Saying “NO” To COVID Tyranny: The ONLY Way to Stop It

In watching the viral interviews with microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and former Pfizer science chief Dr. Mike Yeadon, both touch on the key subject of ‘what do we do?’ 

In seemingly all corners of our lives (and it grows every day) we have been conditioned to “do” and “follow” and “comply” with what the experts and officials tell us. 

I’ve been letting our church pastor, who is so solid and has one of the very few churches that never closed its doors last year and served communion (via common cup), some concerns we have. 

Because it’s all those teeny seemingly inconsequential terms and acts that are actually the intentional beginnings of larger atrocities. 

In the general prayers, he prays for our “rulers” in elected office. In America, we do not have rulers.  But, most don’t bat an eye when things like this are said (every Sunday). 

Most don’t bat an eye when some “official” acts to mandate something.  Most even look to the government for direction and to fix problems. This is wholly un-American. But, it is the incremental result of decades and decades of conditioning.

I have been saying, especially since day one of the “shut down” last March, that the amount of liberty and freedom that exists is 100% dependent on individuals. 

If individuals do not act from an innate position of liberty and freedom, it doesn’t exist.

All the people “demanding” that officials end their mandates are not acting from a position of individual liberty and freedom; but rather, only from a position of permissions. 

Governments do not provide individual liberty and freedom. Societies in which individual liberty and freedom exist only do so as a reflection of what individuals innately are and how individuals act. 

The amount of individual liberty and freedom that a government is compelled to safeguard is only the lowest level at which individuals demand or will put up with. 

The U.S. Constitution protects the inalienable rights of the individual.  And, those protections were not designed to exist outside of “emergencies,” but rather specifically for “emergencies.” They are most important for the times and situations during and at which we are being told they should be “balanced” or set aside.

So, “what do we do?” 

As touched on by both interviewees, it is up to us – as individuals – to prevent and turn back the infringement of inalienable individual liberty and freedom. 

If it is to happen, it will only happen via the individual. Individuals are the only forces that can stop totalitarian corporations and governments.

Patronizing any places that are mandating any masks or injections on their employees or customers has to stop. Churches … airlines … hotels … schools … universities … hospitals … doctor offices … entertainment venues of all manner … stores of every nature … . 

And, ridding ourselves of technology that is being used to control us instead of being controlled by the individual: credit cards, phone apps, tech-based “education,” street and highway surveillance, doctor office systems, etc.

We must expose and continue to shed light on those corporations and governments that are engaging in totalitarianism against human beings.

One such place in our local area is a company called Cerner Corporation. 

A while back an article ran, “KC’s Cerner helping in creation of vaccine passport.”  

The article begins with, “The number of individual data points Cerner tracks on each patient is dizzying: the company’s electronic health records contain blood pressure readings, test results, medication and hospitalization records for millions of people.  So, how hard could it be to develop software to track just one metric:  whether someone has been vaccinated for COVID-19?”

Let that sink in for a moment.

INDIVIDUAL data points on EACH patient … for MILLIONS of people.  The DIZZYING number of data points.  (The article only lists 4 categories.  But, does admit/confirm a DIZZYING amount.)

Also, note that it is “Cerner” that tracks all these data points.  For how many years has Cerner grown its INTERNATIONAL reach, marketing and securing enormous contracts with practically every medical system not only in the U.S. but many other countries? 

These systems are not “sold” to medical businesses for the businesses to house and use the data. CERNER houses – or at least has access – to all the data medical businesses amass on patients.  That’s INDIVIDUAL people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

So, how hard is it for Cerner to take JUST ONE of those data points? I say “is” because they already have the data. It’s not a matter of them having to find a way to get it, based on the opening sentence of this article.

What Cerner and other companies are “challenged” with accomplishing is creating a UNIVERSAL application/design that EVERY person in the WORLD will have to have.  A means to potentially track, restrict and punish EVERY person in the WORLD.

This isn’t about whether Cerner has bothered to consider whether this is a “good” or even “human” endeavor for mankind.

This is solely about Cerner wanting to ensure it has a share – and hopefully the LION’S share – of the profits from this GLOBAL REQUIREMENT.

Without even a moment’s pause or hesitation, the article’s author provides, “Once people have their shots, they’ll likely need some form of documentation. The Vaccine Credential Initiative is working on creating a digital tool that will allow people to show proof of vaccination before travelling or attending big events like concerts.”

–        When, in the history of the world, have people had to “carry” on them proof of their vaccination status for everyday life?

