Setting Us Up For The Kill – The Second Largest PSYOP In The Past 120 Years

By Grace’s dad January 11, 2023

As reported in my December 25 paper, “What’s Next For the Hospital Killing Field?”, death panels were legally restored on November 23 by the HHS Secretary. That fact led me down a rabbit hole to discover how this could be. If you have not read the prior research, it is now on our website here.

Today’s paper is quite long, but length was necessary to capture all the facts leading to the conclusion I’ve presented in the title. As with any pursuit of truth, one thing leads to another and another. I wish I had not found this answer. Now that I have, the responsibility to share is the obvious next step.

As I put this research on paper, the Public Health Emergency (PHE) will be renewed today; that’s three years of consecutive 90-day renewals of a non-pandemic “emergency” created by propaganda. On January 10, the propaganda machine stated that Biden team wants the PHE to come to an end, but the current COVID threat has their hands tied (1). As discussed in my December 25 paper, the short-term “need” for a PHE today is only to continue bonus payments to hospitals to follow protocols that murder patients, while providing immunity from liability for being extensions of the government eugenics machine. That machine has given unlimited power to the HHS Secretary, and he legalized euthanasia on November 23. I suspect the next 90 days will be used to complete the details of transitioning to the next level of the depopulation agenda – the long-term “need.”

Did you know government propaganda is legal?

The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. Of course, we know the government never follows their own laws – look at the coverup of the government’s murder of JFK as the most egregious pre-plandemic example. This coverup was the third largest PSYOP in the past 120 years and coined the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to any truth being told about the president’s murder.

Before July 2, 2013, the government’s use of propaganda was illegal. On July 2, 2013, the Smith-Mundt Act was “modernized” via the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. This act legalized illegal acts under the guise of national defense. In short, Congress said we need lies versus truth as part of our national defense and empowered the government to spread those lies through the use of propaganda (2).

The COVID propaganda was war propaganda – Defense Production Act for ventilators and “we all have to do our part.” This media blitz preyed on our desire to do good and follow rules. Billions of dollars were spent on media to condition (control) us. The initial programming has now moved to other false dialectics and stories normalizing deaths – to provide short-term cover for deaths and disabilities resulting from the vaccine bio-weapon.

Exoteric narratives and counter narratives were put into play – mask/no mask; vax/no vax – to pit us against each other; divide and conquer. More creative dialectics were also deployed – classifying small businesses as essential/non-essential, while big businesses grew exponentially, to reward big business’s implementation of the agenda. The government causing the shutdowns then doled out grants to the

small businesses, in order to look like a savior to the 40% of small businesses that could never recover. Why? So, the esoteric agenda could proceed full steam, under the radar screen of nearly everyone.

If you think our government would not do that, hang on.

Health and Human Services Secretary was given unlimited power, legally!

In her article “Biomedical security state and state-run bio-terrorism programs: six American statutory frameworks,” Katherine Watt, a constitutional law researcher, explains how power was legislatively turned over to the HHS Secretary (3). Quoted from her research article:

The Public Health Emergency framework [1983 Public Health Services Act] added a new category of national emergency under which Constitutional and statutory protections for American lives, liberties and property, against government overreach and abuse, could apparently be suspended unilaterally by the President in consultation with Cabinet secretaries, without Congressional oversight [42 USC 247d-6d(b)(9)] or judicial review [42 USC 247d-6d(b)(7)], and without respect to Constitutional provisions reserving unenumerated powers to state and local governments and to the People themselves [42 USC 247d-6d(b)(8)].

Public health emergencies joined wars, natural disasters and other emergency circumstances apparently capable of subordinating or federalizing state, local and tribal government authorities, codified by the 1973 War Powers Resolution, 1976 National Emergencies Act, 1988 Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act, 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, 2001 PATRIOT Act, 2002 Homeland Security Act and related provisions.

