Spotting RINOs In The “Tall Grass” of Covid

 Throughout the past eleven months since the stolen Presidential Election of 2020, Americans have been continually asking why nobody speaks for them. Where are their “Republican” Representatives, Senators, and Governors, who should be fighting this leftist onslaught, as it threatens to destroy every last remnant of Constitutional law and protection of American freedom and justice?

            The appalling answer is that they have actually been AWOL for much longer than just the past year. But until things came to the major current impasse, they were able to pretend to be on the side of the American people because they were absolutely confident they would never have to take a real stand on any defining issue. The political “Establishment” was deliberately set up to ensure precisely that! So the leftist agenda progressed, while the GOP went through the motions of opposing it. But nothing more.

            Even after the 2020 Election atrocity, the Republican Party was only interested in playing its old tricks. Fund-raising letters went out on virtually a daily basis, expressing outrage at the election fraud, and stoking anger for the purpose of soliciting donations. Yet very few Republican office holders ever actually issued a public statement against any of it. Nor did they call out their fellow “Republicans” who had openly sided with the Democrats. Eventually, it became obvious that the GOP had no intention of actually confronting the leftist election theft/coup, and would be more than happy to give the illicit Biden Cabal a “stamp of approval.”

            The results of the leftist takeover of the Nation’s highest office have been devastating but predictable. So much the better for the GOP insiders, especially when it comes to fund-raising. And so the scam continues, not merely within the Beltway sewer, but in GOP controlled State Capitols as well. In just the last few days, couple of posturing “Republican” Governors have proven this point beyond any doubt.

            As the federal Covid power grab goes into high gear under the “for the greater good” mantra of every aspiring tyranny, Republican Governors increasingly find themselves in the detestable position of having to actually stand up to the onslaught. Rather than merely mouthing “opposition party” talking points for the cameras, citizens of Red States expect those they’ve elected to rebuff federal over-reaches and actually defy the federal monster in favor of the Constitution and the rule of law.

            Here again, far too few Governors are willing to engage the leftist enemy to this degree. So instead of genuine, principled opposition, several key players have reverted to the wholly predictable grandstanding and posturing that defines the GOP “Establishment.” A couple of textbook examples foreshadow the disappointment and betrayal Americans can once again expect.

            In Arkansas, “Republican” Governor Asa Hutchinson has been tap-dancing for months, and does not appear to be stopping any time soon. Having signed a bill earlier in the year to ban mask mandates for school children, he did a total reversal in August, claiming that some “new science” proved the masks to be legitimate. Nowhere in his discussion of the masks was a single shred of evidence presented that muzzling school children in such a cruel and oppressive manner actually improves their health, or anybody else’s. Yet that notion is now treated as “settled science.” Meanwhile, the detrimental effects on children, both physical and mental, are plainly evident but officially ignored.

            Similarly, Hutchinson thinks he has found politically “safe” ground, by publicly opposing federal vaccine mandates in the most strident terms, while supporting the ability of private businesses to demand their employees be vaccinated or be fired. Here again, Hutchinson clearly wants to be seen as a champion of freedom and the Constitution. Yet his real intentions are far less than noble. And he’s not alone.

            Next door in Oklahoma, “Republican” Governor Kevin Stitt engaged in his own grandstanding doublespeak regarding the vaccine. Stitt vehemently asserted his opposition to a federal vaccine mandate, but supported the ability of private businesses to impose their own mandates. This move has the dubious distinction of being even lower than the efforts of the Democrats, owing to its appearance of being on the side of freedom, while deliberately opening a back door to the abusive federal over-reach.

            Clearly, the feds have every coercive manner to threaten and intimidate, thereby forcing businesses to buckle to their mandates. Going back to Obama and the Clintons, every major federal department from the FDA to the IRS to the DOJ has been fully corrupted and weaponized against the American people. So any business that does not want to face the wrath of Washington will have no option but to go along with the leftist Globalist vaccine agenda. Whether this abuse and oppression occurs openly under the iron fist of the feds or the phony banner of “states’ rights” is ultimately irrelevant.

            When so much of a situation is fundamentally wrong, and diametrically in opposition to the ideals of a free and flourishing America, attempts to find some sort of  “middle ground” reflect nothing of principle, but only shameless pandering, while avoiding any politically consequential missteps. In short, instead of seeing principled leaders fighting for the rights of the citizens who elected them, we see only the typical posturing of politicians, hoping to cover their back-sides.

            Only a few genuine Republicans have taken the stand necessary to ward off the encroachments of the federal monster. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is one such person, who not only rejects unconstitutional federal mandates, but forbids leftist infested state agencies such as the school system from executing the same abuses. And any underhanded effort by the Biden Cabal to collaborate with those agencies is immediately confronted and shut down. Sadly, DeSantis is much more the exception than the norm.

            Pay attention America! The leftist Democrats have already proven that they have every intention of expanding their despotic grip on the country. And the vaccine mandate provides just such a window of opportunity to them. If this outrage against your rights, and the very sovereignty of your own bodies can be waged against you under any pretense, it is only the beginning. Other, even more abominable attacks are already in the works. Those who naively believe they are immune to further encroachments because they have already been vaxed, have a rude awakening facing them.

            Yet the vile agenda of the leftist Democrats would instantly stopped, were it not for the ultimate complicity of a feckless GOP. If anything, RINO claims of standing against the leftist onslaught, while fully enabling it to continue through less direct means, prove them to be even more deceitful and fraudulent than the Democrats.

            It is patently obvious that the “house cleaning” needing to take place inside the fetid halls of Congress and the White House must be preceded by an even more thorough house-cleaning inside the GOP. Failure to take up that task will render any other effort at restoring American Greatness null and void.

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