–        Prior to this last year, when has it been common to engage in casual conversations with even family as to their medical statuses?

–        Now, all manner of strangers will know – and be forced to know – every other person’s medical information?

–        Why is the “vaccine” for COVID different from how every other vaccine has had to be “disclosed?”

–        Is this really about a virus?

–        Or, is it really about transforming and CONTROLLING how people live – where/if they can shop, where/if they can move about, etc.?

This all calls to mind the history of IBM and Nazi Germany and IBM’s significant role in the Holocaust. 

In short, IBM provided all the infrastructure that allowed Germany to gather and parse untold amounts of data on Germany’s people, the country’s resources, its military, its transportation, people’s vocations, people’s lineage, etc. 

IBM provided ( or rather “sold” to Germany and other countries for very fine revenues) the machines, supplies (punch cards that IBM had a monopoly on), and trained people that facilitated Germany’s transformation of the country, whereby the government controlled and determined what happened with every business, church, and person. 

Without what IBM provided (and was profiting from), it can be very solidly argued that Nazi Germany would not have been the force that it was.  You see, the machinery and the punch cards (with all their individual columns of data categories and marks) were THE component that allowed the German Nazi’s to quickly and succinctly sort and find people. 

Plug in the desired data points and the reports were quickly produced to determine who was sent where … and who was to be terminated.  The “Jew” data point, as we all know, was a key one. 

Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust wholly lays all this out.

If IBM had not provided the Nazi’s the machines and punch cards and people to operate them, would the Holocaust have occurred? 

Would Nazi Germany have been able to “accomplish” what it did? 

Would America and Great Britain lost so many of its young men?

IBM profited both in status and financially from all sides of the war.  Not only did it profit from Nazi Germany, but as America was being dragged into the war, IBM used its standing and considerable influence of American industry to provide (and profit from) untold leadership and support of the US government. 

All the while IBM struggled and scratched to remain key to Nazi Germany, it was also significant in helping to mobilize America.  Even as the war was waning in Europe, IBM was again front and center, profiting from helping (via its machines) the Allies in its final conquest and liberation of Europe.

IBM was bigger than any country.  It was acting in its own interests of profit, growth, expansion, positioning, control, survivability, etc.  No matter who was on the receiving end of loss or death, IBM was ever positioning for the long haul.

Back to Cerner, how are Cerner and the other companies mentioned (Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Epic Systems Corp.) assisting the governments of the world in forcing all manner of genocidal constructs?

From the article,

“While the task is herculean, it’s a natural fit for Cerner, which built an empire on digitizing paper medical records.

The company’s software now allows patients and medical providers to quickly share data across healthcare systems and providers.

And it has even jumped into the wearable tech space by partnering with Amazon to power its Halo Band, which tracks sleep, physical activity and emotional well being.

Cerner is also playing a role with the vaccine roll-out itself.

The company has provided technology to help many of its hospital customers track the earliest stages of vaccine distribution.

Now, with vaccines becoming more available to the wider public, Cerner is hosting massive vaccine clinics at its North Kansas City headquarters.

[Flanigan, a senior vice president at Cerner] views it as a ‘tremendous global accomplishment’ to get a vaccine out within one year of the emergence of the virus.

To distribute vaccines at Cerner’s North Kansas City campus, the company has partnered with the Clay County Public Health Center, Liberty Hospital and North Kansas City Hospital as part of Operation Safe.”

Operation “Safe,” huh.

Totalitarian corporations and governments are engaging in human cruelty and evil on an unbelievable scale. But, it is the millions and millions of individuals all over the world that really wield the power. Only the sovereign individual can bring corporations and governments to their knees – where they should be.

Every single little instance and time that an individual does, follows, and complies as he is deigned to do, the sovereign individual ceases to exist.

Only with individuals acting in every instance, under every circumstance and time, from a position of sovereign individual liberty, can we have societies that do not infringe on inalienable individual rights.

Every single time an individual doesn’t say ‘no,’ totalitarianism and atrocities occur. 

It may be a huge inconvenience and cost right now for individuals to say ‘no,’ but what will be the cost to say ‘no’ tomorrow?

What will be the cost to our kids and grandkids?

Just say “NO!”

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  1. This article hits the nail on the head.

    I’m doing my part. I don’t wear a mask, won’t be injected, and being chipped, well, that is my hill worth dying on.

    So much more to say but thanks for the great article. I enjoyed the portion on IBM. It was very informative.

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