Questions for Liberty with Sal the Agorist- How to Remove the State From Our Lives

In 2016, Americans started waking up to the idea that something was terribly wrong. The Fed was not an American institution, and it was impoverishing Americans worse every generation. Dr. E Michael Jones coined this as “wage slavery” for the last several years, and it rings true. The entirety of government was intruding into every part of the Constitution, and “elected officials” became better at serving multi-national interests than protecting the Liberties of Americans. The response, for better or worse, was to throw a wrench into the Washington machine by electing Donald Trump. While millions of Americans live in fear of losing Donald Trump as President today, Sal the Agorist provides a different path to Liberty than voting every 2-4 years. He gives us an exclusive insight into what readers have been asking about for four years. How can we secure liberty for ourselves, children, and future generations? Please join the fastest growing Liberty Movement by sharing this before it gets silenced from YouTube, and bookmark our page. Sal Mayweather can be found at to learn more about his work. 

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