The End Of Our Civilization Began Unnoticed, But President Biden Reminded Us This Week

By Don Alltoada, 10/31/22

Sexuality is essential to life and is one of its greatest segments. It defines who we are and who we aspire to be. Traditional collective freedoms are about to end and the individual responsibilities of each person are at stake when faced with the choices of sexual pre-orientation imposed little by little on our children. 

The process of collective transformation against dominant hetero-sexualism began softly and imperceptibly at first, under the legitimate pretext of equal civil rights. It was presented to people and nations as a positive change towards a modern society, guaranteeing individual rights and freedoms to all in an inclusive and respectful way. New rules were supposed to replace the traditional laws and perceptions based on hostility to homosexuals that had governed societies for centuries.  

Few would object to a reasonable approach to these issues, but without clear boundaries of the societal framework, the LGBTQ movement becomes radicalized and is spilling overboard in politics. 

The European Union is considered one of the world’s most advanced political systems with regard to the promotion of gender equality. For nearly four decades, the EU has imposed on member states a series of norms and values that are higher than those in effect in most countries. Since 1957, the interventions of the European Economic Community in the social domain were justified mainly by economic arguments. It is in this way that the content of article 119 on equal pay for male and female workers should be perceived: it was not a matter of asserting the principle of gender equality, or of demonstrating a desire for social justice, but rather of avoiding any risk of social dumping in sectors that relied heavily on female labor at the time, such as textiles. What is more, article 119 was the sole foundation for European activity in the area of gender equality until 1997.  

On paper, the policies and strategies look good. But in the details of their implementation, Europe is reaching an extreme, not to say extremist, stage. Nothing can justify some of the recent developments that may jeopardize the foundations of our civilization. 

The following example of Germany speaks for itself. For the first time in German history, the Government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave the position of the Federal Commissioner for the Family to a queer person, that is, a member of the LGBT community. It is Sven Lehmann, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, who emphasizes on every occasion that his goal is to make Germany a pioneer in accepting diversity. He wants, as he says, to strengthen the rights of queer persons and says that diversity should be taken for granted, already in nurseries and schools. 

As a consequence, Berlin, the German capital has announced plans to establish its first LGBT-friendly daycare center at which children up to five years old will be shown what it is like to be homosexual. The BILD newspaper reported that 60 of the 93 spots have already been booked by motivated parents. The facility intends to showcase more educational books in which homosexual couples are the protagonists and staff will be required to either be part of the LGBT community or have a very good knowledge of it. 

Also, according to BILD, the association’s board of directors includes a well-known “pedophile sympathizer,” who has in the past called for abolishing criminal liability for sex with children, and is reportedly close to the Greens. Namely, the weekly newspaper Focus wrote that the pedophile Rudiger Lautmann sits on the Supervisory Board of the Counseling Center, which is the institution establishing this kindergarten. This sociologist raised a storm in the German public when, back in 1994, he published his book “The Desire for a Child. A portrait of a pedophile”. 

So, in Germany, in the heart of Europe, an organized educational system goes beyond teaching gay-friendly behavior, but rather blatantly sets children on the path to homosexuality. In addition to those growing up in same-sex unions, there are some “ordinary kids” as well, whose parents chose this kindergarten because it is the closest to where they live. It is therefore not enough today to give children freedom in matters of sexual orientation, which is weird enough, they need to be shown what the life of a gay person actually looks like! The conservative German media, presented a worrying fact that is sounding the alarm. Other media have been divided on this issue, and while some warn that the youngest are being de facto, subject to a tendential and undisguised LGBT manipulation, others express “national pride” that their country is a pioneer in this area. 

In America, the issue is also controversial and is splitting not only media and people but also politicians. This week, President Joe Biden said he backs ‘gender-affirming’ healthcare and slams Republicans trying to ban sex changes for children in interview with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, who is documenting the transition from male to female on the app. President Joe Biden said during the panel discussion that he doesn’t think states should have the right to regulate sex change surgeries or treatments.  

The trans influencer asked Biden whether states should be able to limit access to ‘gender-affirming treatments’ and Biden responded: ‘As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong’. Mulvaney has been living as a woman for less than a year. Some feminists accuse her of ‘woman-face’ by play-acting parts of womanhood she enjoys, while ignoring the misogyny faced by females on a day-to-day basis. 

