Rising Beast System Wants Every Man, Woman And Child To Be A Ward Of The State, Completely Dependent On Them For Food, Water, Energy, Security, Shelter

According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there.

Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. Make money.

If I were Bill Gates and I was already heavily invested in farmland, artificial eggs and lab-grown meat, here’s what I would do. I would remove this newly purchased land from the realm of productive, food-producing acreage. By doing so, that reduces the amount of land devoted to producing meat, dairy products and eggs, which ends up feeding millions with a healthy source of protein, into unproductive land just sitting there and, in Gates’s eyes, saving the planet while starving the human population.

If you look at the map showing where Gates is purchasing the most land, it’s mostly in states known for cattle-raising, pork and other livestock, as well as dairy and egg production.

But wait. It’s not Bill Gates the eugenicist and de-populationist he wants you to see hiding behind the curtain but rather Bill Gates the savior. After people grow sufficiently priced out of the market for healthy farm-raised beef, chicken and eggs because there’s not enough of it being produced, Bill Gates rides to the rescue with the solution (classic Hegelian dialectic).

Here, taste my lab-grown beef and chicken and my plant-based fake eggs. I’m sure you will like it. Just give it a try. It’s good for you.

This is the same Bill Gates who invested billions into vaccines, and assured us that Covid vaccines would be especially good for us, only to sell his Covid vaccine stocks at huge profits, and now he admits they don’t work (see video below).

As the globalists tear down our existing food infrastructure, whether it be by converting productive farmland to unproductive, or drastically culling the chicken and turkey flocks under the guise of “bird flu,” they must endeavor to erect a new infrastructure based on CRISPR gene editing and man-made fake food grown in their laboratories.

Globalist corporations have already converted all of the commercial corn and wheat crops from natural seed-grown crops to unhealthy man-made GMO crops, now they are concentrating on converting the animal populations from natural to man-altered, genetically manipulated versions.

Why? Because they can. And technocrats always think they can improve upon what God created, whether it be the plants in the field, the animals in the barn or the humans who report to work as staff for their corporate creations.

But it’s not only scientific experimentation that drives them. It’s also money and greed.

In the process of destroying what God created on the earth and declared “good,” the profits of producing food shift from generational farmers working the land to technocrats staffing factory farms with their cultured cells and manipulated DNA.

It’s no coincidence that egg farms are burning down, millions of birds have been slaughtered for allegedly coming in contact with a bird flu, and that eggs are now in short supply, causing prices at the grocery store to skyrocket.

When they diagnose a single bird on a chicken farm with bird flu, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its equivalent in Canada and Europe typically order the slaughter of every bird on that farm. Tens of millions of birds have been eliminated in this fashion over the past year.

And guess what they use to determine if a bird has avian influenza? You got it, the infamous PCR test, which was never designed to diagnose any form of sickness in any living thing. The test’s inventor, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mulliss clearly explained before his untimely death in 2019, a few months before Covid became a thing, that his test could not determine if someone was sick.

One of the hallmarks of the globalist technocrats is they love to manufacture problems for which they can then turn around and offer solutions. And their solutions always involve more profits and control shifting to fewer and fewer people, while the rest of us are left with less wealth, less independence and far fewer freedoms and choices.

I have often said that the goal of the globalists is to make us sick, scared, confused and broke. Because when we’re in that condition, we are dependent on their systems for our survival.

Travis Maddox of the Prepared Homestead nails it in this video below.

What’s the one thing all of the globalist policies and narratives have in common?

Whether it’s replacing gas stoves with electric ones, gas cars with electric vehicles, getting rid of wood stoves, punishing citizens for growing gardens or capturing rain water, replacing cash with central-bank digital tokens, replacing analog meters with smart meters, encouraging more public transportation, mandating mRNA gene-altering vaccines, lock-downs, fake meat, fake eggs, etc., the end result is always more control for their small group of elites and less freedom for we the people.

Once Gates and a few others blaze the trail, we can expect Wall Street to throw money at lab-grown meat factories and insect farms, several of which are coming online in 2023. These billionaire fraudsters are banking on the fact that as real meat becomes un-affordable for the masses they will soon swallow their pride and start to swallow the elites’ fake food. Canada and the E.U. already have approved insect larvae to be included as a legal ingredient in packaged food.

If they can replace meat with lab-grown varieties and insects, why can’t they do the same with eggs, dairy products and other things. Just drive up the cost of real food by encouraging government programs that punish farmers, then replace the real with the fake. That way they get to poison and/or malnourish the peasants while they get rich off the proceeds since they will own all the fake-food manufacturing plants. And don’t think for a minute they’ll be eating this fake crap they’re trying to force onto our tables.


Which brings me to a disturbing public survey. It found nearly 40 percent of Christians said they would eat the globalists’ lab-grown meat if it looked and tasted like the real thing and is cheaper.

The survey was conducted by Ready To Harvest – an educational outreach ministry that remains neutral in their Christian beliefs, but provides research data on what each denomination, sect, group, believes and teaches.

Christians of all types and from a wide array of denominations participated in the study.

The question was simple: “If lab-grown meat becomes indistinguishable from regular meat in taste and texture and the cost is less expensive, would you consider switching to it?”

More than 17,000 people participated within the first 24 hours.

40% said “No, I would not eat it.”

39% answered “Yes, I would eat it.”

18% said they are “not sure” and the remaining 4% did not give an answer.

What should we make of this? It just proves to me that there’s a segment of the population out there, including many Christians, who will buy into whatever the propaganda narrative of the day presents to them. We learned this from COVID, when large swaths of people obey whatever new mandate was thrown at them even when they were nonsensical or conflicting.

This is confirmation that we must stick together as the called-out remnant of the Body of Christ, who get our walking papers from the one above and not the Luciferians seeking to restructure the world in the image of their father, Satan. He is the “father of lies,” who comes to kill, steal, deceive and destroy. His minions are now well into the “kill phase” of the Great Reset. If we wish to retain our souls, our free wills, or even our basic humanity, we must find ways to dislodge our lives from their beast system, becoming more self-sustaining by building our own alternative systems — food, medicine, security, etc. — that honor God and the free will he placed into every human being.

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