SABO: The Man Hollywood Fears

Street art legend SABO strikes terror in the hearts of pedophiles and elites.

“The right, conservatives, libertarians all have a good message, but they don’t do a good job of getting that message out.” That’s where street artist, and political legend, Sabo comes in. His viral art, all over the country, has been making politicians, charlatans, pedophiles, and Hollywood elites scared to travel around their own city without their darkest secret being exposed on a billboard or park bench. We were lucky enough to grab an exclusive, “tell all”, interview with him this week on a number of topics. His inspirational story encourages EVERYONE to participate in the political process. He wants to make politics cool again because, if it’s not, we are in for some hard times where all we will get are non-thinking zombies that vote for whoever has a D before their name with their wicked, destructive policies.

ON PROPAGANDA Sabo, a USMC veteran, has seen his fair share of combat. He named himself after the Sabot tank round that is short, but very powerful, and it suits him well. Although he admits he fell for the same government narrative as the rest of us, he is still no supporter of Radical Islam. He is anti-war in the Middle East now, but he loves his country, and he has no problem ridding the world of anyone who wants “death to America.” He was surrounded in 9/11 propaganda posters, but he acknowledges that for every drone strike on a wedding, we are just creating an exponentially larger network of terrorists, so he chooses to mock the ideology instead of advocating all-out war. In fact, this drove him into the spotlight more, but much meaner and immune to criticism. For 8 years under Obama, he watched his “rebellious” art friends, and the anti-war activists stay silent while Barack Obama dropped 60,000 bombs on 7 countries. No one in the media reported on it. Only the independent media that has been blackballed, banned, and slandered would report on it, and no “influencer” DARED to speak out about this. In fact, the mainstream propagandists supported Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The Council on Foreign Relations even had to admit that during his last year in office, Obama dropped 26,172 bombs. That would make George W. Bush jealous; but anyone who was not supportive of Obama’s jihad during this period in Hollywood, or nationally, was considered a racist. That was the “narrative” to shield Barack from criticism, and it was a democratic strategy that worked well. Sabo responded furiously by pumping out billboard after billboard of Obama supporters with a drone behind them on every building he could. He was happy to take the heat for telling the truth. “Our country and way of life was at stake,” he said.

ON TRANS KIDS AND EUGENICS There is no “label” that fits Sabo, but he is very much an “old school” libertarian in the sense that he doesn’t care what you do in your private bedroom. He just does not want it normalized because it is not normal. Evolutionists and eugenicists who don’t believe in God even agree that strong genes have the need to multiply into the future. He understands the social component of the trans community and normalizing it with children. Leading research center John Hopkins will admit as much. He has been labeled a bigot by the leaders of the LGBT community, whoever that is, but he has nothing against anyone’s sexual relations. Strait or gay adults can live unhealthy lives by being promiscuous. “Just don’t target the kids” is all he asks. It is a very simple message that we agree with here at The Liberty Sentinel, and we have ways to keep your children out of the hands of the government social engineering with the FreedomProject Academy. Sabo DESPISES social engineering. He has gone after Al Sharpton, BLM, and Jussie Smollett for their constant race pimping, and the destruction they have done to the black community through their lies, misinformation, and poor representation. The media holds them up as heroes, but he viciously exposes them with art. He has numerous pieces on that lament the 20 million American black children killed since Roe v Wade. That clock is ticking up to 60 million total children as this is printed. We spoke in depth about music, multimedia, and entertainment being a targeted weapon to destroy the black community. He wants you to think about this daily by getting involved, spreading thought provoking ideas, and actually researching some of these topics. After that, he emphasized the importance of using that knowledge to be creative and help others.

ON COMMUNISM Communism has been a large muse for Sabo’s art. He despises it, along with sellouts like The Red Hot Chili Peppers who supported Bernie Sanders for president. He has done numerous “street hits” to wake people up to the dangers of gulags and breadlines. For those Bernie supporters who think “democratic socialism” is a different ideology than communism, Vladimir Lenin, reasoned that “the goal of socialism is communism”. Also, reference the actual definition of democracy, and be thankful you do not live in one. He cannot stand those who climbed the ladder of capitalism and now want to kick it out from under the rest of us who wake up every day and work hard. We talked about Howard Stern, who used to promote gay midgets and open sex for attention, now advocating for speech rules and censorship. Something obviously isn’t right, and Sabo is just trying to get people to think about it with his provocative pieces. He has gone viral numerous times with help from the independent media and Hollywood reporters trying to box him in, but the brainwashing of Americans is something he is very passionate about. He wants you to “see how the sausage is made,” and it is terrifying. He studied the route Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel took to work, put up an advertisement for the Estrogen Hour to expose him for the lying propagandist he is that takes political orders from Chuck Schumer on record. Some people would have had no idea otherwise. The emasculation of males, the break up of the family, and the lack of work ethic that is promoted are obvious, but he believes you have to snap people out of their trance and show the hidden hand that is guiding the Hollywood sellouts.

