protesters are being defined as “white extremists” and “anti-government extremists.”

In a strange twist, one of them tuned out to be a pro-family activist who wasn’t even at the January 6 event. That activist, Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, told the FBI agents to pound sand. He had booked a ticket to D.C. for the protest but didn’t go. He told the FBI agents he wouldn’t answer any more questions without a lawyer.  

Schaper was a guest on my America’s Survival TV show and described the strange encounter. It is still not known how the FBI became aware he had a plane ticket to D.C., where he lived, and how they got into his apartment complex. But the incident suggests the FBI has mainstream conservative groups under surveillance.

Vladimir Putin must be impressed.

Imagine if Putin’s security forces had killed a dissident inside the Kremlin. One doubts that the former KGB would be that brazen.

For the record, MassResistance is not devoted to white extremism and anti-government activities. It is a pro-family group that tries to rescue kids from the “gay” and “trans” lifestyles. Their position against gay adoption was affirmed by the Supreme Court last Thursday in a 9-0 ruling, making their “extreme” views seem rather mainstream.

Nevertheless, FBI agents wanted Schaper to know they were monitoring him.

Perhaps this is because the FBI apparatus has been placed at the disposal of a key Democratic Party constituency group, the LGBTQ lobby, with “Q” meaning queer. But this is not limited to the FBI. The Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI) has drawn attention to employees who “fight for marriage equality” and intelligence agents “fighting the good fight from the inside.” The DNI calls them “Secret agents of change.”

None of this seems designed to identify and defeat America’s foreign enemies.

Instead, the enemies, such as Arthur Schaper, are within.

This is how socialist and communist governments monitor their political enemies.   

My website America’s Survival, Inc. features a story of a Swedish researcher and analyst, Bertil Haggman, who was monitored by his government because of his anti-communist views.

It seems strange for anti-communism to be considered extreme, but this is now the case in America today.  The founder of the modern gay rights movement, Harry Hay, was a communist.

Interestingly, Putin praised Biden for his summit performance, saying Biden “is a professional.” Rather than play opposites on the world stage, Biden and Putin should holds hands and embrace. They both utilize KGB tactics against their political enemies.

Perhaps Putin can learn a thing or two from Biden’s FBI.

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