Through the 1983 act and subsequent amendments, Congress appears to have authorized concentration of federal governing power in the hands of the Secretary of Health and Human Services during any “public health emergency” as determined and extended by the HHS Secretary at his or her sole discretion. [Emphasis mine.]

How did this happen? Our Congress chose to represent the dark side instead of the people. Do you think I’m joking? How many times is Fauci going to be grilled, under oath, or Senators facilitate hearings leading to nowhere? Words, without actions, equals what? They are accomplices – all of them. They have the power to stop this disaster, but they refuse.

Six of the enabling statutes, in chronological order of Congressional enactment:

· 1969 – Title 50, War and National Defense, Chapter 32, §1511 et seq. Chemical and Biological Warfare, enacted Nov. 19, 1969 (PL 91-121).

· 1983 – Title 42, Public Health Service, §247d et seq. Public health emergencies, established July 13, 1983 (PL 98-49).

· 1986 – Title 42 – Public Health Service, §300aa-1 et seq. National Vaccine Program and Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, established Nov. 14, 1986 (PL 99-660).

· 1997 – Title 21 – Federal Food and Drugs Act, §360bbb et seq, Expanded access to unapproved therapies and diagnostics, adopted Nov. 21, 1997 (PL 105-115).

· 2002 – Title 42 – Public Health Service, §300hh et seq, National All-Hazards Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies, adopted June 12, 2002 (PL 107-188).

· 2015 – Title 10 – Armed Forces, §4021 et seq., Research projects: transactions other than contracts and grants. Originally adopted July 29, 1958 (PL 85-568) for NASA, expanded for DOD use for “prototype” contracting on Nov. 25, 2015 (PL 114-92).

Katherine Watt discusses how the powers transferred via these laws were used against us with COVID:

The interlocking corruption of federal emergency management, public health and drug safety laws, for the purpose of mounting a covert biological attack by the US Government on the American people under the fraudulent characterization of biological weapons as “Covid-19 vaccines,” was deployed fully starting January 27, 2020, and continues to be fully operational at the present time, almost three years later.

These and related HHS Secretary declarations, Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional appropriations, suspended ordinary federal product procurement contracting laws and ordinary federal drug safety regulation and informed consent laws, apparently authorizing pharmaceutical corporations, the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with several other federal agencies, to develop, produce, fraudulently market, and distribute biological weapon prototypes to American doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical students and other medical personnel.

These actors were apparently authorized to injure and murder patients with legal impunity using procedures and products (including withholding of effective non-EUA products as treatments; restraints, starvation, dehydration, isolation, sedatives, Remdesivir/Veklury, ventilators), to drive public panic and acceptance of the lethal injections colloquially known as “Covid-19 vaccines.”

Regulators have abandoned all attempts to regulate these products, and have refused to even answer the question: “What is the stopping condition?” FDA and other governments’ drug regulatory agencies have not withdrawn authorizations or approvals of the drugs, devices and protocols yet, despite millions of documented injuries and deaths experienced by recipients of the products during the initial deployment phase, because the products are not medicines.

Over a period of 50 years, our government legally turned over power to the HHS Secretary, whenever there is a Public Health Emergency, as declared by HHS, to implement a Satanic agenda to reduce the population. The Cabal used Congress to set us up to be killed, legally. This is the second largest PSYOP in the past 120 years.

To fully connect the dots as to what this 50-year web of deceit set up and how it works, the HHS Secretary declared a PHE on January 31, 2020, relative to the plan-demic. On February 4, 2020, the HHS Secretary determined that there is a “public health emergency that has a significant potential to affect national security,” so authorized the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act). With the required backing of the HHS in place, the FDA had the authority to “strengthen public health protections” with Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA). Ventilators were approved almost immediately, via EUA. The criteria for FDA declaring EUA for the drugs used in hospitals to kill patients is as follows: “an EUA may be issued only if FDA concludes there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” (4) How could Remdesivir continue to be approved when we had Ivermectin? Tess Lawrie’s testimony shows exactly how they pulled this stunt off. Please take 20 minutes and watch her interview with Del Bigtree (5).

