Real Freedom and Justice Versus Leftist Democrat “Variants”

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”– The Declaration of Independence

            First, America allowed the leftist counterculture to abominably attack and deny our reliance on our Creator, and on Divine Providence in the public arena, under the wholly concocted premise that “separation of Church and State” was somehow superior to the straightforward wording of our Nation’s founding documents. Next, they began hammering nails into the coffin of life, and liberty, as the demise of those great ideals became imminent at their hands. Yet now people are shocked that leftists would stoop so low as to attack the pursuit of happiness. Our inherent rights are indeed God given, and still exist as such. But that won’t stop leftist Democrats from cruelly trampling them, the moment they think they can get away with it.

            The appalling place where America currently finds itself is a direct consequence of having been passive and compliant as this subversive onslaught ensued, long before the supposed “pandemic.” Naive presumptions of “common ground” with such vile people, coupled with fears of being labeled as “conspiracy kooks” by their propaganda machines, cowed and coerced far too many Americans into acquiescence over the years, even as the malignancy advanced through Stages Two and Three. Now we find ourselves at Stage Four.

            The events since the winter of 2020 exceed any imaginable apocalyptic story line. The destruction of worthy American institutions, from schools, to iconic monuments of history and achievement, to the American pastime of professional sports, has been rapid and exponentiating, as each new outrage fails to reap appropriate consequences. Yet far too many on the right still cling to the vain hope that leftist ideology, the real disease that is destroying innocent lives in America, will somehow cure and heal itself. History clearly shows that it will not.

            As spring approaches, many leftist jurisdictions across the Nation are suddenly lifting their onerous and ultimately illegal mask and vax mandates, loudly and shamelessly touting their supposed beneficence for doing so. Yet this ruse is as transparent and self-serving as every other lie and abuse of power that they commit. With off-year election polling data running very badly for the left, despite their historically skewed polling techniques, the possibility looms that voters may hand them a thrashing in November that they cannot survive, even with all of their rampant cheating and vote fraud.

            So they are once again reverting to a time tested ploy of pretending, during this election cycle, to be “moderate” and benign. This scam worked well in the past, both for leftist Democrats and their RINO enablers, who tirelessly labor behind the scenes to ensure the leftist agenda succeeds, yet they suddenly and miraculously morph into the “Second Coming of Ronald Reagan” at election time. For decades, Americans have unthinkingly gone to the polls with little awareness of the ugly political realities at stake, and on that basis, the “Deep State” has endured and enlarged.

            The despicable abuses of power by the Trudeau regime in Canada are but a harbinger of things to come in America, if the situation isn’t turned around by a resolute populace north of the border. A much more accurate picture of the future of humanity would be the horrors befalling innocent Christians in Afghanistan, who refuse to submit to the brutality of the islamist Taliban. This is no “apples and oranges” comparison. In both cases, the real issue is total submission to the ideology of the unfettered monsters who hold power.

            Masks and vaxes are not the real matter at hand, and it is inescapably obvious by now that neither are really about promoting public “health and safety.” Rather, they are merely the current vehicle by which unaccountable power is being wielded, with the populace then defined and divided into camps as being either compliant or not. The hypocrisy of those issuing the edicts is, at this point, well documented. In a sense much more like the “religious” precepts of the Taliban, the real intent is to have the ability to issue orders, and have them instantly and unquestioningly obeyed.

            Consider that, in Canada, truckers who are heroically protesting the virtue mask and vax mandates are having their vehicles confiscated, their financial assets frozen, their children threatened, and are being arrested. All of this is deemed “justified” because they seek to preserve their country and their livelihoods against the iron-fisted oppression they’ve had to suffer. Meanwhile, in a flagrantly racist move by Canada’s hard-left government, $10 million is being doled out to “help 200 black families in the Greater Toronto Area purchase their first home.” The public official in charge of this leftist/socialist abomination is Ahmed Hussen, the “Minister of Housing, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

            What many people fail to grasp is that the current outrages against the truckers on the streets of Ottawa are merely an outgrowth of the atrocities allowed, and even supported by voters, as they tacitly gave their approval to all of the other malignancies of leftist ideology as it overtook their homeland. Canadians should have loudly shouted down the abhorrent ideological onslaught of Hussen and the ideological nightmare of an office of “Housing, Diversity, and Inclusion,” when such insane race pandering was first proposed. Had they done so, they would have shut down the evil regime of Justin Trudeau well before he acquired a position to wield the power of high government in such a heinous and abusive manner.

            It may or may not be too late for Canada. That all depends on the resolve of the truckers, and the willingness of Canadian citizens to reclaim the country that is being violently wrested from them. But just south of them, Americans had better recognize that our Nation is lurching dangerously in the same direction, and will not reverse course if the same detestable forces are left in place who brought us to this juncture.

            The theft of the 2020 election was a watershed moment for America, in which leftists presumed to steal a National election and seize the reins of power by fraud and force. The tacit submission of the American people to this treasonous coup thus far, gives leftists confidence that they can continue unfazed with their agenda. We will either learn the bitter lesson as we see it played out just beyond our northern neighbor, or we will repeat it here.

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