Rescue OUR Children NOW

Rescue our Children NOW
We have an identity and abuse crisis for children in America right now.

There is always room to debate political ideologies, but children across America are suffering right now, and they cannot wait for the next election. They need immediate action, or the damage could be irreparable. Children are being left behind educationally, spiritually, and socially, and it will remain that way until the adults take back their God-given rights with real leadership.

Reports of child abuse are way down this year. In some states like Massachusetts and New York, there has been a 50+ percent drop in reported cases during the CCP Virus lockdown. In other states, the NYT reports a double digit drop in reported child abuse cases. Those cases did not go away. The statistics usually hold steady unfortunately, or they hold a slight statistical decline, so being cut in half is a scream for help.

We have forced our children to be confined to their homes where they cannot report abuse by closing down schools and limiting their contact with the outside world. That point is obvious. The cases that are not being reported are solely child abuse, but there is a much larger psychological toll on our children that is not being tallied by physicians because it is impossible to see.

Our children are suffering mentally on numerous fronts. They are being used as political pawns by a broken system that prioritizes funding over the well-being of our future leaders. Despite having a near-zero contraction, contagion, and fatality rate, politicians have placed them in a new world. They must wear a hazardous mask with no training. We do not know the consequences of that long-term yet, but we will. The supply of their food chains has been limited at times forcing them to understand hunger. Cartoons and public broadcasting repetitively remind them that “they need to do their part” or people will get hurt with campaigns like “#INThisTogether” which gets played on a loop for free even if you do not own cable.

These same children, stuck at home, fearful, and possible victims of abuse, are also watching their parents struggle worse than they ever have before. The unemployment rate that has skyrocketed to 15% at times, which does not include people who gave up on work, and that has impacted their parent’s ability to provide for them. Mom or dad, sometimes both, have lost their jobs, hope, and will to continue living. The children are being forced to watch this modern emotional train wreck, normalize this behavior, and they will be forced to adapt to these circumstances, unfortunately.

Among adults, there has been a vigorous debate about reopening schools in the fall to “stop some of the emotional bleeding” caused by all of this immediate trauma we have exposed our children to. It may allow someone’s mom or dad to go back to work. It may allow faith-based organizations to begin placing children with loving homes again, or even praying together. It may also re-instill faith in parents, teachers, communities, and faith leaders again, but many people oppose it for exactly that reason.

If you want to control the future, control the children. Collapse their psyche then rebuild it in a new less free image. Every brutal dictator in history knows that. Entire thought schools like the Prussian Education System were built on this notion. Some knowledge is forbidden, and the education of your child should only go far enough so that the children can adeptly work the factories or fight in the wars. They should never be allowed to lead or make positive change in society as adults that would affect the status of our oligarch class.

Never forget about these children. They will control the future of America as you know it. You may not know their names, but many of them will go hungry tonight. Some of them have lost moms, dads, and grandparents they could never speak to or go to their funeral. We have normalized them bowing down to a government mandate that has severely overreached its Constitutional authority. We have propagandized them through Cable News without explaining statistics correctly. We have allowed them to be tracked, traced, and experimented on by large data tracking firms; however, we have not kept them safe, fed, loved, or provided them hope and a clear vision of the future in America.

If you are not active in politics, schools, or your community, now would be the time to start. Our future depends on it. We can fight the other battles after our children learn from our example as adults.

God Bless the children, and God Bless America.

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