You Are What You Think Biblical Worldview TEXTBOOK and VIDEO Series


The You Are What You Think© Textbook and Video curriculum is specifically designed to thoroughly equip families and churches and co-ops with a Biblical worldview in the shortest time possible. Ages 9-90 will be inspired by the discussions in family, high school or adult settings. In this series, we focus on 12 subject areas*, dividing each subject into 8-10 lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by a short video reinforcing the material studied for that day.  Every worldview subject compares and contrasts the Christian, Biblical worldview with the other major worldviews bombarding us in our world today. The purpose is to demonstrate to all students that the Bible is vitally applicable in every area of life in today’s world and why the biblical view is vastly superior to all others. Includes daily study questions with Answer Keys available as free downloads from our website. This curriculum is best used in groups settings where discussions are encouraged.

*Subjects: What Is A Worldview?, History, Theology, Philosophy, Economics, Science, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Law, Politics, Education


Alex Newman– Journalist, author and TV host. Writer for the Epoch Times and other publications worldwide. Host of the Sentinel Report on FrankSpeech TV

I can’t emphasize strongly enough the importance of instilling a biblical worldview in your church, in your children, and in your family. If you’ve got kids, maybe they’re being brainwashed in the government schools or maybe the Christian school they are in is not up to par– it’s critical that they learn to think biblically across all of life’s issues. A recent study by the George Barna group stated that barely 6% of self-proclaimed Christians have a biblical worldview. I’ve used GTI’s biblical worldview series with my family – We love it! I highly recommend their materials!

Cary Gordon, Author, Senior Pastor—Cornerstone World Outreach

The curriculum is organized so very nicely, providing a logical foundation to build upon across the student’s journey. The sections are written well and contain invaluable and rare instruction from God’s word. it would be very difficult to overestimate the value of what you have created!

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Homeschoolers wishing to teach a biblical Christian worldview to their children in junior and senior high have had few practical, up-to-date choices in recent years. These courses now offer excellent, affordable options that don’t require parents to prepare or present the material.


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