The president also denounced Republican states that have passed laws attempting to ban or limit sex change surgeries and transition treatments: ‘I mean, no state should be able to do that, in my view. So, I feel very, very strongly that you should have every single solitary right including use of your gender-identity bathrooms in public.’ 

Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Arizona all enacted laws or policies earlier this year restricting youth access to sex change treatments, care and surgeries. In some cases, these laws impose penalties on adults who facilitate access to this care. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has long voiced her opposition to transgenderism, was the first lawmaker to publicly weigh in on Biden’s response to Mulvaney. ‘Joe Biden thinks it’s wrong to stop the profit driven medical industry from cutting breasts off 15-year-old girls and castrating teen boys before they are old enough to legally get a tattoo or vote,’ the GOP Georgia lawmaker tweeted. She added: ‘Democrats are the party of child abuse.’ GOP lawmakers are rightfully pushing legislation that would regulate gender-affirming surgeries and treatment argue they are dangerous and could cause irreversible changes in younger patients.   

And now the United Nations is back in the spotlight to lecture America. The political interference of this obsolete organization is simply unbearable. Not a single role played by the UN in resolving conflicts around the world for which it was created, but a clear UN stance on LGBTQ in the United States.  Last August 30, a UN expert announced that the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse people are being deliberately undermined by some state governments in the United States and has urged the Biden administration to strengthen measures to protect them. “Despite five decades of progress, equality is not within reach, and often not even within sight, for all persons impacted by violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the United States,’’ said Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the UN expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  

The ‘expert’ recognized that significant measures have been adopted by the Biden administration to address these challenges, but they were under a concerted attack: “The evidence shows that, without exception, these actions rely on prejudiced and stigmatizing views of LGBT persons, in particular transgender children and youth, and seek to leverage their lives as props for political profit.” “In light of a concerted attack to undermine these actions, I exhort the administration to redouble its efforts to support the human rights of all LGBT persons living under its jurisdiction, and helping them to safe waters,’’ he said. Exhort? Nothing less!  

Undeniably, groups opposed to LGBTQ marked several victories at the federal level. The Equality Act was passed by the House in February with the support of three Republicans. However, it was blocked in the Senate for lack of the votes to overcome a filibuster. On the state level, legislators introduced over 250 anti-LGBTQ bills. The anti-trans movement has also renewed its efforts under the motto of “Parental Rights.” Legislators in Florida have introduced a “Don’t Say Gay” bill that would restrict discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. A concerted effort is already underway to ban books on LGBTQ representation in schools and libraries at the state and local level. In the first week of 2022, anti-trans bills had been proposed in seven states. 

Efforts to contain the radicalization of LGBTQ excesses must not stop as society moves in a direction where the proliferation of gender identities blur its lines. Where would this process end before it becomes unstoppable? Most people don’t even realize the growing number of terms and definitions in this domain. For now, the most common ones are the following: A-gender means that a person identifies as not having a gender. Cisgender is used to refer to people who identify exclusively with the gender that they were assigned at birth. Demi-gender is used to identify a connection to a particular gender. Gender questioning is questioning all or parts of their gender and does not wish to identify themselves to a specific gender identity. Gender fluid, describes a person who moves fluidly between genders, or whose gender shifts over time. Gender-queer describes a gender identity that cannot be defined as exclusively masculine or feminine. Inter-gender describes a gender identity that is a mix of both masculine and feminine identities. Multi-gender describes people who hold more than one gender identity. This can be further specified by bi-gender, tri-gender, etc. Non-Binary is used to describe a gender identity that cannot be categorized as masculine or feminine. Pan-gender is a gender identity where a person identifies as all, or many, gender identities. Transgender is used to describe any person who has a gender identity that is different from the gender that they were assigned at birth. 

So let’s be clear on this issue. Around the world, 71 countries still have uncompromising anti-LGBTQ laws. In the United States, the rights of all individuals are guaranteed by the Constitution. Hence, there is no question of banning or discriminating against different sexual orientations. And yet, caring about our children and the society we leave them as a legacy is certainly not wrong. Protecting the future of our civilization is a moral obligation and a societal imperative. 

It is generally admitted that natural disasters, pandemics, wars, mistreatment or abuse of people are shocking events and serious assaults on the personal well-being and prosperous social life of human beings. The search for protection against these events has always been one of the main driving forces of humanity. The above challenging concerns must be added to this list.  

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