The Coming Leftist Freak-out Over Arizona Audit

            As the Arizona audit winds into its final days, Patriots across America had better be thoroughly prepared for the ferocity of leftist backlash, once the results are announced. It will come in the form of mockery and deflections. But such hysterics only further prove that those on the left know just as surely as do Conservatives, what those results will be, if the audit was conducted with any modicum of integrity. All indications are that it has been thorough and objective, which is why leftist Democrats and their RINO lackeys have been so intent on stopping it at any cost.

            From the very morning after the stolen election, the goal of the left has been to convince everyone that all of the chicanery, simultaneously stopped counts in five key swing states, cooked books, manipulated computer results, covered windows, locked doors barring Republican election judges from proper observation, and every other underhanded action could not possibly have altered the results in any manner. For too many years, leftists have successfully intimidated the Conservative right by verbal assaults, mockery, and intimidation on a host of issues. This was to be the final and ultimate effort, after which leftist control of the nation would be such a “lock” that nothing could ever reverse it, from that point on.

            Yet enough Americans recognized that the very fate of the Nation itself hangs in the balance. And furthermore, the cheating was inescapably brazen, forced out into the open by leftist desperation to erase an enormous lead held by President Trump. So the standard Alinsky tactics did not have sufficient impact to stop the American people from demanding answers. The notion that America should just be ceded to the leftist Biden Cabal for the next four years may be sufficient to placate the GOP “Establishment,” but not the citizens on Main Street who plant the crops, construct the buildings, transport the goods, or fight the wars.

            Thankfully, despite enormous opposition to the audit from leftists in Arizona government such as Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the State Senate commenced a full and comprehensive audit of the voting in Maricopa County. Predictably, leftists from coast to coast instantly became hysterical to a degree far beyond anything that might be expected from a party that had legitimately won. Several lawsuits were filed to stop the audit, and every effort has been made, ahead of time, to destroy its credibility. None of it has worked.

            So now, with the final tabulation likely to be only a few days away, it would be dangerous to presume that a decisive victory for President Trump (the fully expected conclusion) will somehow speak for itself and be sufficient on its own to convince leftist Democrats to cede their ill-gotten power and restore the proper course of the Country. The left simply does not operate that way.

            Look for the left to pivot in a moment, from its claims that the theft “never happened,” to the even more absurd notion that right or wrong, the ugly realities of the election theft just don’t matter. This “water under the bridge” response is grimly reflective of Hillary’s despicable evasion during the Benghazi’s hearing of “What difference, at this point, does it make?” As appalling and reptilian as was her response in the Senate hearing, the truly abominable aspect of the situation was that it worked! Having deliberately turned a blind eye to the fate of those Americans under islamist assault because it was deemed to be a negative for the 2012 presidential election, neither Hillary, nor Obama, nor any other sullied member of that fetid campaign was ever properly held accountable.

            So if the leftist Democrats find themselves in a place where they simply can no longer evade culpability for the stolen election with their fervent denials, they will most certainly switch to empty claims, presented with equally fervent sanctimony and hypocrisy, that “for the good of the nation,” and for “healing the rift,” every “sincere patriot” agrees that the stolen election results must be allowed to stand.

            The stage is already being set for a Tsunami of such pious hypocrisy. Former Vice-President Al Gore was recently brought out of mothballs to entreat President Trump with the phony plea “I would say please do the right thing. Acknowledge reality. Stop hurting this country. Stop undermining Democracy.” This is the same Al Gore who willingly dragged the nation through the 2000 nightmare of “hanging chads,” contested ballots, and endless recounts in hopes of overturning that year’s Republican victory.

            Those on the right, including real Conservatives and real Republicans, have two primary tasks they must undertake in order to do proper justice to the Arizona audit, and every potential audit that must ensue in the wake of its findings. First, they must assert the rightful victor in Arizona, loudly and fervently, giving no wiggle room for any excuses or other predictable leftist Democrat efforts to belittle the actualities of the situation. An election of such enormous consequence, in which the will of the people was deliberately suppressed and misrepresented, is no trivial matter. It reflects a full scale effort to supplant the American ideal with the vile and nightmarish prospect of a Marxist leftist coup.

            The second task, which is much more expansive but every bit as necessary, will be to identify all those in public office and elsewhere who used their official positions to thwart any real investigation into all of the criminal activities that were perpetrated on Election Day, and in its aftermath. That includes the recent efforts to thwart the Arizona audit and preemptively undermine its credibility. The only reason to hide a treasonous crime of such magnitude is to aid and abet those responsible for committing it.

            Leftist Democrats have interpreted their stolen election effort, successful thus far, as “cart blanche” justification for a full-scale attack on every decent aspect of our Nation, and have since waged an all-out war on it. Their only banner of “legitimacy” is founded in the rampant cheating that occurred early on the morning of November 4, and the days following. It is abhorrent to every good principle of our country for America to accept such a fate on any basis. It is unthinkable to accept it when the premise for doing so is clearly fraudulent.

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