SHOW ALERT! The Great Reset is HERE For Thanksgiving!
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11/24/2020While the world keeps getting weirder, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson bring you up to speed on the Great Reset during this Thanksgiving Holiday week.

OANN, growing conservative media, gets BANNED from YouTube today for promoting a “fake cure” for Coronavirus.

This was to be expected when all tech companies colluded to takedown InfoWars last year, and no one said anything. We need your help to spread this transmission out while it’s live.

The New York Times tells people to wear masks indoors while police enforce this order in some states.

A restaurant in Canada opened up against government rules, and they were immediately shutdown and trampled by their own community.

New York City to set up checkpoints for Covid-19 this Thanksgiving.

DC wants to pass laws to let minors get vaccinated without parental consent.

And it gets weirder…..

Technocrats battle it out to see who can get richer off Covid-19. Elon Musk passes Bill Gates wealth during a time when people are losing their homes

There is still hope this Thanksgiving, and there is a way around these draconian rules. We need your help to keep the hope alive. Spread this transmission. Join the chat.

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