The Cosby Conspiracy

Lots of people run from the “conspiracy theory” label as if there really are no conspiracies and the official narratives about things are almost always correct. I contend that this phenomenon is itself the fruit of conspiracy, and in a healthy society plausible theories that challenge the official version on any important public policy issue should be given fair consideration commensurate with the evidence, the people and/or organizations involved, and the logic of the theory. Considering that “conspiracy” is such a common activity in society that it represents its own major category in criminal law everywhere, it is absurd to suggest that it isn’t at least as common among the money-and-power-hungry elites as is among the hoi polloi

This would be a rational argument in any normal and healthy society like ours used to be. But we no longer enjoy that blessing, because the ultimate conspirators – the Marxists, whose end goal always justifies any means necessary to achieve it – have taken it over and are remaking it to conform to their insane fantasies. Almost everything in the official narratives now is a lie, and the truth is not only mocked as conspiracy theories, the entire elite strata is “gaslighting” the public into questioning our sanity for doubting the narratives.   

Thankfully, the 100 Million-Strong MAGA movement has had their eyes opened to the reality of the Marxist plot and there is major push-back taking place across America. We might even claw back our Republic in 2022 and 24 and reclaim some of what we lost. It might still be possible to Make America Great Again as we almost did in the first Trump administration (despite all the lying, cheating and dirty tricks of the Purple Uniparty) – IF they don’t start WWIII, collapse the global economy, or stage “White Supremacist” false flag terrorism domestically as a last resort to stop us.

The point of this article is to raise “conspiracy theory awareness” to a slightly higher level – to remind people that the masters of social engineering are not usually so ham-handed as to let their conspiracies become as blatant and obvious to the public as the Election Fraud of 2020 and its related sub-conspiracies. No, President Trump was so masterful at outmaneuvering them, that he forced the whole network of co-conspirators out into the open for the first time ever and they had no choice but finish their work in full view of the public, hoping their control of Big Tech and Big Media would be enough to rewrite history after the fact. 

THAT’s the reason for the unprecedented “gaslighting” campaign and the January 6th “White Supremacist Insurrection” mythology, and why false-flag terrorism by FBI agents (on a bigger scale than what they presumably did in the “Capital Siege) is the elites’ most likely diversionary tactic to keep control of the government

Most of the time, the elites are much better at covering their tracks, because they have all the resources they need to “war-game” their goals, using world-class strategists, and to implement their plans systematically over time so that the people don’t realize they are being manipulated.

To make my point, I ask you to consider the case of “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby. Here’s what I wrote about him in 2014, titled “Bad Moon on the Rise: Bill Cosby, Ferguson and Obama.”

“The first time I ever heard the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, ‘Bad Moon Rising’ was at Bill Cosby’s house in my home town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. It wasn’t actually his house at the time, it belonged to the family of my 7th grade best friend where I was spending the night. Mr. Cosby bought it a few months later.

“I heard the tune recently on a classic rock station just after watching the utterly bizarre ‘First Meeting of Three Cosby Accusers’ on CNN. (I almost never voluntarily watch CNN but it was on the TV in the breakfast area of my hotel.) In that odd confluence of events I was reminded that there does seem to be a ‘bad moon’ on the rise in America on the issue of race relations.
“I’m not entirely certain that Bill Cosby is innocent….[But] Innocent until proven guilty is still an important principle in our law and culture, notwithstanding the conclusions of CNN’s editors.

“What tips the scale for me in Mr. Cosby’s favor is the timing of these accusations. It seems awfully suspicious that the bravest Black man in America on the issue of irresponsible Black youth and their adult enablers was suddenly re-ensnared in an old scandal just when President Obama and his Marxist fellow-travelers were ginning up a race war in Ferguson, Missouri — by inflaming racial hatred among irresponsible Black youths and their adult enablers.”     

I knew in my bones that Cosby was being deliberately taken down by Obama (whom I believe is the “Shadow President” behind Biden). The Marxist race-cult Black Lives Matter had been in existence since 2012, and was going national after Ferguson.

But “America’s Dad”’s mature, fatherly take on Ferguson was a big problem for Obama and BLM:

“I think that color is not what we’re talking about…We have to vote and make sure that the person we’re voting for is going to carry out that which a public servant is supposed to do. There are people of all colors, all ethnicities, who are honest. These are the people you have to find.” 

Eerily similar to the message that got President Trump vilified re Charlottesville a few years later, isn’t it? And directly contradictory to the false “systemic racism” narrative the BLM movement and the Critical Race Theory agenda now depends upon. 

So why did they just let Bill Cosby out of jail? Because he’s obviously not a threat to them anymore now that the BLM/CRT agenda has been institutionalized by the federal government. It’s grown beyond his ability to influence in any substantial way. At the same time, they need to scale back the rage and violence in the inner cities now that Democrats instead of Trump will get the blame for the rioting. I predict there will be a limited leftist rehabilitation of Mr. Cosby to serve that end – whether or not he knows that he’s being used. In my view he’s been a pawn all along – just as most of the rest of us have become pawns to varying degrees in this evil grand-conspiracy of Marxist conquest.   

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