The government’s blocking of Hydroxychloroquine is equally egregious (6). In the ‘you can’t make this up department,’ after the mounting evidence against the use of Remdesivir, the FDA issued an expanded EUA on April 25, 2022, so it could be given to anyone older than 28 days! The final nail in the coffin was the FDA using its EUA authority for the vaccine bio-weapons by the end of 2020. The FDA legally authorized the murder of U.S. citizens.

The immediate goal is euthanasia without consent. The first two steps have already been implemented toward that end: 1) the bio-weapon was added to the childhood immunization schedule on October 20; and 2) death panels have been put back in place on November 23. The renewal of the PHE facilities the use of hospitals to be paid for murders until a ‘final solution’ is put in place. Recently, U.S. hospitals have begun asking patients, “Have you ever wanted to go to sleep and not wake up?” If the patient answers, “Yes,” he is marked as suicidal in his chart which sets in motion meds he would never agree to – because he’s not suicidal, but honest. In addition to furthering the euthanasia agenda, does this type of thought process also facilitate one of the tentacles to reduce gun ownership? You know can’t have suicidal people owning guns, now can we? I presume the ‘final solution’ will include submitting to the WHO global immunization agenda, along with many more nefarious “opportunities” to facilitate the agenda to reduce the world population and to have those remaining become monitored slaves. Hitler began the ‘final solution’ on January 20, 1942 (7) at the Wannsee Conference and Gates likes to call the COVID vaccine the ‘final solution.’ Unbelievably, the HHS Secretary has the legal authority to implement the second Holocaust we are experiencing today.

HHS will not give up power. Congress gave their oversight power to the HHS dictator. He has the right to suspend any law in the name of public health if under a PHE; so, the PHE will continue or there will be something more permanent to replace it!

Katherine Watt summarizes the current reality well, “Under the lie that a national emergency exists, and the corollary lie that duly executed laws have authorized absolute concentration of power in the federal executive branch, the U.S. Government has attempted to suspend the U.S. Constitution and all federal and state laws, constitutions, legislatures and courts capable of blocking the systemic Military Medical Martial Law atrocities they have committed to date and are attempting to render permanent.” (endnote)

Does the national emergency created by the PHE really suspend the law? We’re going to find out soon.

Our government wants to kill us? This can’t be true.

On January 8, 2021, Brook Jackson filed a False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit, against Pfizer, stating Pfizer defrauded the government because they “deliberately withheld crucial information from the United States that calls the safety and efficacy of their vaccine into question.”

Inconceivably, the U.S. Government came to Pfizer’s defense. From “The United States’ Statement of Interest Supporting Dismissal of the Amended Complaint” filed October 4, 2022 (8):

Congress intended the FCA “to reach all fraudulent attempts to cause the Government to

pay out sums of money or to deliver property or services.” (page 6)

For example, if a manufacturer makes false statements to FDA about its product, and those false statements actually cause FDA to authorize or approve the product (i.e., where FDA would not have taken those actions had it known the truth), then FCA liability could potentially attach. That is, liability is possible if the defendant’s fraud actually induced FDA to authorize or approve a product, thereby improperly rendering it eligible for subsequent payment by the Government. (page 8)

The complaint does not identify any provision in the Statement of Work (SOW) for the Project

Agreement between Pfizer and the Army that conditioned Government payment for the vaccine

on Pfizer’s compliance with the clinical trial protocol or regulations. The SOW, which is

attached to the complaint, further specifies that the Army did not regulate the conduct of the

clinical trial, which is “out-of-scope” for the purchase agreement between the Army and Pfizer.

