The FBI: MI-5’s Twisted Sister

By Chris Wright, 9/27/22

Controversy continues to swirl around the FBI with a whistleblower accusing the Bureau of violating citizens’ constitutional rights, accusations the FBI lied to a judge to get a warrant to search 1,400 safety deposit boxes in California, and revelations the FBI is suspending employee security clearances to [Just%20the%20News]silence internal critics.      

That’s just today’s news.  Yesterday, an FBI whistleblower said the agency’s cases against white supremacists and right-wing extremists are mostly “entrapment” operations.  Another whistleblower accused the FBI of trampling January 6th defendants’ rights and including agents not involved in investigations as affiants on search and arrest warrants.  The FBI suspended him.   

In recent weeks, it was reported a whistleblower accused the FBI of manipulating January 6th cases to make it appear domestic violent extremism is a widespread crisis in the United States.  Jim Jordan said his office has heard from 14 FBI whistleblowers so far who are concerned about the politicization of FBI investigations, including January 6th and two dozen parents opposed to school board policies.  FBI whistleblowers alleged the Biden administration is pressuring agents to reclassify cases as domestic terrorism in order to make domestic terrorism look worse than it is.  They say the FBI is dangling awards and promotions in front of agents who can produce domestic terrorism cases, and a lot of phony right-wing extremism cases are being cooked up as a result. 

Two other recent stories show the FBI is a rogue agency out of control.  The FBI used a Russian named Danchenko, who will soon go on trial, as a major source for the now debunked Steele dossier the FBI used to go after Donald Trump in the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.  The FBI knew the dossier was garbage, but later hired Danchenko and kept him on the payroll, the speculation being this was done to buy his silence.  In the other story, from last week, the FBI sent two dozen agents to arrest a pro-life demonstrator at his home in front of his seven screaming children in Pennsylvania even though the man had previously offered through his attorney to turn himself in.  The pro-lifer had shoved an abortion activist who had gotten in his face, but the activist’s case against him was thrown out of state court.  The Justice Department decided this was a federal civil rights case and sent the FBI to arrest him. 

You put all this together with the raid on Mar-a-Lago which occurred while negotiations about Trump’s records were ongoing, and what we have here is an out-of-control rogue agency that violates constitutional rights, lies to judges (including the FISA court), entraps people, employs heavy-handed tactics to intimidate its enemies, and silences its critics.  Moreover, it is now a lapdog of the political far Left, openly persecuting political enemies on the Right and engaging in government by phony narrative to advance left-wing causes.

Gone are the days when the FBI concerned itself with bank robberies and kidnappings.  Now it fancies itself an intelligence agency, pursuing counter-terrorism objectives, but only selectively, according to the threats it wants to see.  It will participate in bringing charges against 900 people who were on Capitol Hill on January 6th, but there were only a handful of federal prosecutions brought against the rioters who attacked the federal courthouse in Portland.  Aside from that, the left-wing Antifa anarchists and trained BLM Marxists who crossed state lines to riot and burn down entire cities in summer 2020 pretty much got off scot-free. The FBI has chosen sides and is putting its awesome powers to use against what it sees as its enemies on the political Right. 

There are reasons we have not wanted to establish a domestic intelligence agency along the lines of Britain’s MI-5 in this country.  Critics warned after 9/11 that a domestic intelligence agency would eventually go after political dissenters, use secrecy and invoke national security to cover up its abuses, no longer be accountable to the courts, conduct surveillance of ordinary citizens without a criminal predicate, run roughshod over the 4th Amendment, and investigate people and groups who don’t subscribe to its preferred views of politics and ideology.  We are seeing all these things come to pass before our very eyes because the FBI thinks it’s MI-5 and, in a twisted view of what MI-5 actually does, must mobilize to advance the interests of the political Left which the FBI now conflates with the national interest.  Anyone who is opposed is a fascist, a domestic terrorist, or a threat to democracy subject to arrest, in the FBI’s view, which is preposterous and dangerous.

In similar episodes in the past, the FBI went after communists and civil rights leaders.  Now it’s going after the political Right, hammer and tong.  The FBI should get back in its lane and the Republicans should make sure it does if they take control of the House or Senate in the midterm elections. 

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