HOLLYWOOD We have ALL known there is a huge sexual abuse problem in Hollywood for a while. Yet, people still support them. Before it was cool, Sabo was putting up art on Jeffery Epstein to remind people daily, a CIA/Mossad honeytrap was abusing small children and still walking the Hollywood celebrity scene. Now that Epstein is dead, people are willing to throw him under the bus, but Sabo made sure this story came back every year. The same thing is happening with Meryl Streep. She is on record praising Roman Polanski, a child rapist who fled the country to avoid prosecution, while calling Harvey Weinstein her god before the hashtags and metoo’s of the world. Weinstein just got 28 years for rape and sexual misconduct, so now it is OK for people to speak out about him, but everyone knew, and few did anything. Sabo may have lost invites to cocktail parties, but he did his country the ultimate service. If you are in Hollywood, sexually abuse children or women for fame, you should be worried. Almost everything he does goes viral because no other artist dares to do it in this upside-down world. You will have your dirty deeds posted on a bus route or billboard on your way to work.

Sabo’s street art strikes terror in the hearts of perverts and sickos everywhere.
POLITICS “Does SABO still support Trump?” is a question we asked after early on calling him a demagogue praying on American anger. The short answer is yes, for now. We all know there is a hidden hand in Washington. Alex Newman, of The New American and The Liberty Sentinel, makes it his life mission to expose this. Sabo knows the president does not have the power people believe he does, and he enjoys his ability to call out evil on a large scale. For this reason alone, he will remain a supporter in 2020. That will not stop him from telling the truth, but if he becomes critical, it will be based in reality and not democratic talking-points. We went into depth about Joe Biden, and why half the country would support a man who cannot go five seconds without a gaffe, touches children on tape, and says he wants to have kids rub his hairy legs. He believes that the propaganda in society is so strong on one side, people are just led to support anything. It has been with us since birth, and we will explore that in future articles. We have tried to stay off the topic of Joe Biden for a while because, well, it is too easy. He wants you to vote on the wrong day, a federal crime. He thinks his wife is his daughter. He isn’t quite sure about whether or not he went to jail with Nelson Mandela. He forgets which reporter he is talking to on FOX. He may not even know we exist, but he is very easily compromised and controlled, and Sabo knows exactly what the oligarchs look for in a candidate to promote. The more compromised you are, the better. You can be sure, considering his lengthy career, there is enough dirt to bury Joe verbally or criminally. No one dares to do it, but Sabo happily will remind you that Creepy Joe touches kids with “The Diddler, a poster you can get that shows Joe putting on gloves and a Riddler costumer from Batman. He cements these all around political events.
Biden as “The Diddler”
UNITY Everyone misses the days that there were issues we could all get behind. Sabo is no different. He is watching the conservative, libertarian, or truth-oriented, influencers eat each other at a time when there needs to be unity. We specifically talked about 2 influencers who are banned; Owen Benjamin and Nick Fuentes. He lamented that it is not a normal part of discourse to use ethnic or sexual slurs in public to prove your manhood. It turns people off to the good things you have to say. Those people need your message more than the ones who are already converted. We need cooperation and honest discussions about our differences. Sabo believes that if this is not done, we will never have a true community of influencers that can change the mind of the mindless voter. There is a large, funded, well-organized propaganda machine that tells people what to think. If you cannot appeal to them because of ethnic slurs for money, you are only preaching to the converted, and we will always have a fractioned society. This is very true. The noteworthy thing about this interview is how balanced and polite it was. The art is provocative, and it keeps the horrors of elites on your mind, but he is not afraid to speak the truth, or to stretch it, just to provoke thought. In times like these, we need more people with a message that are willing to stick by their community and bury their differences. We also need people who are willing to step up and provide ammunition to those who are fighting these evils. Also, we cannot forget our own soul, humor, God, and family during these turbulent times. If there was one central message during the full two hours we spent with Sabo, it would be unity and laughter. We are all flawed, but we should all think politics is cool, learn as much as we can, and get involved. No sport is ever won by the players on the sidelines. They can support the team, but they do not know what they can accomplish until they try. Sabo made his failures more clear than the things he considered successes. He learned something new every step of the way, and he was willing to support anyone who helps create a better world for his country.

THE HISTORY OF PROPAGANDA COMING SOON… Edward Bernays, “the father of modern marketing and PR,” wrote that “propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” In fact, this social control pioneer, who is the reason women and kids smoke, we eat bacon for breakfast, and fluoride is dumped in municipal water via early corporations like ALCOA was quoted as saying “we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” This is where the “Right Kind of Rebel” like Sabo comes in. “The left” has held a monopoly on all levers of influence for far too long. They dominate television news, comedy, Hollywood, social sciences, and even art. He is the sole major artist finding new ways to use his talents to make people wake up from their trance. Even leftist influencer and linguist Noam Chomsky believes that democracy runs on propaganda, but there should be a balance so that both sides can be heard. That is why we need more Sabos in this world — to act as counter balance. Chomsky does not acknowledge we live in a Republic, but we cannot fault him for his ignorance. *Subscribe to keep independent thinkers and media alive. Stay Vigilant. You CAN be the change you want to see in the world. If you want a part two, please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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