In short, the complaint does not plead factual content to support a conclusion that compliance

with the clinical trial protocol or regulations was necessary under the contract between Pfizer and

the Army such that clinical trial violations would give rise to a claim for express or implied

certification liability. (pages 9 – 10)

Holy Smoking Gun, Batman! ZAMM! Pfizer’s defense was that the government knew there were no clinical trials so they could not defraud the government, and the government reinforced that defense. Pfizer produced an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract in its defense. This means the Department of Defense (DOD) was paying for the manufacture of a large-scale prototype, eliminating public protections and creating no accountability by Pfizer. Pfizer was given authority to create a prototype, not a vaccine, as a countermeasure/bio-weapon under a military contract. A decision on the government’s motion to dismiss is expected in the next couple of months.

OTA contracts suspend oversights for the safety of countermeasures, whether an injectable or an instruction (stay at home orders); FOIA requests are exempt for public disclosures for five years under OTA contracts. Congress and President Obama authorized OTA contracts on November 25, 2015 (endnote), the day before Thanksgiving – just like the new death panels this past November 23.

As you can clearly see, OTA contracts allow the DOD to enter into illegal contracts, with big pharma, to produce illegal weapons against its own citizens.

The HHS, DOD, and FDA are all in bed with each other and they are not working for us. They have implemented a bio-weapon against the people they are supposed to protect.

I can’t leave this topic without discussing the 1.1 million hospital murders. Grace was one of those murdered. The government paid hospitals $400 billion in bonus money in the first two years of COVID to facilitate murder and create a fear to be able to implement the bio-weapon. Hospitals were paid incentives, in advance, to follow NIH protocols known to kill people (9). These bonus payments, combined with immunity from liability under the PREP Act, and the shroud of secrecy because family were not allowed to advocate for loved ones, facilitated hospital killings. The renewal of the PHE ensures these murders will continue at the rate of 500 – 1000, per day, yet today. Hospitals are still using ventilators and Remdesivir, with death rates of 90% and 75%, respectively, 36 months into this horror. I’m not kidding.

I do take some comfort knowing those who live by the law, die by the law and those who use the sword will die by the sword.

Now that you know the truth, think about it. What have we been programmed to believe regarding COVID?

COVID has been successfully employed as a diversion, to have us focus on something created by propaganda, instead of the Satanic agenda to reduce the world population. Similar to the advanced planning for the current pandemic, the next pandemic tabletop exercise was facilitated by Bill Gates and the WHO on October 23 (10). We’re being programmed to accept continuous pandemics. The interim goal of monitoring us is also in full swing (11) while we were all swallowing the COVID narrative. Let it sink in as to how the January 6 “terrorists” were hunted down; and why. Do any of the narrative talking heads even know what an insurrection is? Our government owns the software to spy on every one of us, at a level unthinkable to most. We have been convinced to trust our Israeli “ally”, who developed the Pegasus software. Have we been duped again (12)? We are a weak-minded population that gladly gives up liberty for security and comfort as a result of believing false evidence appearing real (fear).

There are three COVID lanes that all the related narratives fit into: a) the virus lane; b) the vaccine bio-weapon lane; and c) the hospital killing lane.

In the virus lane, the narrative and counter-narrative were designed to keep us off track. First, the “virus” came from bats, then a lab leak. Fortunately, Dr. Ardis opened eyes that we were poisoned. Whether or not you believe his theory, your eyes have been opened to not trust the government narrative or counter-narrative. Unfortunately, the propaganda created a state of fear, duping most to put faith in a bio-weapon, disguised as vaccine. The founder of the lab leak theory has recently said the theory was controlled opposition (13). Virtually all of what I’m sharing here is unknown by the general public.

