Stolen 2020 Election Destroys America’s International Standing

In the best of times, Government “of, by, and for the people” has some serious drawbacks, though nothing compared to the dangers of unaccountable top-down government, better known as dictatorship. However, if the Country faces the prospect of a total change in leadership every four, or at most eight years, the situation can result in policies that are inconsistent, or even disjointed in extreme cases.

For most of America’s two hundred thirty four years as a Constitutional Republic, its moral and cultural foundations provided a general stability that maintained a proper course despite changes in leadership. Even amid the turbulence and peril of World War II, the passing of President Franklin Roosevelt in the decisive spring of 1945 didn’t alter the course of the Country or imperil the outcome of the War. Under President Harry Truman, America was still America.

The societal safeguards of morality and cultural cohesion began to seriously unravel in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, when the corrosive effects of the Marxist/Alinsky onslaught undermined and eventually destroyed basic pillars of the American ideal. In their place, the lunacy and depravity of the left insidiously and at times forcefully advanced, initially claiming equal “standing” on the basis of free speech and expression. Yet as leftists always do, once they had gained enough of a toehold, they quickly moved to suppress and eventually eradicate any opposition to the tenets of their twisted faith.

Since that time, national elections have spawned increasingly drastic shifts from left to right, and back again, with the overall direction of America taking sharp turns, depending on which side holds the reins of power. This dangerous instability does not go unnoticed by foreign powers, whether they be former allies hoping for continued support from the United States as a world superpower, or potential adversaries who are banking on deposing us from that status, when the opportune moment arises.

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 marked the first time in the course of our Nation in which an openly hostile anti-American was able to seize power, and deliberately steer the Country on the most destructive course he could set for it. His ominous promise to “fundamentally transform” the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave was certainly fulfilled as high offices were overtaken by his corrupt minions, becoming increasingly lawless and dangerous to the good people on Main Street.

Currently, much of high level government had become so malignant it is no longer recognizable, with organizations such as the DOJ and FBI increasingly taking on militaristic and despotic roles as enforcers of the latest unconstitutional edict. Even the IRS, which has long held a dubious reputation for heavy handed attacks on innocent citizens who may not have jumped to its liking through one of the countless tax code “hoops” it wields, now has at its disposal a military sized army of eighty seven thousand armed enforcers. No doubt their benign intent is only to ensure Grandma dots every “i” and crosses every “t” on her 1040.

As disturbing as all of this is, Americans long believed they could ultimately right the wrongs, through that time honored element of eventual accountability to the common man on Election Day. It was just such a hope for the future that upheld the American spirit through the ineptitude of the Carter years, the corruption of the Clinton years, and the craven ravaging Obama. But no less significant was the same understanding of America, from outside of the border.

With the stolen election of 2020, that safeguard no longer exists. Though Obama did his best to empower and embolden Iran, and to build every anti-American entity in the Middle-East into a formidable enemy, both friend and foe knew that such treachery would only go so far before the American people stood in unity against it. And the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 strongly reinforced this principle. Yet in 2020, that firewall was suddenly subjugated to the vast chicanery and fraud of compromised voting machines, ballot stuffing by the truckload, “vote counting” being conducted behind closed doors with objective election judges forced from the room, and every other form of corruption necessary to completely steal a National Election.

The evidence of flagrant theft was vast and inarguable. Yet concurrent with the vote stealing and fraud was an equally orchestrated and coordinated propaganda onslaught, from every media outlet across the land, deeming the 2020 circus the “most secure presidential election in history.” Just the sheer gratuitousness of that proclamation, heralded before any actual accounting of the election process could even occur, stood as evidence that the fix had been in place before the first ballot was ever tabulated.

Of course the consequences for our Nation have been horrendous. The lawlessness at the Southern border alone portends a massive spike in violent crime, drug use, rape and assault, and other horrific social trends throughout our Nation. Similar disasters have been delivered to the availability of coal, gasoline, and other energy essentials. Along with that, the emboldened nature of unaccountable government makes the prospect of ever fixing things increasingly bleak.

However, it is specifically on the international front that the greatest, and gravest of long term damage to our Nation may be taking place. International alliances, which are essential to proper diplomatic and economic functioning in our interconnected world, are a total shambles. The Russia/Ukraine situation being just one example. Nobody really knows our reason for spending billions of taxpayer dollars on an ill defined “war” with a nondescript characterization of “victory” for either side.

In saner times, foreign powers knew that, for better or worse, they could count on the culture and principles of the American people to eventually right the course according to what is in our best interests, and that certain lines could not be crossed without incurring the wrath of the “Red, White, and Blue.” That is no longer the case. Having seen how thoroughly the leftist/Globalist onslaught could dominate, with zero accountability, and hardly an appropriate “whimper” of opposition from our side, other nations across the globe have no expectation that the ideals and principles of our once Great America can ever be restored. And in the outside chance that one election might go our sway, it is deemed inevitable that the left will regroup and retake power, to recommence tearing down every vestige of this Nation and its noble heritage.

Fixing the Nation absolutely requires fixing our corrupt “election” system, and holding every guilty party fully to account for the treasonous corruption inflicted on it.

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