The “vaccine” was successfully implemented on the shoulders of prior propaganda promoting a vaccine culture, combined with the fear campaign. The programming followed the classic problem/reaction/solution, Hegelian Dialectic model. In this case, the solution was ready before the problem was implemented. All the Cabal needed was to create the reaction, which was easy with owning the propaganda machine. What’s really happening? Obviously, they knew the bio-weapon was going to kill and disable people. They know the public will eventually become wise to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – this wake up is happening in real time. Is the COVID bio-weapon part of a much larger controlled opposition PSYOP, to set up an even bigger scheme? Consider that Laura Ingraham, within a few hours of the PHE extension, had Dr. McCullough on her program discussing the explosion of heart related issues related to the “vaccine”, apparently not concerned with the much more significant PHE (14). Fox receives money from Pfizer. Is the bio-weapon a planned sacrifice? We’ve already seen amnesty floated. I presume we’ll see ‘we made a mistake because we needed to urgently respond to the pandemic to save people’s lives. We won’t make that same mistake.’ A lie, built on a lie. The public has a short memory and doesn’t want to believe what is being exposed. Will the next pandemic be respiratory related? Cancer related resulting from the current “vaccine”? Cancer vaccines are being floated already. The Cabal is ready. I believe the ultimate bio-weapon will be cleverly disguised and may come as part of Satan masquerading as an angel of light – the mark God told us about in Revelation?

Hospital killings are the most egregious part of the current nightmare and the most covered up. Why? People cannot mentally wrap their heads around the fact that a doctor, or nurse, would murder. Hospital murders have happened before, in Nazi Germany, under the T4 program. During that genocide,

once hospital murders were exposed, the evil agenda continued by empowering individual doctors and nurses to continue the euthanasia program (15). History is repeating itself. During the first three years of COVID, the two population groups accounting for the majority of hospital murders were the elderly and disabled. The new death panels are being put into place to empower individual doctors and nurses to legally continue the euthanasia program once the hospital murder lane evil is exposed. This was the subject of my December 25 paper, “What’s Next For the Hospital Killing Field?” Nursing homes are already implementing the death panel narrative, in full compliance with orders, with almost no tracking.

How could the PHE continue to authorize hospital murders? On November 17, 2021, the HHS added lab weaponized COVID to the list of agents that “have a potential to pose a severe threat to public health and safety” under 42 CFR 73.3. (endnote) Does this mean people with COVID are a risk? Is this why people were tested with the debunked PCR tests (also approved by FDA EUA) – to set up their murders?

In March, it is predicted that a record 100 million people will be in Medicare – that’s the goal (16). COVID was used as the excuse to relax the rules. Not for political gain – the elections are already rigged, so the Cabal doesn’t need the votes. That’s a 38 million person increase in three years! Hitler successfully convinced people that those who are burdens to society need to be murdered. The Medicare/Medicaid system accounts for 39% of the federal budget – history is repeating itself. The propaganda has normalized euthanasia and these “burdens to society” need to be removed – look no further than Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program. Obviously, the impact on the federal budget does not really matter. The government’s fiat currency is printed, on demand, to fund every conceivable foolish idea passed by Congress. Shouldn’t supporting American’s lives be at least as important as the money sent to Ukraine as part of the $1.65 trillion bipartisan Omnibus Spending Law signed on December 29? The entire budget of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is only $2.2 trillion, in comparison. As previously referenced, nursing homes have already been weaponized and will continue to be a primary death camp as we move forward; also expect hospice “care” to be incentivized. The apathy of not wanting to believe that the hearts of men are truly evil is unprecedented.

Q: Why would doctors and nurses do this? A: Programming; fear of losing their jobs; safety and security. Furthermore, licensing has turned over the practice of medicine to the state, so the state, not the doctor decides what ‘Do No Harm’ means. History is repeating itself. Please understand that doctors who have submitted to this short-term agenda are doing so because of money, induced by propaganda – they have submitted their medical licenses to the government in exchange for government protection. Is this a good trade? When your older brother traded his nickel for your dime, telling you it was a good trade because the nickel was larger, you trusted him. Later, you found out you were duped and punched him in the shoulder for tricking you. The stakes are higher in this Satanic agenda. These doctors have traded their souls for supposed security. We hope they realize they made a bad trade before it is too late.

People did not die from poison masquerading as a virus. The propaganda pushed them to hospitals and the hospitals were incentivized to kill.

What else have they done? Can Nuremberg II bring justice?

The 2016 CURES Act set the stage – big pharma was able to contract with DOD and everything becomes confidential. Public Law No: 114-255 (12/13/2016).

In her article, “No Need For Informed Consent?” Kathleen Sheridan exposes potentially an even greater evil in the CURES Act (17):

Signed into “law” in December 2016 by Barack Obama, this law does oh-so-many things. With hundreds…and hundreds…and hundreds of sections, it’s unsurprising that it would do so many things, including provide billions for NIH. Plus, the name. Who could oppose billions for cures?

To those suggesting we’re in the midst of a crime (we are), parts of which violate Nuremberg and federal codes (informed consent) and that we need “Nuremberg-style” trials, you might want to take a look at Section 3024 of this Act.

Section 3024 comes under Title III, Subtitle C, “Modern Trial Design & Evidence Development”:

“Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.”

See? The “law” says – with certain provisions – that Nuremberg no longer applies. That clinical testing of drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects.

Who gets to say if the testing poses “no more than minimal risk”? Who creates the “safeguards”? The drugs’ developers? The very same people immune from liability for any harms that may be attributable to their products?

Why doesn’t HHS stop this? DOD tells them not to. Will the “national emergency” excuse prove to be the excuse for not proceeding with Nuremberg II? Will enough people wake up before it’s too late?


What is the largest PSYOP in the past 120 years? That the United States of America is the “land of the free and home of the brave.” Our government has convinced us that America is a shining city on a hill. Why? So we would be lulled asleep, rather than having our guard up against the Satanic men who have taken us over. Through falling asleep, we have been put in chains, becoming slaves instead of the free men God intended. There is only one way to break the chains – repent and submit to our Lord, Jesus Christ. You will then be on solid ground as you stand against the tyranny we are experiencing in real time. Interestingly, Jesus stood on solid ground and was legally murdered even though He committed no crimes. History is indeed repeating itself.

I cannot end this discussion without a warning about the esoteric counter-narrative already in place, a spiritual Hegelian Dialectic. Satan’s only concern is souls. Satan wants the evil exposed, so he can implement his “good” side to steal more souls. There is currently a large patriotic contingency of people fighting evil with “good.” I say “good” because their apparent fight doesn’t start with repentance, so you know the resistance is not from God. They are preaching ‘power to the people’ and ‘Nuremberg II’ along with many other appealing ideas. God warns us that Satan has a “light” side (2 Corinthians 11:14) that is not God’s true light. Revelation 13 describes the first beast paving the way for the second beast. I will be sending a separate paper discussing this deception in greater detail. The second beast will be the largest PSYOP in human history.

Where are we on God’s timeline? No one knows other than the Father. We can know that where we are at, with all the evil we are experiencing, didn’t happen overnight. Revelation 18:23 says, “For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.” We have become the boiling frog. However, we cannot blame Satan. Whether we boil to death, or survive, is up to us. We have a free will. God’s economy includes the law of choices and consequences. Before Grace’s death, I was like most, enjoying my selfish life. Our church pulpits have been filled with people-pleasing leaders. Instead of exposing evil, pastors emphasize half-truths. Pastor Matt Trewhella, the author of ‘The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,’ explains, “the more insane the rebellion, the more insane the consequences.” We have rebelled against God, slowly at first and rapidly today, and are experiencing severe consequences. What’s God’s purpose in this law? To bring us to repentance. If we repent, He will save us. If we don’t, He will destroy us.

Only God’s light can overcome evil. The second Holocaust is upon us. It is time for Godly men and women to do their part. Dietrich Bonhoeffer stood against the euthanasia program of Hitler and paid the ultimate price. He famously said, ‘to not speak is to speak and to not act is to act.’ What would Jesus do? What will you do?






(5) (begin at 1:11)

(6)—Perspectives-on-the-Pandemic-Part-2:d (watch from 19:31 – 23:08)



Endnote:  This research started after discovering the new death panels put in place by the HHS Secretary this past November.  This new “law” seemed illegal to me and resulted in this paper.  In the process, I watched a fantastic short video essay on the topic:

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